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Alterna V4.0 Update Had Online (100+ new Amazing Features Includes)

Update information please click link view details.


smh, updates all the time! :)

I have a client looking at your theme right now to buy. And the topbar & top menu options are exactly what she needs. You’re awesome!


I have never purchased a theme that kept adding quality updates and features. Thank you for providing such value. I recommend Alterna to everyone!

(A call phone button that dials the phone would be great if you add more features…)


Hi there,

Just downloaded version 4 – looks lovely.

How can I remove the search button from the menu please?

Did you means header area -> search form ?

You just open Alterna Options -> Header

Click “Enable Search Form” button don’t enabled it will don’t show it.


AWESOME>.. this theme is amazing I just love the new sticky menu!

So many great new features…Thankyou!

Hi, I have two questions:

1- After importing the XML theme demo file, I try to edit page and posts contents using Visual Composer. First, when I change to VC mode this message is showed: “Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page. Convert to new version”

OK, I click on convert to new version. But after this, I cannot see the same content of classic editor in VC mode in pages and posts. For example, in About page I see this text with shortcodes in classic editor at the start of the page:

"[vc_row] [vc_column width="1/1"][one] [one_half]
We are a team of professionals, experienced in Web design, HTML & CSS and WordPress.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras vel arcu quis metus consectetur fringilla."

But in VC mode I cannot see any control with that text. In VC the first control with text I see is an Alterna Title control with the text “Our Services”, text that in classic editor is below from the text I have posted above. So where is the text from above in VC?

2- In the support forum I see this note: “If you still didn’t got any help then to post a question click the “Start a New Discussion” button on the right when u had login in.”. But I don’t see the “Start a New Discussion” button in the page. I would have preferred to ask the first question in the support forum attaching screenshots, but I could not find that button.

Thank you for your support.



1. Our content all use our provided shortcode edit it not VC, so if you need VC edit your page, please best don’t convert our demo content so that VC looks strange (VC have it’s self rule so have little different but show is same).

When you start create your page please frist make sure you use VC or shortcode then start edit your page. All other theme use the plugin all must choose as first.

Our demo just for you view our shortcode how to use and demo style.

like your code, it’s all VC plugin code rule not our theme.
[vc_row] [vc_column width="1/1"] ....

2. Because of you didn’t click our support forum Confirm Email so can’t “Start a New Discussion”, I had help u change your account status, now you can view the button submit your question.


How to update this theme automatically?

Do I need to download and then upload to the server?

Please advice.

Hi, our theme includes envato auto update plugin, about more details please view our support forum post.


Is there any shortcode for displaying portfolio items on a normal page?

Also, at the bottom of the portfolio shows “No More Work!” in bright coloured button. Can I remove (or change) that completely? I have added products on my portofolio items, not ‘work’, so it doesnt make sense.

Hi, about show portfilio items use shorcode please view it.

About “No More Work!” you need open page-portfolio-ajax.php find it and replace them.

If you have other question please submit it on support forum.



Is it possible to make the sidebars a little thinner? I don’t want them to take up so much space on the page.

Also, is there a way to out a divider of some sort between page content and sidebar? Currently the page content text seems to stop right at sidebar text.


Hi, as you said we are provided custom services for your requires.If you need custom please submit a ticket after purchase it.


how do i set up the shop page example thats on your demo site?


Did you active WooCommerce? Please view our DOC install woocommerce plugin and provided all page.

Then you create your product for your shop page (if you install pages of woocommerce provided will find the page in menus)


[Skills] shortcode not working after last update. there is no longer any animation

Hi, we just check it , it’s works.

About animation, it’s just when open site so you maybe didn’t view the animation.


Hi, is it possible to change the contact template?? I want to add a field.. thanks

Hi, you can ( options: create a child theme ) copy our page-contact.php create a new .php files then edit add new field for it and use the new contact template for your page.

You also can use Contact Form 7 plugin replace our default contact form.More user use the plugin for custom contact form.


Hi, is the Twitter widget fixed in the latest version? (I’m using v1.3)

We had remove Twitter widget from v2.5 and we had let our purchase clients used other plugin replace it.


why isn’t the google map on contact page header responsive…. Fixes? Do not refer me to a support forum I am a member here for a reason, and that reason is so I don’t have to join a bunch of annoying support forums and give out my contact details in addition to having pay for your product. Please simply answer question here…

Hi, first please tell us your site link so that we can check it and help u.Thanks.

email me at [email removed] I’m not going to publicly list it here… Additionally I don’t see how that is at all relevant since its also not responsive in your live demo. Check the map on your own demo’s contact page. ....

We had check the maps plugin problem and fixed, please check your email.I had flag your message so that hide you email.



I have purchased your theme and I’m trying to get access to the support forum. I have been trying to create my account there, with the buyer code and that all, but when I click in the button to send the formular I get this message: Could not open socket.

Could you help me please. By the way, I my problem is that I’m not able to change the color from the Alterna Customization editor.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, about create account problem please try again. Maybe it’s network connection problem, please try again.Just find another buyer success created account.

About custom color problem, please view the post will help u solve your problem.


Thanks for the quick answer, that worked, but I still can´t get access to the support forum. I’ll try it later.

OK, If you there still have network problem can’t register, don’t worry. You just submit a ticket with your purchase details and email then we will help u register it.



2 questions I need help with:

1. I want to set a maxim width for the website. it can be smaller but not larger. at the moment there is only one option. the fixed width option

2. How could I add a left or right hand menu to the website.

Hi, 1.if you need setting max width for website, you can use css for it. 2.I don’t know what’s your left or right hand menu, but sound you need modify for them.

About your question is extra modify, if you need custom for it with details , please submit a ticket.


Hello! I’m trying to sign up for Alterna Theme Support, but its not letting me sign up.

I get this, ( Your Envato(ThemeForest) username or Purchase Code Error,please check again! )

Oh, looks your username or purchase code input error. Please input your username and your purchase code and make sure is correct.

About how to get the purchase code please click link view details.


Thank you I got it!


I’ve bought your theme from envatobundles in Apr and I want to use your updated theme, should I have to buy Again to get the updated theme? or is there any upgrade options available ?.

Regards Rama

Hi, yes. You have to buy again get update! You also can view our notice about it.


Wanted to report a bug:
How to duplicated it:

1) Setup a background image for header in Alterna Options > General > Header Background Sttings

2) Enable custom css style in Alterna Options > CSS

The background image will become #ffffff in the header.

Hi, thank u tell us about it. We had fixed it and will update it.

You can remove little code will works, please open custom/custom-styles.php on 389 line.
/* header area */
#alterna-header {background: <?php echo $custom_header_bg_color; ?>;}

Then open alterna options save again!


AWESOME ! .. this theme is amazing with 4.0 and many new features…