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Im trying to figure out how to do the footer gallery with externally linked image files but still keep the border style and fancy box pop up. any ideas?

Hey there,

The CSS for styling is set up specifically for the gallery WordPress shortcode, you would either need to tweak the CSS or mimic the HTML output by the gallery, ex:


That works, I’ll just do just like the pastie. Thank you!

Is there anyway to remove “This chunk of text was inserted directly into the excerpt field of this post.” from the home page?

Yea, WordPress 3.1+ hides the excerpt box by default, you can show it and edit the posts by going into screen options when editing the post.

Or you can hide them all via CSS :

.minipost .entry-content { display: none; }


Can the portfolio pages be set to the home page?

Great question – absolutely, any page can be the home page in WordPress. Thanks!

Let me rephrase that question. Can the portfolio layout be set as the home page? I am not certain how to do that. I purchased the theme tonight and hope to get the three column layout on the home page.

When you create a page using the portfolio template/settings, go into Settings > Reading > Front Page and set your page as the home page. Thanks!

Hello Cudazi,

Let me first say that you did a hell of a job with this template and I have been a very happy user for several months now, I really love the simplicity and elegance of this theme. Now, getting that out of the way :) I have a relatively quick question about the footer. In your example found at I noticed in the footer that your titles (Wordpress Gallery, Archives, Blogroll) are lined to the left and somehow you are able to fit 4 columns in your gallery. My problem is my titles are centred above the text and somehow I am only able to use a 3 column gallery. Everytime I change to column =”4” they will go out of alignment and still have 3 columns. I also noticed that everytime when I change the title of the gallery into something longer, let’s say WORDPRESS GALLERY , the second word goes on the second row, which makes me think there is not enough width for the whole thing. Anyway, my knowledge in this area is pretty limited and I would welcome any help you can give me.

Thanks a lot

Hey there!

What happens if you use text widgets with just a couple words of text instead of the gallery? The gallery does need room to stretch. :)

Here’s more info on the gallery shortcode, you can set the columns:


nvm Cudazi, I figured it out. A while ago I made some changes to the damn screen.css and I forgot about it. I fixed it and I also noticed that if you don’t use any kind of footer layout in the theme options, then every column will auto adjust to the length of the text inside it. Like if you use the four quarters layout then you dont have room for 4 columns as in your example. I am good now thank you for your fast response.

Oh and your template ROCKS !


I’m trying to configure this theme so that it has something similar to the four “Featured, Portfolio” items below the slider on the Home page but can’t seem to work it out.

I have two categories with posts (all of which have featured images) but can’t work out how to get them to display.

Any ideas?


Hey Luce,

Have you imported my sample content on a test site? My home in the demo is actually using the page template of Portfolio – 4 Column. I used some custom fields to override the default page settings as well which will come across in the sample content.


Awesome. Got it.

Many thanks.


Hey Cudazi,

I noticed you updated Altitude. Am I ok if I just overwrite the theme-options.php which seems to be the only one that you changed, or I need to change everything in the theme folder?


As always, do a backup first but yes – that should be the only updated file. (style.css too if you want to see the new version #)

Thanks for your fast reply. Happy New Year!

Thanks for your fast reply. Happy New Year!

Hi Cudazi,

Me again with one last question, if you don’t mind. Where can you set different sizes for the images from the blog page from your example, those that are 620×200 px. I would like to make them a bit bigger but I can’t figure out where is it coming from. Any help is appreciated


Hey there /libraries/featuredimages.php should have your sizes. Be sure to re-add the thumbs after changing any sizes.

Thanks a lot :)

Hey Cudazi,

Your theme looks great. I thought I give you my link so you see what I did with it. Thanks a lot for all your work

Awesome work! I was just looking for a Naan recipe the other day, didn’t find a good one and made flour tortillas instead. :)

Is there anyone way to remove the numbering on the main homepage slider? Thanks!

You may just want to attack it via css, eg: .numeric { display: none; } in the CSS .

Hello Cudazi,

I have a question again, is not urgent or anything, i was just curious because I cannot seem to make it work for some reason. How do you implement the “suggested reading” thing on the sidebar with those little images of 50×80? Probably is something very easy but I can’t see it. Thanks a lot!

They are just blogroll/links using the image field. :)

Oh ok I see now. I never touched links before. So I created a couple of links in wordpress, a category called suggested reading (:P) and I loaded the widget BUT … the 50×80 image does not show. I get link and description but no image in front of it. What am I missing?

nvm i got it, you have to use the image field from ‘advanced’ area. unfortunately there aren’t any 55×80 images already created in my wp-content/uploads/ folder so I guess i would have to make them myself. Probably a new size can be inplemented within featuredimages.php but php gives me headaches and you wouldn’t have too much control over cropping. Anyway thanks for help. Now any idea how can I hide the category name, or can I just create a blank one? i am talking about the ‘suggested reading’name, i dont want to see it on my sidebar. Thanks a lot for all your help. It seems I am the only one writing messages lately. lol Your template is still awesome ;)

Take care

Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Avoid upgrading OptionTree for now. How to revert back:

hey cudazi

any news about optiontree or the new pagenavi update?

hey cudazi,

is it time to move on to another theme or you still working on updates on this one? i’m interested in optiontree, pagenavi and new wordpress updates, can we update or not?


Hey there, I’m sorry, it’s still as-is, I just haven’t had time for updates on this item unfortunately.