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Code125 does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello i read comment but not find answer , How to change footer widgets ?

we are unable to setup footer, we set a template for the footer but did not show in the footer section demo.creativeon.com/urdu

There is many problems this theme when you touch anywhere not working again… and not replying tickets… too but for author and themeforest…

I don’t recall our theme activated on the website you sent. Plus your support package is expired and we require an active support to be able to help you within the support guidelines.

Very funny… did you see when start to use your theme just a few months ago. I bought years ago. I didnt use it because had not worked well.. you upgraded it. And I start to use it. Money nothing. I can pay it. but you have to be proffesional.. you are coder… you have to give good support because you are earning money. You dont giving any support. without money…rihgt. And I cant give you each year support cost. is that normal? How can I know next year your code will work??? and your reply too late…. this not game. This is business..

I didnt put your theme because stupids thinks coming…My web site is article newspaper website…My web site cant wait your late replys….

pleas develop the theme, I can see that this theme has a lot of potential! but only if you give a little of hard work you can manage to get more sales.

Hello ceotnc, thanks for your feedback, please let us know your thoughts on how to make the theme better.

dear team can i create memberships plans, so that users can pay a monthly /yearly subscription fee in order to view the posts?

Dear Moussa, you can create memberships with third party plugins and it should work fine with the theme.

why i can’t install any plugins who required ?

I will requesting a refund because the theme causes errors with the Classic Editor plugin. and not support reply


Thank you for contacting support. But your support expired and you should renew your support to access our support service.

We will defiantly check the Classic Editor Plugin but to get more support you should renew your package.


I previously purchased your support for a year and this year you did not reply. Now, after the support expires, you reply to say renew purchase support ,Hahaha Something irrational.

If the problem is not solved I will request a refund.

Seems that no matter what i do i can’t make the logo bigger _

The theme has unlimited errors! i mean come on, even if you change the FA icons they don’t change everywhere on the site, it has some serious errors that needs to be fixed. if not fixed then the theme is a TOTAL waste of money (please do not reply with renew the support, because you do not offer any real support). I’m so pissed

When will it be updated for Bootstrap 4 ?

Hello, When will you update the theme to work with the latest wordpress version?!

Don’t purchase this theme! Functionality is dead with the latest wordpress version and the author is not responding anymore for weeks now for support.

hi, when u r going to update this theme???

Update support Gutenberg Please