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Pre-sale question?

1. Is there a short code button in the tinyMCE editor of the visual composer to retrieve all your shortcodes?

2. Can you make full width segments or rows in the visual editor or visual composer than span across the entire screen, using a background image or background color?

Hi, 1. Yes.You can use editor as VC provided block text.2.As you said is our demo home page full width image? If is it , it’s possible use wide shortcode.


Hi, I bought the Corporate bundle. I had two questions. One is I’m having a problem with my portfolio pages giving a 404 error. (i.e. I’m not sure if this is an issue you might have covered else where, or if I need to submit a ticket and pay for support? Also I see alot of posts from bundle purchasers. Is there any way for us to pay for updates and support at a discount? That way you can still get money, but its a bit less since we already paid some? Just an idea. Thanks - J

After fighting with it for awhile, I figured out the problem. I had to go in and change the permalink setting to be custom. Sorry about that. Thanks! :)

Pre-sales question…I’ve read through the comments and see that in the past this was not tested with Buddypress..Has that changed? Have you tried Buddypress with it or are you planning to? Do you know of any users who have used this with buddypress with success?

This theme is quite nice – thanks for your time!

Now, it’s not support buddypress.Thanks.

I can’t find a ‘contact details’ widget?

Yeh I know where the sidebar is, most themes have a ‘Contact Details’ widget that you can place inside the sidebar ??

Now, you can create a sidebar throught Alterna -> Sidebars. Thanks.

Lol .. still on about sidebars? I am after a contact widget (not a sidebar) WIDGET, where you can place phone, email info etc. You can place widgets inside sidebars, I have created a sidebar :) Now I need a WIDGET for my contact info… Probably have to send a screenshot from another theme I have :(

I want to know wht my error alert don’t show inside a ballon?

What’s from about it? Sorry not english so can’t read it.Thanks.

Its in portugueses… i want to show the messenger error inside a ballon! like the original plugin did… look here >

It’s not our theme looks.

Hi, if I need to use a font that is not in the “FONT OPTIONS” in Alterna settings, but is listed in google fonts. Could I install it in the template?

Where do you we set up the class and style when using this shortcode?

[wide class=”” style=”“] Input Content… [/wide]

No, there is no additional XML for the shop page and in the sample data provided there was no shop page at all.

Do u need our shop site demo xml files? Please tell me email will send u.

Yes, that’s what I need. I will send a message right now with my email address.

Clean & Creative Design :) good luck with best sales @ activetofocus :)

OK, help me understand: I buy this ‘software’ in a ‘bundle’ from ThemeForest & I can’t get updates?

Does the author have to agree to this ‘bundling’, or have a choice in being bundled? Bundles should just be called samples…

Alterna V6.0 Update Had Online.

Update information please click link view details.

If you find any problem please tell us.


I am getting an error after uploading the 6.0 version.

Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, ’<’ not found in /homepages/13/d377806129/htdocs/cutrite/wordpress/wp-content/themes/alternate/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 512

Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ?<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8” ?>VERSION 5.3 – Jan 18th, 2014 in /homepages/13/d377806129/htdocs/cutrite/wordpress/wp-content/themes/alternate/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 512

Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ^ in /homepages/13/d377806129/htdocs/cutrite/wordpress/wp-content/themes/alternate/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 512

Its above the admin panel Penguin Framework. It does not seem to interfere with it the theme working it just has this error message and I cannot erase it.

Amazing theme!


Looks your host can’t load files so show read XML file error..Please test again after 6hour as cache time.If still have question please contact us. Thanks.

Yes it was just a cache problem, it is working now! Thanks

The Widgetised Sidebar element in the visual composer doesn’t work correctly. When I add that to a page, the page styles get all messed up an it freezes my browser. Is there a fix for this? I would like to show side bar content through out my page content.

Hi, now you can use widgets just for sidebar not VC any place widgets so that show have problem.Thanks.

Pre sale question: Do you plan to integrate mega menu or uber menu feature in a next release?


Hello! Can I use Codestyling Localization plugin in Alterna Theme? This plugin translates files and words in the template script. What is the size required for the logo in the top menu (pixels)? Do you have a direct e-mail to support?

We have no tested with the plugin.It’s need you try use it.If you need support, please post question on support forum or submit a ticket.



Hi, I have 2 problems with the theme on this site :

1. I param “Waterfall Flux with Ajax” for the blog on this page ( and it’s not displayed as waterfall 2. How can I add the icon on the menu ? For example, I tried for “Accueil” but it’s only displayed when I scroll and the icon house is not on the left of “Accueil” but over.

Thank’s a lot for your help ! Laurent

It’s ok. Thank’s a lot ! Laurent

Awesome Theme!

But I am unable to import the demo files.

Please help activetofocus.

Those are wrong instructions. The Simple Data folder in the theme has this file alternaretinaresponsivemulti-purposewordpresstheme.wordpress.2013-10-01 and How to do this Don’t enabled “download images/assets” options when click start upload data. Because of it’s delay your theme load these assets so that timeout can’t complete upload sample data.

Looks you done some error or understand error. Please view new guide with screenshot more clear.


Hello, Great theme. I purchased it and would like to know where I can purchase the photo of the woman on the Revolution slider (seen on this page: ) and the grey stars background images in the same slide. I looked through your source credits and scoured the image sites you mentioned but cannot find either of these images. Thanks!

Hi, images from fotolia and photodune, it’s need you search from there, we bought too more images so can’t give u link for them.


I know many people are asking it, so I queue with the request…

If it is possible, Please provide a child theme placeholder starter file on next release… I always hesitate to edit a lot a template for the fear of losing it all when i upgrade…



(ps on the business point of view, you could also sell some child themes… with different gfx…)

Hi, our theme support child theme, you can create a child theme for your site with Alterna.

Please view the post and follow it.


thanks….i know.. i was suggesting an “improvement” :-)

Latest woocommerce update breaks the shop layout….

Great, is there anything I can do now on my end, so I don’t have to hide my shop pages until tomorrow?

Don’t do anything for shop. Looks yesterday WooCommerce with too more updates .

Tomorrow we will update new version then you go on it.


Ok, thanks.

Hi ActiveToFocus,

For some reason I can not comment in your support forum even though I have purchased the full theme, I am running woocommerce and gravity forms and since I updated woocommerce I have a few issues.

1. The shop sidebar and image at top of shop have gone missing. 2. The gravity forms totals that were showing on my product pages are now only appearing for a split second then disappearing.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks