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Alterna V7.0 & V6.3.5 Update Had Online.

If you have update problem, please first view the comment!

Because of Alterna 7 with huge upgrades and changes, so as v6 version user you can choose use V7 new version or go on use V6 version. Our downloads includes v7 version and v6 version.If you still want to update use V7 version then maybe find your site appear some element show problem, so it’s need you check your all pages and setting these contents so that show ok.

Again & Important , V7 is best for new buyer and new project.

We don’t recommend old version update v7 (but old version can still update v6 like new version 6.3.5 (Downloads files -> V6 version folder)

Update information please click link view details.


Hi. Was trying to install the template but I got the following message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

You done some error… Looks you didn’t purchase our theme.Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the v7 update! Is there a way to create full-width row with bacgkround color?


You can use wide background element.A easy method please import our demo view home page will find details.

More question, please submit on support forum.Thanks.


Hello, I have the same issue with the jobijoba57. I use the contact page but when someone send an Email to website, I receive all the other informations except the Email address from the sender.

I receive the following message in my mailbox:
From: My Site Title (with my website Email address and not of the sender)
Name: the Sender Name
Subject: the Sender subject
Message: the Sender message

I read carefully the topic here and I follow the instructions to the page-contact.php, but no changes!

Any solution for this?

Please submit a ticket send us your modify page-contact.php let us check. We already send jobijoba57 a files through ticket.

Again, please use support forum post your question.


Hello; I use your last update altern7 but i don’t find the possibity to remove the responsive design like in the old Alterna. Could you tell how i can remove that? thx

Alterna 7 have no remove responsive options, if you need please go on use Alterna V6 version.

More question, please post on support forum.


hi 1 small question. how you get those icons in your menu. like next to the home button. what css class did you use?

Regards jeff

Hi, we had added a post about your question, please login support forum view it.


I’m thinking of using your theme for a client. I have it down to 4-5 themes as of now. I am wondering if I am able to have a taller (and bigger) logo without messing with the layout of the header. My client really likes their logo and want it prominent on the top of their site. So far I’m not seeing too many themes that allow this and still offer a lot of the other options I want for the site. I love the theme and will likely be using it at some point even if it isn’t for this particular client, but this is something they specifically wanted from their site… Thanks, Nate

As your question we’re provided custom services for big logo so that didn’t break header layout.Now, we did’t view you purchase our theme, if you need please send us custom services after purchase it.


No I have not yet purchased your theme.. I have been burned before when purchasing a theme without proper research on its functionality.. I am just trying to find out if this theme is going to work for my client.. The size I am looking for on the logo in the header is roughly 550w x 150h..

So your response was not very clear, are you saying that:

YES, your theme will work with a bigger logo.. or NO, your theme will not work with a bigger logo..

Hi, as big logo need test with different header style. We’re provided custom services if your logo too big appear problem.

Now, I think clear.


I have a question. You constantly updated the old Alterna Theme V6 or ends in V6.3.5?

Now, we keep update V6. V7 for new buyer and new project.Thanks.

Guys I purchased the theme and trying to translate it to Japanese, but I’m getting the below error. I thought this theme was translation ready ??

I already opened ticket and submitted screen shot, can you please help.

Language Code Locale file name MO file in wp-content/languages MO file in /wp-content/themes/alterna Japanese ja .mo File not found! File not found!

Hi, you done some error, please view the post get help.


Sorry I could not mention about WPML installation, I’m trying to get it to work with WPML only and your theme description says its WPML ready. what do you mean by that ? its a fresh word-press + alterna + wpml installation. Can you please help to get it working with WPML, if its really WPML ready shouldn’t it be working with WPML out of the box ? or do I need to change the theme manually ? if yes please provide instructions.Thanks

Hi, our theme integrate WPML plugin.

If you need WPML must install the plugin and get support from them.


Alterna V7.1 & V6.4 Update Had Online & WordPress 3.9 Ready!

Update information please click link view details.



I upgraded to 6.4 and have some problems with portfolios. They are very jerky loading. Also not all the categories will load. Some of them require clicking “View More of Our Work” and even then all the portfolio images don’t load (i.e.: 11 out of 12).

Also the password function does not seem to be working –

Also I can’t get on to your forum. I keep getting a message “You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts. In addition to your username and password you now also have to solve the CAPTCHA below.” I cannot get past CAPTCHA. I’ve tried dozens of times without success.

Please submit your problem on support forum, our support will check your problem.



Did u already register a account through our support forum, looks you done many times login with error account.

You can register a account.

If you forget password please submit a ticket.

Don’t need post here another comment, keep it.


How we can setup ACTIVE page button TEXT color ? currently when i make a color of button its goes dull when you go to the page.

ACTIVE PAGE BUTTON color should be be different then HOVER. how we can do that ?

Please submit your question with details on support forum, our support will check it.


Is your theme support any form builder plugin? ie contact form 7 or gravity form

You can use it with theme not means you don’t need change any style.Because of these form if them change like class name or content id will need add little css for them.But it’s very easy use css.If you there have style problem, please contact us we will help u.


Thanks for your very quick reply. Your theme is great. You should integrate some kind of form builder to your theme. Just an idea!

We already integrate some form like contact form 7.Again some style depends on form plugins, because of them often changes so that theme need change again. Understands? Thanks.

How do I update to version 7.1.1.

If you used V7 then open auto update will updated.If you used not v7 version then need u manual upload new version theme files through ftp tools.Thanks.

i need to know how we can make youtube or vimeo video to open in popup or in light box when clicked to play ? please help on this

Hi, you can view the light box plugin about youtube or vimeo video play.


HI ..I am currently using Alterna version 6.1… and have just upgraded to the latest version of wordpress 3.9 and have realised that the Visual composer does not show the text under VISUAL, only html code under TEXT and I also cannot save any changes or close the Edit Box window?

Do I need to upgrade to the latest version to fix these issues. I have just seen that you have gone in a different direction with Version 7. I haven’t upgraded since I purchased the version 6.1 so I was wondering do I simply turn on Theme Auto Update in ADMIN/ Alterna Options/ General Settings… and will it automatically update everything for me?

Also will all my content, images etc remain the same way throughout the entire website without any issues or problems?

I believe your lates version is 7. I2 – look forward to your reply!

Thank you

Hi, it’s VC updated setting problem.You just update VC plugin and setting your VC plguin, please view the post image will know that.


Thank you, - DO I get the updated VC files from the VC website or from here somewhere? - If I wanted to update my Alterna THEME, do I turn on Theme Auto Update in ADMIN/ Alterna Options/ General Settings… and will it update and stop at the latest 6 version or update to the latest 7 version as well?

- After reading some other comments it seems there are a few problems if I update to the 7 version … - So does that mean I can never use Auto Updates again if I don’t want to update to the 7 version? - and if I only want to upgrade to the latest 6 version can you pls confirm that there will be no issues with context , images , layer slider etc that will break my site? Thank you

Hi, first, you just delete old VC plugin then install again with new version theme files. Second, v6 is different v7.Our V6 version also includes in downloads files.If you used v6, we don’t recommend v7 as you will need check all content and setting again.


I love this theme, thank you for all the great work. I’d like to request a feature in the “Color” section. Currently, you can select a submenu hover background color, but cannot select a main menu background hover color. That would be a very welcome addition. Selecting the hover background color for the main menu is important. Thanks!

Please submit your requires on support forum.


Hi, I want use the woocommerce system on your theme. when I check the shop alterna live preview, I only see one image per product page. Is it possible to get more than 1 image for each shop product page? thanks..

Yes, WooCommerce product have a gallery options you can add more images.Our demo just not add more images.Thanks.

Hi, i use the Alterna V6.4. There is a new version for old V6?

Yes is a old Alterna theme V6. I use V6.4

V6 version need Manual update through download from market.Thanks.

Ok. Perfect.


I am using latest Alterna

but having following problem in Alterna > Options (header)

Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : Space required after the Public Identifier in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ^ in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : SystemLiteral " or ' expected in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ^ in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : SYSTEM or PUBLIC, the URI is missing in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577 Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ^ in /home/DOMAIN/public_html/im2/wp-content/themes/alterna/inc/penguin/modules/penguin-option.php on line 577

Hi, it’s theme update history log xml files load failed problem. Today we had update our host and domain rule (add www) so appear load failed problem.

We had update theme change xml file path.It’ll works when new version online.

Now, if you want to setting it.Please open inc/penguin-config.php on 1812 line.

'notifier'        => "",
'notifier'        => "",