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Hi, is the pop up notification window included in the module ?

Hi. yes, of course

This template gives us some compatibility issues that have disabled módelos.Los modules are compatible with the version we have installed and are prestashop modules that work with other templates

Hi. Pelase write to our support and we will help you to solve the issue

Perdonatemi ma dopo che ho comprato la template non riesco ad installare con prestashop HELP????

but he asks me to register

what is the problem to register?

Is it possible to run this theme with a German shop? Is it compatible with the EU law module of Prestashop? It’s called “Eu Advanced Compliance Module”

I want use this awasome theme for

It is necessary that this Theme is Compatible to this moduls for me: SEO BASEO – Prestashop Smart SEO Plus Manager v1.0.15

Verwaltung Europäische Rechtssicherheit v2.0.1 – von PrestaShop

Front-Office Funktionen Einstellungen für Kleinunternehmerregelung v2.0.0

oziale Netzwerke Fb, Tw, G+1 etc. Connects 15 in 1 + Statistics v1.5.2 – von SPM Add Fb, Tw, G+1 etc. Connects 15 in 1 + Statistics

I hope it would be possible!!

Yes, at the moment all Moduls works fine. But some Moduls like the offical Modul from Prestashop: Eu Advanced Compliance needs some special hooks. This Modul is free. I cant buy and test your Theme ^^ but it whre great if you can test it for me.

Alysum is already updated for Eu Advanced Compliance

oh great. thank you !!

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but i need to know if your theme can translate to spanish, thanks

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Of course, it’s not a problem to translate Alysum to Spanish. You can do that directly in your back office > LOCALIZATION > TRANSLATIONS

I want to know if I can translate the Email templates in spanish. Thanks

Email template is translatable as well like a theme

Hello, finally I bough your theme. I try to change the load presets for COMPLEX and when I click in apply settings, comeback to alysum and don’t make the change. How can I do? thanks

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you to solve the issue

Hi, if I check the demo on the AWKWARD version, the main slider is fixed and the 2 widgets below are mobile. Could you please let me know if I can customize them the other way around, to have the main slider mobile and the widgets fixed? Also, can I add as many widgets as I want or are they limited to 2? Many thanks!

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme. If I understand you correct, the main slider is mobile (it has more than one slide). Regarding the widgets, you just need to use only two banners to make it fixed. If you want, it’s possible to change the number of widgets

Perfect, many thanks!

Me da este error: Configuración de archivo errónea

Hi. Please write to our support: and we will help you with that


italweb Purchased

hi, i need 3 products per row in category list products… now are 4

how can i do with your theme?


Hi, please write to our support


italweb Purchased

i try to register to your support, but receive always this message:

no purchase belonging to the current user found with that code

what i have to do now??? i have purchased and i have right code….

Hi. Please give me your purchase ID to our email

I need to disable one css file how can I do it? I need to see all css files. Thanks

Hi. Please write to our support

Hi, great theme so far, I have though one issue with it. Would it be possible to have blog/ as the default category for the blog posts? Now it forces you to pick a category, without being able to have posts directly under blog/.

How it is now: blog/category/post-name

What I need: blog/post-name

I want to still be able to put post in categories if I want to, but I need to be able to set posts directly under blog/

I can modify the theme code if you point me in the right direction. Thx in advance

Hi. Thank you for choosing our theme. I’ll check if it’s possible and let you know later.

Hello, As Instagram policies have change, will you provide a guide to make works again the instafeed module ? Thanks

Hello. Please write request to our support and we will help you as soon as possible

Unfortunately, my support have expired, but i’m not responsible of the policies modifications of Instagram…

We are working on issue with instagram, and update will be available soon

Hi, I bought your theme in april 2015. The instagram module is not working anymore. Could u help me please?

What is the problem with registration?

“No purchase belonging to the current user found with that code”

ok. send me your purchase code to and I’ll help you to register

I’ve registered to your support website, but cannot login.
I’m going to describes my issues here:
1. The color attributes are not clickable on the product page, either if they are on dropboxes or on horizontal list
2. Since my product description is long, the div with price and “Add to Cart” button goes at the bottom and it is hardly visible to customers. Could you please tell me how to switch the tabs with price section?
3. I get also TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘value.toFixed’) in Inspect Element.

Ps. PS

Or maybe you were referring to the user just before me?

I’m glad you solved the issue. If you will have any further problems just let us know and we will help you.

Yes, you right, I wrote this message to user before you ;)

Hello Alysum’s Team,

First of all, this theme is great !! I have a trouble with the “pk_bannercarousel” plugin. We have a multishop. the first shop is ok, but the second one, when i activate the plugin pk_bannercarousel, all the javascript loaded in the page doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Mben. Thank you! Please write to our support and we will help you with that

i can’t register on the support website, first message, “can’t find user with that code”, and the second one is “no permissions to verify your Purchase ID.”

Is there a way to adjsut the plugin without any conflict? for example has to be before x or y plugin..

Thx in advance for your help

That message means that you use wrong purchase ID. Could you please send it to my email to check

Hello good day, I installed the theme and now I’m with the settings, I have several questions: In that section I can edit texts pk_newsletter ??? I also like to edit contact forms, I could tell that module can do it. ?? :grin: thanks

Hi. Please write to our support: and we will help you with that

Hi. Please write to our support: and we will help you with that


Anteeks Purchased

I made full translation in localisation ->translate -> front-office translation. Even if I have translated all phrases, everything is still in English. Any solution?

Hi. Please write to our support and we will help you with that


Naima84 Purchased

Hi, I extended yesterday the support for 6 months but when I go to the promokit support helpdesk, there is written that my support is expired.

Hi. Now you just need to update your support account. Go to your profile and click to “Allow” button. Then click to “Update” button