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Hi – I brought this theme by mistake thinking it was a WP theme, sorry. Can I receive a refund please. Mason

Hi, Precises, no problem. you need make the rwquest for refund. Regards

I thought too it was a theme, but if it isn’t a theme what is it? Tried to install it but that was not a succes. This is quite confusing, can anyone please explain to me what i just bought?

Hi, peer234, you’ve bought the HTML template not WordPress theme. Thanks

Ah ok, can I too make use of the refund i was looking for a theme. Where can I make that request?

I’m sorry but I can’t help you in THIS question, because I’ve never done it myself. I think you need to use the forum. Regards

Hello Author,

I thought this was a theme, but now I know these are html pages. I was looking for a theme. Can i get a refund?


I’ve answered to you on your last post. No problems I’ll need to make request to refund. Thanks

Congratulations! Great template. GLWS!

Thank you very much!!!! :)

Hello, I’ve purchased the “Altron” theme template and everything works perfectly. However is there anyway to test the sign-up form on a local server? I’ve updated all information however whenever I enter the name, email, then message. Once I click submit it simply says loading. Please help.

Hi, Jerfson08, thanks for purchasing my template. You might wanna check your local server’s settings maybe there’s something prevents sendmail function from being executed. It happens sometimes.Try to upload your files on your server. Regards

I’m intrested in the Altron Template. Can I change the primary blue color into a green color of this template? Please can you show how to change the colors in this template? Thanks.

Hi, kennydesnyder, thanks for your interest. You can change the default color by yours in two clicks. If you can’t make it work then please email me from my profile page. Regards

Is it possible to send me a link of the template to change the current primary color #00c1f0 to #578d2f. I would like to see if it suits our design. Thanks a lot. In the demo template you can’t change the colors, maybe you should make it possible so you can see it with different colors…

Please contact me via email. Thanks

Great template!!! How do I change the video for the background video page?

(I tried KeepVid and it gives me an error)

You need to download this video on your local computer and convert it into 3 formats (see the help file). Regards

Hi, is the font: Altron also included? Or where can I get this font? I like it as it is with the font… thank you regards

Hi, anandacaitanya thanks for your interest. Altron uses Google fonts, so all fonts are included. Thanks

Hi, I really love this template, and I am considering purchasing, however, when I view the template, I notice it takes a very long time for the page to load when i click the direct link i have bookmarked, http://dsathemes.com/html/altron/layout-2/index.html

The page appears white at first, then a preloader pops up that seems to go around and around for 10+ seconds before the page is loaded. If I purchase, can I expect this will happen each time someone visits the website? Is there anyway to fix this long page load time?

Thanks for your help.


Hi, avidxv3, thanks for your interest and sorry for late reply. A slow page load may be due to a slow connection to the Internet or server load. Thanks

My theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

Hi, Meganmw, you’ve bought the HTML version of the template. Thanks

You could have provided this item with HTML page builder to build HTML pages.

Hi there, I would like to know if you guys charge additional to install the theme in an existing wordpress site or in a separacte directory withing the same domain?

Hi, juanbue, thanks for purchasing my template. You have bought the HTML version and it unfortunately does not compatible with WordPress. Regards

Hello I’d like to make a request for a refund I thought this was a Wordpress theme unfortunately.

I tried to upload the theme through chrome into to godaddy hosting server…but after 75% it is exiting. I downloaded again and tried to install but still the same problem is showing. Please help me to get rid out from this problem

Hi, Can you please let me know how I can change the background image in simple text 2 template. The background image is showing as 2560X1600.

Hi, devopsenbler, thanks for purchasing my template. You just need to change the the image images/thumbs/intro-1.jpg. Thanks

Hi, I have changed the same but the issue is that in my browser I can see the images that i have uploaded. But in a browser in which I have opened the website for the first time it’s showning the old images.

Can I have a link to see? Regards

Hello. Amazing landing page. I was wondering, is there some code I could add to the Contact.php to make it so that when someone hits submit on the form, it sends the email and then sends the user to a different thank you page? Thank you for your help.

Hi, endoradigital, thanks for purchasing my template. You can use a different thank you page like in this landing page http://dsathemes.com/html/xlander/text/index.html#contact-info. Thanks