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I want to change “Become aVIP member” do something else..Where would I change that? I tried changing the Translations but that did not work.

Edit: Delete this, I figured it out.

Hello esfvisions. You can find an answer in our support forum:

Dear Marek, is it working on 1.5.2 ?? Because I´m having pb to make it run

Hello vago. Alysum is fully compatible with prestashop 1.5.2 If you have some problem you can write in our support forum

Thanks buddy, I did spend too long trying it but not happy, is it possible to install in 1.4.9 that seems to work ok with me?? Could you in any way supervise installation if i decided to go for 1.5.2, I couldn´t myself in that version

Hello vago. I can help you to install theme to prestashop 1.5.2 if you need Alysum is incompatible with 1.4.x prestahop

Hello Marek i see your theme is great i would buy but i have to ask if possible to modify the product page? i see not shown short description and attributes are below the description and price too low, is it possible to make similar to the default theme (without left and right columns) with image on the left as your theme ok and on the right TITLE product, Price, short description, attributes in this order on the right side and finally in the center at full width the descriptions, customization and so on ? is it possible that i’ll make by myself if i’ll buy your theme or it’s too difficult or even impossible to do ? many thanks

Hello nikketrikke. Unfortunately, we can’t provide any customization service at the moment, because a lot of customers waiting updates of our themes. Best regards

Ok i understand but do you think is simple to do what i ask or it’s difficult? I’ve managed some free 1.4 prestatheme the 1.5is different but do you think possible? Thanks

If you just want to move some elements, it’s not hard. Also prestashop 1.5 theme is very similar to 1.4.

Hello ! Nice theme for prestashop

But I have problem with Add button on this page :

As you see, it’s not clean (I’m using Chrome)

Also, my images are deformed it’s normal ? How can I fix its ?

Thanks a lot

Hello nightcluber. All what you need it’s a use image’s dimensions as described in the theme documentation:

Hello how can I modify the background image of social and/or newsletter block ?

Thanks a lot

You can find solution here: Please ask your next questions in our support forum.

Hi, i have a problem with image on frontend. the image path doesn’t exist in file system.

Examples (url on frontend)

Hello ricreare. Please write your issue in our support forum

OK thanks, first of all i try to re-install ps and theme.

dear MarekMnishek, seems to be a great theme and please allow me to ask a question: Is it possible to get the cart in the right bar ? Because i admit that he’s almost invisible at the top on the right

thanks !

Hello jusexo. Yes, it’s possible but require some modification in theme’s code.

Thanks for the reply.

I really intend to buy the theme. But I really also have no idea about modifications. Can you propose a solution? (I think that would also be a great value for those who will purchase in the future and for the guys they bought in the past). I’m sure that it can increase sells (for you and for the customers :p) ... At least, dont need to change the position of the cart… but it must be more visible.

thanks !

At the moment we have a lot of customers who waiting for some bug fixes, and I can’t provide you customization service.

Great theme, but how affects all these features to the SEO, loading page and google caffeine?

Hello sexshopea. You can test loading speed if you need. SEO the same as in the default prestashop theme

Thanks for the reply.

Some links of complete shops for full test and comparison?

Hi there, Is there a way to remove the following from the top header menu on the theme

sitemap | contact | Bookmark

Is there a way to remove those?

Cheers Jamie

Hello. Try to disable “permanent links” module

Hi there, Nice Theme.

Just want to know as this theme is mentioned as “2 columns of fixed width”, does it mean I have the option to make ALL the page with 2 columns, with the sidebar either on the left or right?

Also, is this theme responsive and mobile ready?


Hello lawrencepclo. You can use Alysum with left column like on this page: At the moment alysum is not ready for mobile devices but I already work on it.

Hi MarekMnishek,

Please help me how can i display a specific product in the top seller so that i can change it any time :)

Thank you:)

Hello RENATEMACKAY. You can’t change such kind of products, because this modules showing up only products which has been sold several times

where can i increase the number of sales in phpmyadmin and where exactly the number stored please let me know. By increasing that number of specified product i think we can display in top seller. So please help on this issue…:) Thank you:)

Sorry, but I have no ideas about this.

Ok Thank you :)

Hi I really love your themes ,i have two questions

1.Is it SEO friendly? 2.Is there any possibility to integrate the image layout of your Arundo theme to the Asylum image product layout?,both of your themes are great but Arundo theme has the image product layout that i am looking for which feels more social.

Thank you so much

Hello Liz18. 1. Yes, our theme is SEO friendly, and you can manage SEO in the prestashop back office. 2. At the moment I’m working on responsive version of Alysum, so I can’t do another options.

Thank you so much for your reply ,I will ask one more question on the Arundo forum .

Hello Marek,

I just updated my website to your latest version, and ever since then the links at the top of my menu have been acting werid.

If you got to my website ( you’ll notice at the megamenu it says ‘Shaving’ ‘personal care’ ‘about us’. I had created a ‘custom link’ for Home and Articles and the words do not show up, but the links do..Kinda. So the top menu should look like this:

‘Home’ ‘Shaving’ ‘Personal Care’ ‘Articles’ ’ About Us’

I’m assuming I use the “Top Mega menu” (Module blockmegamenu )right?

Hello esfvisions. Please write your issue in our support forum: