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Alterna V5.1.4 Update Had Online.

Update information please click link view details.


Hello friends. A few weeks ago I bought Alterna theme and working with it raises a question that I would like to reply to me. 1 – I have translated the whole issue into my language through creating .pot file corresponding .po and .mo files but the settings on the control panel do not appear translated topic and keep coming out in English…. How I can translate this to my language?, I think the framework is not translated correctly. 2 – It is possible to create 2 menus, one below the logo which is the default one, but I wonder if it is possible to create a second separate menu above the logo?. 3 – How I can add icons or small pictures that identifies each menu item? Thank you and I await your response.

Hi, About your question: 1.

2. Looks it’s need extra modify.Did u view our demo logo top, bottom show 2 menus style, you can setting options view (Left area button), if it’s not you wanted will need custom modify it.



Hi i have somes little problems :

- i cant translate in french some words (read more, have no more post etc…). I use .po file fr_FR in language file…but it dont works.

- I want to change the size of the arrow and some words in english on a gallery when you are inside a portfolio and when you choose a gallery to appears (when you click on a photo inside a portfolio)

Maybe you cant help but i try ! How have a .csv file with information about the person who send me an email with contact form 7 ?

i use alterna.pot i change have no more post by words in french it still doesnt work.. really really strange… how i change in portfolio the fancy box (arrow more big and next, previous and close in french)?

Please submit a ticket send us your .pot files and site link about the need change arrow. Looks it’s need you add css for it. About the fancy box change text maybe need js for it.(Extra modify!)


I create a ticket n° 708445. Please help me :)

Hi, I bought the pack The Corporate Bundle, and I do not buy code for ALTERNA WP theme, and I need support.

How I can delete the search box in the header?

Please I need urgent help.

Bundle item without support, updates.If you need please purchase again get support.Thanks.

Hi, I need to create different portfolios, like for example one for graphic design and other for web design. Each one should have same categories but different content, is there any way to have more than one portfolio??

I have answered in that link as that is not what I asked you!

We had reply u about portfolio custom category.It’s very simlar post.


Hello, I got the bunddle version 1.3, I bought the bundle. Can I have the uppdated version of the theme or i have to buy it again?

thanks oscar

Bundle item without support, updates. So you need purchase again get updates.Thanks.

I am interested in purchasing the Alterna theme, but I would like to know how well it handles upgrades. Specifically I would like to minimize/avoid ,what I consider the basic customizations I have made. Will I have to re-configure my colors, logo fonts etc? What about css customization I may have made?

Hi, if you already used alterna and didn’t change our theme files. Then you just need update our theme files and open Alterna Options check your setting all ok (We change check button to enabled button and add more options for setting). Click save changes button will works.


Can you tell me where in the header.php file would I edit so that I can put a Facebook “Like” button (preferably to the right hand side of the top navigation)?

Hi, you can submit a ticket with your site link and header style so that tell our support more details (best you can send us a image used ps with facebook lik position ).


I must be missing something because I’m logged in and can’t seem to figure out how to create a new discussion…

Hi, you just open a ticket throught here link



I am not a newbie but am having trouble installing the demo content. Can you please advise?


Thanks for the prompt reply. I tried setting up forum membership but it doesn’t recognize my purchase code. Please advise.

I GOT IT:) cheers

I bought this theme in a bundle, does that mean I can’t update it? If I can’t update it, it’s of no use to me. That’s a waste of money :(

As bundle item without update so you can purchase get update.Thanks.

How easy to remove footer?

Yes, it’s possible. If you don’t know how to do, please contact us after purchase it.Thanks.

Hi. I am doing the protfolio, but I want the information introduced in the text area to be showed down the Portfolio Thumbbnail picture, tot in the right handside. How could I do that? Thanks

You can custom css for it through Alterna Options -> CSS.


Yes, but what should I touch there?

You can submit a ticket with your site link and admin account so that we can do a css example for u.


Hi Where can I find theme documentation? Thanks


You can find theme doc from download files -> Docs folder.You also can get more help from support forum.


Why is it when I am creating a new page, the content is aligned on the right as if there was a blank side bar to the left and there is none, my settings are set to fullwidth? It was working well before.

Looks you done some error.Please send us your site link and admin accout check it.


What the problem is, the theme does not update to the latest version of the revolution slider even though I just downloaded it. Because I bought the slider myself I was able to update it manually and it is now working. Now what I noticed is the website is somewhat responsive on the iPhone as long as I dont view it in landscape mode. If I view it in Landscape mode, the theme is NOT responsive.

About the problem is your slide setting problem.Our demo use slide all works.So we must view your slide setting then help u.Thanks.

Menu is viewed beneath the logo, is there a way to place it on the right of the logo as seen on the preview?


Oh by the way, awesome theme!

Hi, it’s just header style choose, looks you didn’t purchase our theme, you can get more details after purchase it.


Thanks, and I did purchase it within a bundle.

writing new

is there a way to have featured images show in a standard blog post type on the category pages? Right now the featured images are not showing

Maybe it’s requires image format.Also can change little code for it so that show image.Thanks.


i bought this theme in a bundle, just with other wordpress templates. i’ve seen that you have a new version (update) but i dont know how can I download it. i have my envato api key , but it’s for the entire bundle. You can help me? thnaks in advance.

Bundle item without update, so you need purchase again.Thanks.

Hi i bought 2 licenses for 2 websites ! Great job !

But 2 things i need to know :

1) I want in blog page ( when someone click on image no have choice (anchor or see image) i want the visitor just click on the image and go to the post.

2) In portfolio post ( i want in the slider or in the image, the person cant click on the image (the fancy box dont appears) just can use the arrows to see others image but can click on images.

Really sorry for my english…

Hi, about your 2 extra modify need change little page-blog-ajax.php and single-portfolio.php.You can send us a ticket with admin account help u change the code.


ok thanks, i wiil send you a ticket


Is there a nice way to make single blog post featured images smaller? At the moment i have a image with size 352×400px as a featured image but on the single post view it shows up twice as big.

So, i would like to see that featured images are not higher than 300px and they should reserve their proportions. Is there a way to accomplish that?

Best regards,


You can use custom css for it throught Alterna Options -> CSS.Thanks.

Sorry, that answer did not help me much since i am no CSS expert in such matter. Could you point me out what should i enter there to get it work?


For example: setting image size small like 100px;
.single-post .post-img {width: 100px;}
don’t show image;
.single-post .post-img {display:none;}
Open Alterna Options -> CSS add it.