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Hello! Beautifull theme! Are you planning Right-to-Left version

Maybe and already planning, because of our team have no any body used RTL so test it have little problem.It’s best have a RTL tester with us will more quickly.


Awesome! Sorry, can not help you with testing, my client was asking about it, as an option for future

Hi I am using WP Toolset ( Is your theme compatible with the Toolset Plugins? Thanks

Hi, we have no test the plugin, if you need use the plugin, you can get support from the plugin author as third-party plugin.


Hello – Does the theme support Mega Menus?

So far a great theme but I can’t seem to find how to make the sections with colored backgrounds as the orange colored area on the homepage on your newdemo. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

Please view the post as your question will help u.


wide backgrounds both colors and images arent working for my site alil help please

Top Menu background color. the default color is black. I went to Alterna options>color>header area colors settings>Header Menu Background Color. and changed the color there. I do not see the change in color. it still shows black. the website is How can i change the background color? is there a CSS that i need to add?

Thank you.

Please submit your question on support forum, our support will check it.


presale questions.

1. Can I turn off woocommerce’s add to cart feature? I want to make it as a catalog

2. instead of, can I make it ?

Hi, 1. it’s depends on WooCommerce plugin, if you need change we can provided the modify.

2.You can use the link name replace shop.


cool.. thanks! I just need my client to give me a go on the looks and I will buy it.

hello, Does alterna 7 theme work with wordpress 3.9.1 version????? Thanks

Yes, it’s works with WP 3.9.1.Thanks.


We are using a large menu for our site. But when saving the menu does not appear in full only the half of the menu items. SOmething with memory? Now on 256MB

And how do we get the cart/login in the header?


Hi, about menu problem, it’s your host setting problem, please view support forum.

About cart/login through Alterna Options -> Header setting.



We have done as mentioned in the help forum. (menu)

We still can’t save our “big” menu.

What could we do next?

Did you had setting your host php.ini and restart your host.If you can’t done it please contact your host admin setting it as it’s host setting problem.


Hi, the Update Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin to 4.2.3 has some ERRORS when you use the old V6 6.4.7 version. Do you have check that. When you use the “Blog Template Waterfall Flux with Ajax” the post are overlapped…careful with that. Do you have de Visual Composer Builder plugin previous version? i need it please

We tested have no problem, please submit a ticket with your site link and account let us check it.(PLease make sure update theme V6.4.8)


Oh sorry, i test in V6.4.7 version. Let me try V6.4.8 Thanks

Work perfect. Thanks


I am looking to buy this, but I have a pre-sales question-

Is it possible to include featured posts in the slider?


Hi, you need create a slider with your featured posts as your requires.We also can provided the extra services.


Hi There, How i can design like V7 Shop Demo. Here is site link.

Looks you didn’t purchase our theme , please first get license then contact us through support forum.


hi, i need to put a adwords tracking code conversion in the contact form page in my website. After yes message “your form was send”

I use the contact form by default. no plugin. Where i can put the tracking code please?

Please submit your question on support forum.



We are unable to change the number of related products in alterna.

How can we change the number of related products?

Please submit your question on support forum.Our support will check your question.



Thanks #759187


1) Hostgator has upgraded to PHP 5.4, can you please confirm that there will be no issues with the Alterna Theme and any associated Plugins that came with it. I am using version 6.1.

2) also when using visual composer. if I have 3 columns with an image in one column, it pushes the image to below the other content. Is there a way that I can prevent this from happening so the visual composer view is exactly the same as the front end view?

Thank you

Hi, please submit your question on support forum, our support will reply u.


Hi, As suggested, I submitted the ticket on the 2nd July but I haven’t received a response as yet. The ticket number is 347572… and when I login to check the status it says Ticket CLOSED ??? can you please follow up this ticket and either send me a reply from the ticket or give me the answers here – thank you?

Hi, we checked you submit 2 ticket with same question.

Ticket #723149 already reply u.

You can use the id and email login view details.


I am setting up the theme and its content on a demo site before I move it over to my live site. If I input my TF username, purchase code and API Key on the demo domain, will this keep me from being able to use this information on the live domain once I’ve moved the site over and totally deleted the demo domain, which is a subdomain of the main domain?

I don’t want to put in all the information on the demo domain only to find that I won’t be able to use the theme on the live domain without purchasing another license.

Hi, just one site with the license information, old sites must remove license information so that new site works.

We had checked you didn’t use license for any sites now.So have no any problem.



Hi, i have see a strange thing… in the product page, in alterna 7 shop version (like this using Firefox (last version on windows 7) when i go to set the number of the object that i want to buy i see both the vertical arrow (up/down) and the plus/minus… but using Chrome there is only the plus/minus… is maybe a problem? can i have only method to set this number?

Thanks… Very good theme!!!

Hi, it’s Firefox provided number type input style. It’s depends on browser, don’t worry that.


Hi. I’ve tried several times to import the demo content on a fresh install, but each time the menus are not imported, and the visual composer elements all seem incorrect. The site and pages generally look okay, but I can’t help but think the backend settings are not as intended. Is there a more preferred way to import the demo content then the wordpress import feature (with the XML file)?

Hi, about your question we already post on support forum,please check it.


Hi. thank you for the quick reply. I did do as your forum post suggested (even before seeing the post as that is the only way you can import an XML file), however, the problems persist. Your VC components are not correct and I have no menus. *

Please consider expanding your documentation to cover this, from the looks of it though, you might have to create your own demo content import system (like many other themes have), so I know it will take time. Thanks again.

  • I did edit my php.ini file to ensure max_input_vars was increased.

Please keep your support forum post and if you have any problem please post on support forum.Our support will check it.


Visual Composer is acting really stupid. I just realized that while my theme is up to date, my VC plugin is not even close. Alterna 7.3.2, but VC is… not the current 4.x.x.

How can I update VC because editing pages is quite painful for me right now since VC isn’t working right. thx

Please view the post on support forum.


Thanks. I didn’t realize the actual .zip’s were in there. I’m sure this will work . . .

Thanks again!

That did it. Smooth as silk now. Thanks!

Standard post thumbnails do not work. Great design though..

Standard post without thumbnails, you can view our demo. You need choose Image post format. More question please post on support forum our support will check it.