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Alterna V5.0 Update Had Online (More than 50+ new features & Include plugins had updated).

Update information please click link view details.


When does Alterna 20.0 come out 8-)

No one adds to a theme like this team ActiveToFocus!

Thanks for the portfolio option adds requested!

With the update de .mo & .po files for translation are lost!!!

Something can prevent that?

We just update our theme alterna.pot, like you said de language before provided by other buyer so have no update.You also can translation our theme alterna.pot and send us new de .mo & .po files.


OK, I’ll do. Cheers!!

Hello this Theme looks great . I would like to buy it. Is it planned to make a big (mega) menu to the Theme? thanks

Hi, we need get more details about you said big menu.If your suggest is good we can plan add it.You can contact us with more details after purchase it through ticket.


I mean the submenu with a thumbnail and the submenu horizontally you can see in the UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin Thanks

We can provide custom services for u with the plugin as if you need with our theme.Thanks.

Love this theme as always! One quick question…I am using the Video Player to show a youtube video. How can I stop it from showing related videos at the end of my video? I know how to do it if I embed but not with Video Player. Thanks! :-)

Hi, if you use Video Player show youtube video you also need use the Video Player provided tools stop video.More help you can get help from the video player.


Thanks so much! I’ll check it out. :-)

I got this theme as a part of the Corporate bundle on TF. The version I got was v1.3. I would like to know what is the highest WP version that will work with this theme. I am currently on WP 3.4.2. I know I cannot get the updates to the theme so I want to know what is the highest WP version that is supported without any known issues. Will v1.3 work on WP3.6?

Thanks and Regards

Our theme v5.0 works on WP3.6.If you need works for WP3.6 you can update our new version.We didn’t tested v1.3 on WP3.6.Thanks.

Congratulations encata this thema me and I have time to do many updates :)

just a suggestion I would like that in LOTS OF COMPANIES AS OUR PARTNERS is passed as the sliders alone would be great to include it in this topic :) Regards

Good suggest.Thanks.

The preview link for Alterna 5.01seems to be broken today.

Maybe we reboot our server so you there preview can’t view.Thanks.


I have already purchased this theme and it is absolutely fabulous!

I am thinking of purchasing it again for a completely different kind of site, but I am wondering how compatible it is with BuddyPress?

Any help or advice is appreciated.


I am sorry, but I don’t completely understand your reply.

Is it that you do not “know” if it is compatible, or is it “not” compatible? After reading your response I have interpreted it both ways.

Thanks for the speedy response!

It’s means our theme didn’t tested it compatible BuddyPress so maybe not compatible it.Thanks.

Thanks! If any other users out there have used it with BuddyPress I would appreciate any feedback :)

Hello, I choose the bottom menu style #1, so in the header, I have some white space between my logo and the social icon. I want to add some text in this space, is it possible? tx

Hi, default we provided custom right area content without social through Alterna Options -> Header. If you need keep social then you need edit the header-style-1.php for you wanted.



In the previous update, the search form for product of woocommerce has been added.

The default search is for woocommerce.

How can I make the search for post/content only and not for woocommerce?

I don’t want to remove woocommerce plugin.

Kindly advise.


Hi, please open you choosed header style id with “header-style-ID.php” delete the code
<input class="sf-type" name="post_type" type="hidden" value="product" />
Will works. Maybe we will add a options in Alterna Options -> WooCommerce so that next update you don’t need change anything.


1.Have just turned auto update on for new version from 4.2.1 to 5.0 – How long does it take to update and how do you know when its finished updating?

2.I noticed it now says Penguin Framework 3.0 now… (does that mean update is complete) or where can I find where it says new version 5.0 so I know for sure?

3. Also do I still have to update plugins (as per your instructions) even if there has been NO UPDATES of these 3x plugins since version 4.2.1 ? only bought theme 1 week ago.


Yes, no problem, you can choose don’t enable auto update and update plugin then your site also works except WP update new version bring some question or plugin have import error.Normal WP update have no any question.


IM not sure if I understand you completely…as an example if I don’t update WP… and I don’t update your Theme and I don’t update plug ins will everything be OK over a long time just keeping it the same?

Mean if WP have new version then you update it. When appear problem then update our theme or plugins.Normal don’t need update.Thanks.


In the default contact page form the email/name the user adds do not show in the email received.

Any problem with that?

Have no any problem, you can view the email/name through who sent the email.If you need email content with email/name then just edit page-contact.php add them.Thanks.

Hello, I am so glad that i bought this theme – it is soooo goood. But I’m looking for solution for my problem. I am using Alterna 4.2.1 (when I am switching to 5.0.2 something wrong with Top menu and Items is happening) My client uses various images with different sizes and thats what he gets: I;ve tried to change thumbnails size @ woocommerce/settings(tools)/Catalogue and image options but when i am trying to save that it is going back to deafult setting. Even Hard Crop radio bitton isnt working.

I found this code for functions.php:

if (class_exists( ‘woocommerce’ )) { $catalog = array( ‘width’ => ‘372’, // px ‘height’ => ‘999’, // px ‘crop’ => 0 // true ); $single = array( ‘width’ => ‘372’, // px ‘height’ => ‘999’, // px ‘crop’ => 0 // true ); $thumbnail = array( ‘width’ => ‘372’, // px ‘height’ => ‘999’, // px ‘crop’ => 0 // false ); // Image sizes update_option( ‘shop_catalog_image_size’, $catalog ); // Product category thumbs update_option( ‘shop_single_image_size’, $single ); // Single product image update_option( ‘shop_thumbnail_image_size’, $thumbnail ); // Image gallery thumbs }

that you provided to other user but it didnt worked for me (yes – i have used Regen. Thumbnails plugin)

All I want is that all images on the main page to have same height. What can i do?

Hi, now our theme new version is 5.0.1.We didn’t update woocomerce thumbs size and top menu etc as you said. So don’t know you there have have problem, I view your site looks all ok like top menu, about your product size because of you used image size is different so show is different.


Ok – but there is a solution to upload differen sizes and receive and display images with the same dimmentions?

Hi, you can setting your product with fixed size (now height used 999 you can use other fixed size) like these code as before you found.

if (class_exists( ‘woocommerce’ )) { $catalog = array( ‘width’ => ‘372’, // px ‘height’ => ‘999’, // px ‘crop’ => 0 // true ); $single = array( ‘width’ => ‘372’, // px ‘height’ => ‘999’, // px ‘crop’ => 0 // true ); $thumbnail = array( ‘width’ => ‘372’, // px ‘height’ => ‘999’, // px ‘crop’ => 0 // false ); // Image sizes update_option( ‘shop_catalog_image_size’, $catalog ); // Product category thumbs update_option( ‘shop_single_image_size’, $single ); // Single product image update_option( ‘shop_thumbnail_image_size’, $thumbnail ); // Image gallery thumbs }

You also need keep your image big than the fixed size like 372px * 500px.If your image width or height less the size will also appear the image size is small as can’t use wp crop size.

Don’t forget if you changed size then must upload again your images so that crop with new size.


hey, is there an option in this theme so that featured images in standard blog posts are displayed along side them in the Blog Mid-Width display?

On your demo: The very last entry looks very boring. I would want all the featured images to display as thumbnails (without having to set the posts to “image” type – because then it forces a large featured image above the listing on single view which I don’t want).


We provided featured item widgets, you can view it through blog pages.It’s support 3 style includes thumbs.If not you wanted, please send us custom services do it after purchase it. Thanks.

Hi, I see the widgets, but that’s not what I’ talking about. I just mean the normal blog page and the mid-style display. I want the featured images of Standard Blog Posts to have images beside them too (just like the Image posts). How much would it cost for that custom work?

Also, another two quick questions: For the Blog List Widget, it seems to show related posts always in the order that they were published. Is it possible to randomise the related blog posts that are displayed in the Blog List widget?

And finally, is it possible to use a “tag” as the related slug instead of only “category”?

If the other two things I asked about require custom work as well, please let me know the cost. I am prepared to pay.

Hi, if our provided not you wanted then you can send us custom services for it.Thanks.

hello, we like your theme. we have a question regarding the theme’s SEO structure. when we use a tool to analyze the keyword content of Alterna, it only provides 1 keyword values. It does not provide 2 keyword, 3 keyword, or 4 keyword values. Is there a problem with the theme’s SEO. Please let us know since SEO capability is important to us. Thanks

Hi, our theme integrating WP SEO by Yoast plugin from v3.0. If you update our them with new version I think have no any problem with it. Now I didn’t found you purchase our item, if you purchase by bundle item then you will can’t update and get our support.


Thank you for your response. We have not yet purchased your theme as we are doing our initial review of several themes. Part of our assessment is to run some SEO tests on the versions being demo’d on Themeforest so that we use the most current theme version. One thing is we look to make sure they are capturing long-tail keywords. Thanks again for your reply—we really do like the theme capabilities.

So buying this theme in a bundle and it dose not get updates?

Hi, bundle item without support, updates so you can’t get update.Thanks.

i’m not sure my site is responsive i have all the options turned on but am only getting a reduced version of the site on both my iphone and android phone any suggestions to get this working properly

Please send us your site link and admin account let us help u check it.


I have a problem on both my mobile phone and desktop browser where my custom logo at the top left intermittently disappears ive loaded the logo and unloaded then reloaded and still get this problem recurring any suggestions or is this an issue?

Maybe your site have some error,please send us your site link and admin account let us help u check it.



i have few questions before i buy the theme can i please

1. is the top fixed header size match the boxed layout ? 2. the space next to the logo is empty can it be used for a banner or any text without breaking the responsive code ? please have a look at the image below


thank you for your swift reply :)

one final question if i do buy can you help me achieve this what i have requested :)

We’re provided custom services, you can send us a ticket with your request.