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Nice, simple design.

Interesting preview image.

yep, a real preview image would be useful

Not a problem, I just wasn’t happy with the preview at the last minute so scrapped it. :) I will replace it when I have a replacement.

I think the preview image is groovy, it doesnt really affect sales :)


Hello, I’m installing your template. I uploaded your XML as a starting point but I have the same Home Page. Missing 4 files: Teton Lake - Amazing Bridge - Sunrise Dock—The Pacific.. How do you build the home page like you did?

I may have re-ordered my posts by adjusting the posted on dates, the slider by default is set to 10 posts, do you have a URL I can see? (you can send via my ThemeForest contact form too if that works!)

I’m sorry, I mean in the main, before the footer, the 4 missing items with photos. See the link I sent, thanks

Sent you a message, the category ID the home page is looking for may not be what got imported (not 100% blank install, etc…?) Thanks!

I think the preview image is AWESOME !

Thanks :)

Like the placement of navigation menu and the picture on the home page)))These thoughts were the first thing, I thought when see your theme))

Thanks Rebecca,

I really wanted a compact header, people seem to have been requesting that lately to get the slider area up near the top of the page.

Solved with new installation! Thanks … People … This layout is worth!

Great to hear, thanks for the purchase!


Just purchased your theme because its so cool! I have a few questions, maybe you can point me in the right direction. I’m attempting to use short codes to add two different columns of info on this page however, they seem to not line up correctly. Also is it possible to add a bg color to columns?

cheers, Quentin

Hey Quentin,

Be sure you’re using the alpha / omega classes for the beginning and end columns respectively or you’ll get an odd space. You could actually just do the html manually (view the demo page) too and add backgrounds/etc.


Sorry, ignore my previous post, I got it sorted.

Cheers, Quentin

Can you do a view-source and tell me if there is an image trying to be loaded or if it’s just text? Also, double check that the text logo field is blank or it may override the logo image.

Well theres no text in those fields, I just double checked that. It seems like its using the right code in the view source. However its still not pulling the logo in. Its, strange lol.

That is odd, I’m out of the office at the moment but can take a look at it next week if it’s still giving you trouble. I would just replace the actual image in the images folder for now on your server. Thanks!

Hi there! If I buy this is there a possibility that I can have a left sidebar with navigation in it? Lovin the other themes of yours I bought.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Hey Meezer,

It wouldn’t be too hard to move the menu from the header to the side but there is no style associated or set up for this so the css would need to be redone to work vertically.

Hope that helps a bit – thanks!

I’m currently traveling without much access to internet at the moment but will get back to you as soon as I am back in the office. Please be patient as I get a high volume of messages but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


I’m back!

Hey Cudazi Theis theme is wonderful for a photo blogger—shows off the images very well.

I have 2 questions: 1) The video overviews show pages with footers and sidebars. I don’t see any of these on my install. Did something fail in installation?

2) Shortcodes—I know there are a few provided in Sample Content as well as the index.html. But certain others escape me. For example on the Home page of the video overview, I believe you say you hid the page title. Yet I don’t see short code to that effect in the Edit page. So I can’t figure where the command figures on that 4 column portfolio page, or anywhere else (because sometimes you want to hide the title.

Hey there!

The sidebars / footers contain widgets you can add in Appearance > Widgets.

After you’ve imported my sample content, edit one of the pages with a hidden title, go into screen options and click the box for custom fields. Then, under the main editor, you’ll see the custom field that hid the page title.


Thanks for the quick response.

Ah yes—I’d forgotten screen options! Using custom fields makes sense!

Now you know what my next question will be: Is there a handy custom fields reference sheet?

Everything should be in the help file, check the page templates sections – let me know of any questions – thanks!

I can’t figure out where in the CSS can I change the color of the footer?

The very very bottom is actually the body background which stretches under the site to fill the page, creating a full background in case the page is too short. Thanks!

I’m trying to add a logo between the navigation bar and the slider, in that small space. Is it possible to add an image file? I can’t seem to get it working right.


There’s a widget area (Body Top) that will drop content into that area, give a text widget w/no title a shot.


Perfect! I’m such a noob, lol.

No problem, thanks!