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last thing

I am having trouble getting the twitter scroller to work like in example 4

i have put in all my codes in twitter.php and changed the twitter data on the page to my @XXXX but it still is not working

Just checked your site in chrome and twitter is working. Did you manage to fix this issue or you still have a problems in any other browser?


Our system does close the tickets automatic, I am sorry for that.

At the last reply, I was asking you to do a check, or send me the files so I can fix the issue for you. If you reply, ticket will open again for you :-)

Let me know at the ticket and I will assist you further.

problem has finally been fixed now. Thank you guys

There are problems with getting contact forms to work in a decent way – e.g. not displaying any confirmation and therefore encouraging site visitors to keep clicking ‘Send’ and causing lots of form emails to come in one after the other in quick succession.

Despite asking for support to help – I’m still on my own with the problem – so if anyone can help please reply. :confusedsad:

Otherwise just be cautious – you probably need a degree in AJAX, JS and CSS to fathom it out which sadly I do not have.

No that was not available – I emailed support – do you want me to submit something there ??

Yes open a ticket there please, so we heave it on the record and we will continue providing support there.

Best regards

Ok then – thank you

I had a question about the footer. Is there a way to make it stay at the bottom..? Thanks


i do not know if i understand you well, do you mean sticky footer?

Yes. Sorry about that, could not remember what it was called.. Thanks


please open support ticket:

Best regards

hello mate the function zoom in and zoom out dosent work on mobile devices please sort this out i mean by view port function

thanks mubashir

We just checked few other theme on tf and there is no such feature, the purpose of responsive is to not need to pinch and zoom on mobile devices.

We did not enable this in our template. Please do open a support ticket on Thank you and best regards

So how would that work then, could you please help you out as per some users cant see the text therefore they have need to zoom it in if not then its a bad business on our side

Please do open a ticket on Thank you and best regards

Hello purchased this and found a bug right away… when I go full screen on my iMac 27” the banner expands vertically and covers logos and white space below.

I believe it is z-index

You could try adding overflow: hidden on #layerslider. If this doesn’t work for you, or for further info on this issue, please open a support ticket.

I can’t get the normal shortcodes to work on any of the pages. I just shows the the actual shortcode on the published page. Please help.


thank you for contacting us.

It is html template and html templates don’t have support for shortcodes.

If you are using wordpress version and have any problems, please open support ticket and include direct url to this issue and wp admin login data.

Thank you

Hi ! Could you inform me on a way to find the demo Vevolution slider. Thanks a lot. MG