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Hello. We purchased the theme and we want to know how we can contact support. I want to know where we can create a ticket. Thanks.

Hello justgeraldine,

You should create your ticket via the support tab in your website after you verify your purchase.

This will open a ticket in our system.


Why aren’t there any updates on the sales page regarding the new versions of the theme and the updates that are being made to the code? Developers should know about the fixes that are being made so we know what to expect and problems that are being repaired.

We usually update the change log section, but it isn’t detailed change log with edits in each file. It will be some info about the new features that was added.

We recommend you to use child themes for theme development using our themes.


I can’t edit again my homepage on “Awesome Builder”. My License Details show “January 1, 1970- Expired. Please renew your support”. Any Help?... Thanks

We got to your ticket and we are releasing an update very soon.


I have purchased the theme and personally did not test the mobile version so far… on mobile, when I click on the menu items, nothing happens… what is the problem? You can check here:

We are working on the update over the weekend, it should be ready by tomorrow.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

You are welcome. I am waiting for the release this weekend and I will test and confirm the fix. Thank you!

Update Submitted, it should be approved soon

How can I update the theme from 5.8 to 5.9.1 without losing my settings? I am using wordpress 4.5.4


You can activate your license in the theme admin and it will turn updates through WordPress admin panel.

Also, we recommend to update your wordpress to the latest.



leug59 Purchased

Hello, I just updated the theme but I have a problem with the logo. I do not manage to get it bigger. The website is

Can you tell me what is the problem?



Hello Julien,

You can set the logo height in the theme options.

If you still have an issue please open a ticket through the support tab and make sure that you have a valid support package.



leug59 Purchased

Hello, Thank you. I know but I set it to the highest seize and it does not change anything. Are you sure there is not a bug in the update?


Kindly open a support ticket and share an admin logins to be able to check the issue for you.

Please notice that your support is expired, you should renew the support before sending the ticket. Luckily we have the black-friday sale going on and you can renew the support at 50% Discount.

I can’t add a caption on featured image. Is there option for this theme ?


Dear dodohawe,

I am really sorry, but this option is not supported in the theme, we may add it later but now it is not supported.


Hello, I have updated the theme, now I can’t find the header and footer editor. and when I edit a post I can’t switch to code view and I can’t open the media uploader.

Dear shareradio,

Kindly open a support ticket and share an admin logins to be able to check the issue for you.

Please notice that your support is expired, you should renew the support before sending the ticket. Luckily we have the black-friday sale going on and you can renew the support at 50% Discount.

I solved installing a fresh copy of the theme and a big work of restyling. But now it works, thank you


gtonics Purchased

Hello Please we need help reducing the CPU and RAM consumption of his theme. Thanks.

I would suggest using a caching plugin and maybe see if you have a lot of visitors or articles for the current hosting plan.


dodohawe Purchased

I can’t change my tagline. Is there option for this theme ?


contact us from support ticket please.

Hi, I renewed my support and sent you a message a few days ago and have not heard anything back. Can you please give me an idea of how to resolve my issue?

I am making some progress, but still getting a few errors.

[code] Notice: Undefined index: icon in /home/garza/ on line 399 [/code]


[code] Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 1 in /home/garza/ on line 80 + 81 + 82 [/code]

Also, the theme customize link is just blank with only an option to switch themes.

See our reply on you ticket please.

Hello! I purchased alYoum a year ago and it had the Awesome Builder included. I shut down my site for a while but just reactivated it but AB is no longer functioning. Is this now a separate item I must purchase?

NVM, i see that it’s a glitch on your end. When will version 5.6.4 be ready?

version 5.9.2 available.

Hello! Where can I get version 5.6.4? I can’t update through the theme.

“Dear Customer,

There were many changes in the new version of the WordPress 4.6 so we have released an update of the AlYoum theme 5.6.4 to make the theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.6. When you will update the theme, everything will work fine.

Thank You,”

After installing the latest version of AlYoum theme, I saw sidebar is appearing in header area, it damaged the actual design of the theme. So, how to fix it??

I installed the latest version of AlYoum theme, but after installing I am facing an issue that is, the sidebar is completely appearing on the header and the website is below of it. The website is accurate but the problem is: clone sidebar is appearing on the header.

hello arifweblog, we replied to your support ticket

Dear Sir,

I purchased Alyoum today and after its installation I am facing following problems

Page Link

As you will look at the link I tried my best to fix the size of font for title and paragraph but theme is not providing me this opportunity. I am also facing same problem at my front page sliders.

Secondly, I am unable to select categories in pages/post to link at “Choose Post Type for your query” please note that I have more thank 700 categories to select.

Thirdly there is no option to Excerpts for title and post/paragraph on slider or post short title.

I am looking for your help in the matter

With regards


Thanks for your reply.

Previously, I was using some other themes like magazine and others which are very friendly as for the Online Newspaper. This theme due to its page look is perfect that is why I purchase this one. As I am using some other themes which are providing following option which I am unable to find in this theme

1. As all news are linked with the categories on the pages and this theme is OK if you are using this in English Language as it provide SEO opportunity for Keyword selection. I am using this theme in Urdu in LTR format and after creating category in urdu I am not being supported by Google and other search engines as no one is using Urdu as a language to search but in English Only. By this way I am unable to focus keyword in urdu but I have to use English instead as for all my pages title of the post is required in Urdu. In awesome builders I am also unable to select the category in Urdu is it not providing option to list down all the categories. I recommend that if it is possible and for best SEO of the pages while using Awesome Builder you may please provide a option to name the category after the selection of category which will provide an ease to select the category in English and to name it in Urud which will not disturb the SEO for local and International search Engines.

2. Secondly Awesome builder or theme is not providing support to adjust the space on pages or posts as for their formation and in paragraphs as well.

I tried to change the width to the maximum and background color of of breaking news and to reduce the space between main menu and breaking news as zero but are unable to do so.

You can look at another link of customize theme like your as an example

I will be very thankful if you please guide me to fix these issues if the option is already available or help me to do so by adding any script for the same.



hello wwwanewspk, we replied to your ticket. thanks

hello wwwanewspk, we replied to your ticket. thanks