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Hi, I need to install a favicon with this theme, how can i do that? I didn’t find the options in the “Theme Options”.


Apologies for the inconvenience, here’s where to go for support:

Post in the forums and we’ll get you squared away. Thanks!

Do blog posts require an image with your theme?


No they do not.

How do I change the post grid for one of the pages for “meet the team?”


Apologies for the inconvenience, here’s where to go for support:

You’ll need to get a hold of your purchase code, though, to post.

Hello, every time I update the template, I see three texts that I change language (I put them in Spanish, and to update the template become the English language). The texts are: READ MORE (button entries in the home) SEARCH THE SITE … (search form) EDIT PAGE (bottom of pages)

How do I put them in Spanish and did not change with the update of the template? Thanks in advance!

There are lots of reasons to buy this theme…it is Beautiful…it is Highly Functional…It offers Deluxe Features…And More…but the greatest reason of all? The Support this awesome author provides! I have purchased several themes from this author here on Envato and other places as well. And everything works perfectly! But on occasion I find myself in over my head with a plugin that doesn’t work properly or some code I have added that is not working and this author has always been so incredibly helpful any time I have asked a question!

I wish the rest of the world delivered the kind of service and support that this author does! Thanks ThemeBlvd!!!

Hi, Your theme is great and I am excited to buy and use this, but before installing this theme, I have a question.

can I make a grid layout like ?

Awaiting your reply.

thanks again


You’re not able to setup the default display of posts (i.e. like post archives) to display in a grid. However, you can display posts on static pages in a grid.

Here are examples:

Quick pre-purchase question. Is it possible to change the font size of the menu text. They look rather tiny. Thanks


There’s no user feature for that, but you’d do it through your CSS customization.

Many thanks for the response…

When I share my posts via Twitter the picture doesnt appear, why?


We don’t do anything with Twitter in the theme, but the plugin we recommend, Tweeple, will not output the image itself, but a link to it. This is just the way it works, as it’s just pulling from the standard tweet text the Twitter API sends.

Is there any plans on integrating a shopping feature?


Eventually in this future, this theme will get updated to the latest version of our framework (like Jump Start, Denali and Gnar), which has WooCommerce compatibility and integration built directly into it.

But for now, Alyeska and all our framework 2.4 themes (like Swagger, Arcadian, Akita, Barely Corporate, and Commodore) will work with WooCommerce just fine if you use this plugin. There’s just nothing specifically written into the theme to enhance it or match it to the theme design.

I have Purchase Date: 2013-01-22 alyeska. how i can update theme?


The latest version of the theme is always available from your downloads page here on ThemeForest for you to make the update with. Please keep in mind you must have a valid support license, though, for customer support. This can be purchased from the Alyeska Item page, if you wish.

Is there a way to change the menu color to something other than the 15 or so predefined colors?


Unfortunately there is no feature in the theme for this and would only be possible through your own child theme customizations. This has been discussed in our forums in the past though, if you’d like more of a clue on how to tackle such a customization. All psd files for creating the menu colors come in your download package from ThemeForest.

Can I have different variations of the “right sidebar” that I select for specific pages or no?

Yes, with our free Widget Areas plugin you can. There are videos for it in your docs, as well.

I don’t mean to be a pain, but in order to answer any more support questions, I’ll need to have a current support license. This can be renewed from the Alyeska product page, while logged into this account that you made the original purchase with.

OK thank you very much :)

Thank you so much for keeping this theme up-to-date. It’s still a great theme!