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Alterna V6.0.2 Update Had Online.Now WooCommerce V2.1 Ready!

Update information please click link view details.

If you have any suggest or problem please tell us.



Hi was wondering. Is it possible to set rounded corners in the layout?

Regards jeff

Now, you need custom css for it through Alterna Options -> CSS.Thanks.

Why I can’t update my WPBakery Visual Composer? An error message appears “Update package not available”.

Can you help me?


Hi, Is-it possible to change the yellow TOP BANNER Color ?

Thank’s Laurent

Yes, you can setting it through Alterna Options -> Color will find top banner color setting.


Ah yes ! I should have saw this ! Thank’s a lot. Laurent

Is it possible to get many portfolio categories, each one with their one “filters”? to take your live preview portfolio : you clic on the tab portfolio in the menu, you get undertabs as “portfolio furniture”, “portfolio people”, “portfolio photo” etc…. and four each portfolio you get different filters. So, for the undertab portfolio Furniture, you get a 4 column filters with a filter “screen” (with many different screen product)) and other “lamp” and other “seat” (with many photos of seats) etc… for portfolio people, the same but as filters “doctor”, “teacher” etc…. tx!

Looks you can create many pages with portfolio template then setting page showed category slugs through Page Options Setting and enable filter.


Good afternoon I have a problem with the automatic update, put all the data well and I do not want to do the upgrade. and I get an error code on line 321. what should I do?

excuse the translation I’m using google translator

Looks some wrong with your site. Please submit a ticket with site link and admin account,our support will help u check it. Thanks.

Hi , I purchased template in bundle, is it possible to update?

Hi, bundle without update, so you need purchase again get update.Thanks.

Hello! I want to put a google+ / facebook like / twitter etc on all page. How i do it?

You can custom content through Alterna Options -> hearder -> top bar area with these social code.

If you just use social account then just setting social through Alterna Options -> social and add social support through Alterna Options -> header enable social.


No! Like this > (I do it manually) Update your theme to use this :D

Oh, I see it. It’s need you modify code for it.Thanks.


Nice theme! How do we stop the yellow bar on top of the header (Input Content) and well what’s the use of it?

Also what slider is in your demo homepage example 1?

Hi, you can setting the yellow bar and home page example 1 used Revolution Slider.


Many thanks for your Quick response and how do i add the same images to the rev slider as in the demo? Where can i get them? i don’t see them in the Sample data folder.

You didn’t purchase our theme, please first purchase it get support.Thanks.

Hi, Is-it possible to include parallax into wide background section ? Thanks Laurent

Hi, you need custom and test it.Thanks.

Ok Thanks.

Hi, On this site :, I use “Bottom menu style #1” and “old Top bar”. 1. On the Top bar, how can I put on the left a menu as on the new top bar style (icon + link + separate bar between the links”) ? 2. On the principal menu : > how can I delete de search box on the right > Is it possible to put it in the header just under the social icon ? 3. In the header, how can I reduce the padding above and below the logo ?

Thank’s a lot for your help ! Laurent

Hi, it’s me again, sorry… For the Top Bar, I’d want to use menu on the left and a google translate combo on the right. When I use the old Top Bar, I put the google code in the “top bar information content” and It works. The google combo is displayed. But I can’t have the menu on the left. When I use the New Top Bar, I have the menu on the left and I deactivate social Icon on the right. And when I put the google code in the “top bar information content”, the google translate combo doesn’t display on the right in place of the social icon. Thank’s a lot for your help ! Laurent

Again, I had clear told u Old Top Bar just support custom content, New Top Bar support left menu but not support custom content.So as you said left menu + right custom content not works.




I have a problem with the sidetabs shortcode. For example on this page :

When I use tabs shortcode and write text below the tabs, it’s ok, the text is below. But when I use sidetabs shortcode and write text below the sidetabs, the text is next to the sidetabs on the right instead of below and I don’t understand why.

I also have a problem on this contact page : I cut the page in 2 with the half shortcode and I use “contact form7” on the right. But instead of using all the half part, the form is reduced and I don’t know why.

If you could help me to understand this, it would be great ;-)) !

Thanks Laurent

Hi, 1. you need make sure code have no error, please view details about sidetabs.

2. You need setting your page used “Full Width” through Page Options Setting. now you used right sidebar.

Again, if you have more question, please submit on support forum, next we will reply on support forum.


A print screen for the sidetabs code :

Please now submit the question on support forum get support, your code break here, and screen not good as check.

hi, Can I remove / hide the Shortcodes button on the visual editor depending on user role?

It’s need you change code for it so that user role view it.



It’s hard to hide the Editor role?

It’s need u setting User permissions for it.Thanks.

Hi, I understood why may purchase code was blocked. I just purchased a second license. What is now the actions to change the license status ?

Thank’s Laurent

Hi, we had changed your break license status, now you just follow steps.

1.Clear before purchase code click “save changes”. 2. Input new purchase code.


hello I can include multiple locations on the map?


Now, it’s not support.Thanks.

Anyone know a plugin to insert a map with multiple locations. support the topic

You can search from google about map multiple locations plugins.Thanks

Hi, I bought your theme through bundle.It works fine and thank you for good work.
By the way, you change your logo, don’t you?


Thanks, we’re still working change activetofocus to themefocus as activetofocus theme brand.

Hello, Nice theme, I am about to purchase it. Therefore I have questions : - social button : i am already using a social plugin. If I switch to your theme and use your social buttons, will It keeps the statistics ? I mean the number of times the page has been shared, tweet etc… - I am using all in one seo pack, but i see that this theme include seo by yoast. What should I do ? Will the two plugins be in conflct ? what do you suggest ? Thank you for your answers !

Hi, 1. about social details, it’s need try because of we can’t reply it as not used it before. 2. about seo, I think you just do as before done.


I have searched everywhere but can’t find my answer. I like the theme but I need to have the four level drop-down menu you can view at

Thank you.

Hi, 1.You can custom slider use Layer Slider or Rev Slider.If these slider plugin can’t do it will need you looking for other plugin.

2.It’s need custom service for the Directory.More options can’t find all can send us custom service to do them.


Sorry, but I don’t understand your answers. Can I have more than one slider on more than one page? I modified the CSS on my original theme to design the Directory. Are you saying I can’t do that on your theme?

Hi, can create more than one sliders for your page.You can add your css into our theme, but all need test and fix so that works fine as you wanted.


I am getting this error on putting required details inside theme options Your username or purchase code error!... Why??

Did you input correct username and purchase code?If you still have problem, please send us your site link and admin account check it. -> submit a ticket.


Will you be updating the Alterna theme soon to Bootstrap 3, so we can all the new WP Bakery Visual Composer? If so, when will that be done?

We’er working V7.0 version, because of it’s changed Bootstrap 2 to 3 so need many changes, please waitting.Because of VC plugin 4.0+ used Bootstrap 3 so please go on use VC 3.7.4.It’s also good for theme.


Do you have any timeline for a release date for 7.0? Two months maybe?

Maybe next month release.Thanks.