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In demo site, i see the “category list page” come with “multi-category selector” and “price range” at sidebar, this is a very good function which I want to have.

1, is it including in your files? 2, can I use these modules at my exsiting site after I buy Alysum ?

Hello VectorCat. This module is a default prestashop module, and of course you can use it in your shop


I love this template and I think I’am gonna buy it for my new site. first of all, is it compatible with the PS 1.5.2 since this version is working properly now ? also I’d like to know if we can add somme info in the product preview on the catégorie pages ? Like availability, sku, brand…etc

Hello stephmrls. Yes, Alysum them is fully compatible with prestashop 1.5.2 Yes, you can add more parameters on the categoriy page, just use “Layered navigation” module for this.

Great. thank’s for the info.

Hi, awesome theme! but one question…

It’s possible to add a color picker to the products list page (or home featured products) so when we click the “add to cart” button the correct color product is added to the cart?

Or something similar to shown in this store with sizes? (when clicking a size that size is added to the cart)

Thanks in advance.

Hello Hugop. You can look at colorpicker for example at this page:

Hi Marek and thanks a lot for the quick answer. But i’m talking about something directly in products list, for example a color picker in each product in so we can add products directly to the cart in one click without entering product detail.

Now if we click add to cart in this page we add a preselected color/size.

I know we can hide the add to cart button and force user to go to detail product page and there select the desired color but would be great if the user could add specific combinations directly from products lists.

There is a module that does that but i’m not sure if it’s working with that theme.


This is a good idea, but I can’t promise you realize this idea in the nearest time, because at the moment i’m working on responsive version of Alysum.

Hi, already purchase. this theme is so great. My question is, how to set the size of this theme..? i compare mine and the live preview is different. mine was small than your demo.. thanks..

Hello afiqarbae. Please write your issue in our support forum

Thanks Marek, I just bought your awesome theme!! About the responsive version, if I purchased your theme, will I be able to update?

Of course you will be able to update Alysum for free. Follow us on twitter we always tweet about updates and releases

Hi Marek,

Great experience so far using the relevant theme. However, I do have another question. Could I have a blog (e.g. Wordpress) installed into the shopping cart? If I could, would you show me how?

Thanks! Regards,


Hello zannfauz Yes, you can have a blog, just look at prestashop marketplace

Hi Marek,

Thanks for the reply. A lot of options for blogging there. Anyway, I’ve also realized that when someone subscribes to my newsletter, the name/email appear to be missing under ‘Customer’ Section at the back-office. I double-checked by signing up for newsletter using my alternative email and the same thing happened. The email I signed up did not appear in the same section.

Is there something wrong with the newsletter block? Or am I looking at the wrong place, it might appear somewhere else?

Thanks and good job on the theme Marek!

Regards, Fauzan.

Hello zannfauz. Please write this question in our support forum


Installation is complete,

Detected, 1 no pictures in the Cart for any items,

2 Each product page, when we installed the mouse on the left of the picture And the picture does not appear on the right side on the product description,

Above said two different with demo version

why is it

Hello itelling168. Please write your issue in our support forum


thank you for your template.

I bought this template in november. I have actually the 1,7 version.

How is it possible to have the 1.9 ?


Hello abureau. You can download it in your themeforest account.

sorry, i didn’t see, thank you.

Really have to thank you for a great theme and for your great support. I am truly impressed with your kind and quick response especially when it was a Christmas day.

Thank you very much once again and I wish you all the best.


Hello Pat. Thank you for your compliments :)

Bonjour, j’ai acheter ce thème mais il veut pas s’importer avec Prestashop 1.5 pourquoi?

Hello frescoule. Please write your question in our support forum:


I like this template and I think I’am gonna buy it for my new site. But before i have just one question :

In item details you speak about additionnals modules. Are they included with the theme? Or do we need to pay and install them separately?

Please write your question in our support forum:

my registration is complete on the site but no login information in my email account.

Can you explain me how to change the logo “Alysum” on front page please.

Try to use “Theme settings” module for changing logo. You can find alysum documentation here:

Hi Marek ! I have create a new topic in your support forum under the name “Problem with installation in PS 1.5.2”, please help me !!!

Hi i have problems with product carousel module. it s empty without pictures. i have all pics regenerated as shown on documentation and no results. also on products list (in category), i have problem of pictures size, i solved it editing the class from home_default to home. but still with carousel products problem. thanks

Hello eliz2. Please write your question in our support forum:

Hi again Marek ! All problems were solved through the automated installation

One more thing…there is any chance of “dummy content import” just like the preview?? Thanks for your time :)

Hello Kapitol. Send me personal message via contact form

hello to when the responsive version?

Hello tonyzapa I hope about 2-3 weeks

thanks for responding so fast.

I think I’ll wait then, because if I buy now may not be responsive after upgrade to it?

You can install responsive version as another theme, so you will have two Alysum themes


A quick one : Can the width of the Store be expanded ?

Can i go Full Width ?

If yes please explain the process.

Thank you Corrado

Hello corradoizzo. It’s possible, but require some knowledge in HTML/CSS. I can’t explain this to you in two words

Yes i understand but please try your best to give me as a non coder an idea how time intensive it would be to go full width ?

for me it takes a couple of hours to make it fullwidth

Hi looking to purchase theme for my new store. If i purchase now, will I have to purchase again for the responsive version?

Plus I wanted the product Image to change according to the colour selected in the product details page. would this need another module.

Hello sahail312. Thank you for the interest to our theme. All updates are free, and available to download in your account. For instance here you can see how selection by colors working:

Hi, i buy it but i see that this theme don’t have an adapted for mobile theme ? a little disappointed for this point , i hope you will upgrade it in the future


Hello erel9999. I working on this at the moment and next version of Alysum will be adapted for mobile devices.