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Thought I’d pass on – in case you didn’t already know . . . I was trying to update my WP installation from 3.6 to 3.6.1 and I had to disable all my plugins, then change the theme back to twenty twelve, then do the update, then switch everything back. Kind of a pain in the neck, but I figured I would share in case you see it with any others.

Thanks for a GREAT theme!

Hi, I just check and success update 3.6 to 3.6.1 don’t need disable any plugin and back to other theme.So you don’t need do like you said.

PS: I think you there maybe appear update error like “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Plugin_Upgrader”.

Please don’t enabled theme auto update (Alterna Options -> General) before you update wordpress new version, then will works.


Hey guys,

I’m having an issue with the SEO, the keywords, title and description on the actual page are all blank and don’t reflect what I put in the alterna options.

Please advise?

Hi, our theme support SEO by Yoast plugin, you can use the plugin for your keywords etc… It’s power SEO plugin.


Hi – need to put a the rev banner and hide the page title on the shop page. I do see the option in the “Shop” page, but changing it does not effect how the page is displayed. Can you point me in the right direction?

About shop page provided by WooComerce, if you need add rev banner and hide page title must get our custom services for u add the extra modify.


I have a query in the blog entry date in this format I get “%d 17UTC %B 17UTC %Y” as I can fix it

Hi, Did u change our theme files or you done your code for it? If u didn’t change any our theme files then appear the question, please send us your site link and admin account so that check what’s wrong.



we purchased this theme a while ago and it works well, we have one issue though with all the updates that have occurred.

Our layer slider no longer works. It gives a message to download the jQuery updater, which I have and I installed it, but I still cannot get the slider to work.

Thank you!

Hi, I had check your site is V2.0, when you update new version please follow the 2 steps:

1. Open Alterna Options then check all enable button optons and setting again because of we had change it from checkbox to button.All had checked then click “save changes” button.

2. Like your layerslider, you need update all plugins as their already fixed their problem.


Look where I found this theme ’’hacked’’ to help me find all the file locations I ever wanted to know. Great theme, made simple to hack

We didn’t found u purchase our theme, if you purchase by bundle please purchase again get support, update. Bundle item without support, updates.


Where do you change the logo image on the login page? I can’t find it anymore.

You can find it on functions.php bottom code.Thanks.

Is there a way to turn off the mobile theme?

So you can’t simply answer my question?

Hi, pre-purchse question, does the page preview functionality still work in Visual Composer mode?


Hi, do u means our preview demo? We used shortcode for demo content so that some user don’t want to use VC plugin.You can choose use the plugin or shortcode.Thanks.

How do you turn off the mobile theme?

Hello.very amazing theme….Great tnks.seems be a popular theme.Good luck can i make it RTL?is there any conflict?What about “Kimmia”?? footNote)What a scary Avatar u have!! :D

Hi, thank u.Now we have no add it support RTL.Kimmia is our another theme.Thanks.

Hi Great Theme!

Am I able to use Example 5 on Home page with Full Width but have all other category pages boxed (not Full width) or do I have to have one or the other throughout all pages?

Thank you

Hi, about our demo images you can’t use them.You can use your images create your slider like our demo or other style.It’s all depend on your setting for slider plugin.We already told u that we had includes 2 slider plugin, you can view the 2 slider plugin provided demo more easy.


I don’t want to use your images, I just want to make sure that MY images will be viewed full width right across the page (unlike your images of the 2 ladies which only go half way across)...

Where can I view the 2 slider plugin demos to see this?

I had told you about these effect and style all depends on your setting with plugin.

You can search “LayerSlider” or “Slider Revolution” on view the 2 plugin more details.


Hello, you may return the width it was before? When I updated has changed the width of the page and will not let me down that size. thank you very much

Please submit a ticket with your details and site link, admin account.


How do you turn the mobile theme off?

Hi, we will help u modify theme files for turn the mobile theme off, please contact us after purchase it.



nice work ! Just a little question : i’d like put a value of -100px to wrapper and container width (1130px / 1070px), there are no other width to change for get it work ? I tried via firebug and it seems ok, also with responsive elements.

Let me know, Thank you ;)

Oh just another question : to create a child theme, i just have to @import style.css or style + responsive ? Thanks a lot

You just @import style.css. Thanks.

Cool, great support ;) Bye

Hi, just to know how to setup portfolio with galery inside a portfolio like the exemple in your demo site (portfolio 3 culumns – potfolio awesome for U). Because i can use galery in portoflio admin but how choose the photo appears in this galery. Please help me !

Hi, please view our portfolio post get help.

How to create portfolio page. How to add gallery items for portfolio item.


Other thing how to setup in a portoflio exemple have the text below the photo and not below the “information block” in the right.

Hi, do you means portfolio item page text below the photo not information block? Then you need open single-portfolio.php change code for it.

If not please tell me more details.


yes below the photo the “information block” its good. Can you give me the code to put text below the photo and not below the “information block”. Thanks

Please send us a ticket with your site link and admin account. We will send u a modify file example or online help u edit the files.


Hi – is there a way to move the menu bar below the rev slider on the home page? Even if it eliminates the logo and social areas. If not, can I suggest making that a menu option?

Hi, as your request must change code for it.You need change header.php file.If you need us help u do the extra modify services.

Please submit a ticket



how to change “portfolio_categories” & “portfolio” on url

Please help…

i’m web designer, my customer already buy it this theme.

Please use your customer account get support.Thanks.

Hi I just bought your template and I have a few question…sorry but I am new to all of this!! 1. I was wondering how can I use some of the pages in your demo? Other pages I will do myself. No pages are showing up apart from the blank pages that I created.

2. I have created a static Home Page and checked the option Slider Type and changed to layer slider but the slider isn’t working. Can you please tell me how I get it to work? DO I have to create it myself …I thought it would already be there?

3. Also I followed your instructions re adding the Portfolio but it also doesn’t show up – I edited the Template to portfolio template! I thought it would show up so I could simply swap my images over.

Thanks for you help!

Thank you for your fast response however would you be so kind as to please explain exactly and more clearly with all of your answers as I don’t follow what you mean – thank you: sorry but i’m new to all this

1.What do you mean by importing your demo and not sure what you mean by viewing your content example (does this mean your demo)?

2) What do u mean by using no 2 plugin…I have already activated the Layer Slider as a plugin – I then added the Layer slider on the Home Page drop down menu but it doesn’t work … I also tried the revolution slider in the same drop down option but nothing…do I need to do anything else…??

3) Portfolio still doesn’t work…please tell me if I have done this correctly: I created a Gallery page, then I changed drop down menu to Portfolio Template on the same page, then I added Feature image on the same page and it uploaded onto the right hand side, then I changed the drop down further down the page to Style 4 POP UP Big Image – updated the page but still no gallery.. have I missed anything? I looked at your link and I think I did everything correctly – the only thing I wasn’t sure of was when it said to add a new post… I don’t want to add the image to a new post, I only want the gallery images on the gallery page, so I added the image onto the same gallery page – I hope I did that part correct?

4) With this Blue Visual Composer Button am I supposed to click on it or use it…

5) one other question… re adding my logos I noticed there were 4 logo images, am I suppose to upload 4 ? can you explain this pls.

I did have a look at your link to your support forum but I found it also unclear… hoping you can give some accurate advise thank you

Hi, 1. yes. important our demo xml files.

2. You didn’t create your slider how to choose slider on home page? Understand.You can view these plugin on Admin -> Right Bottom MENU

3. You had create portfolio page then you need create your portfolio gallery item follow the post.

4. Yes, if you want to use VC plugin, then click the button and use it.

5. About logo you can upload through Alterna Options -> Header.Default need 2 logo (retina), if you use static menu then need upload another 2 logo.I think our alterna options very clear show these logo.

Best please use support forum get help through submit your question.So that some question maybe also useful for other user.


ok ill do that now