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Hi ! Great theme – congratulations. 1) i would like to sell personnalized item, so i would like to know if it’s possible to add a text field and to offer the possibility for the customer to send a picture (like in this site : 2) is it possible to work with affiliate ? does the site will recognize that a sell is due to a partner ? Thank you in advance. Cedric

Hello ced_4460. Thank you for the interest to our theme. 1. there is no such function. 2. Maybe something like this will help you

may I know how do I go to my live page when I have set it to maintenance? I don’t wish anyone to view the page yet, when I am doing the installation of the page and adding products.

Hello. You should add your IP adress to “Maintenance IP” field

Hi, I love you theme and I will buy it but before that I would like to know if I can remove the 4 images( on the right) beside the main image? I´d like to have just one whole width main image… Could I?



Hello Mary. You can use another slider instead of current. It comes with the theme and called “Nivo slider”

thanks! And now I know that if I need support you re there! :) cheers

we always with our customers, you can look at our support forum

Hello, I like this theme but I don’t like checking out on one site (how to do step by step check out)? I also find that in french language there is still in cart text in english: “Your shopping cart contains: 3 produits” I’m gonna use the theme for french site so it’s very important for me to have it well translated. Thanks,

Hello priv13. You can switch to 5 step checkout in your back office. You can also complete translation to french in your back office as well.

Block Nivo Slider plus Special products how to install ??

Hello. Find it in the “modules” section in your back office and install it

only is this: Nivo Slider

Please write about this in our support forum

is there a walk through on how to use prestashop? I am getting confused… I have installed the theme and I am currently trying to config the rest of the items like about us. Where can I edit what I would like to show on the footer and what I would not like to show?

I would like to set a free shipment for my customer, but the free shipment would be normal standard mail. I would not be giving free shipment with tracking number. How can I do that??

When I change my delivery address, there is a pop up window, but there isn’t any message except the OK button.

Also I have enable all the carriers to all the location and it is showing me, “There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected.”

I am not able to purchase this theme, I only get Page not found when I click to pay. I opened a ticket 5 days ago and another today and still not received a response. Can someone please help as I am not getting support. If I am not the only one with this problem then I suspect sales are being lost.

Hi very nice theme. Before I buy: I haven’t used a pretashop platform before. Do they (or anyone else) take a percentage of sales or is there any sort of subscription involved if I purchase this theme?

Cheers Mark

Hi very nice theme. Before I buy: I haven’t used a pretashop platform before. Do they (or anyone else) take a percentage of sales or is there any sort of subscription involved if I purchase this theme?

Cheers Mark

Hello Mark. Do you mean how will you gat theme updates?

Hi thanks for the quick reply – no I’m not referring to updates, i understand that. I was referring to the shopping cart aspect of the theme. I thought that some shopping carts require an ongoing subscription fee or a percentage of the sales that occur on the website that uses the theme.

No, you should not pay percentage, here is the full licence text:

how do i enable to zoom on the product?

how do i change remove the footer? I would only want the logo and the bank log plus the facebook icon.

Also would like to change the colour at the footer too

Hello cool79. Please write all your requests in our support forum

had posted in the forum. pending for your assistance :)

my questions haven’t been answered in the forum yet. Pls assist.

Hello MarekMnishek,

I want to buy this template via VISA using HSBC credit card but I can not make payment through Papal. Can I buy it with another payment type?

Can I make a site with multi-language using this template? Because I want to view this template in Vietnamese.

Please help me. Thank you so much.

Hello airbus380. I can’t help you with your problems with payment. Please write to envato support Regarding multilanguage, yes you can easily translate your shop to any language in the back office.

Hi Could you tell what I’m doing wrong after installing this theme, the front end goes blank.

Thank you.

I think its the godaddy servers. I tried it on a different server and it worked.

Hello, I liked a lot your theme and I bought it today. Unfortunately after installation I lost my site: Erreur HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) : Une situation inattendue s’est produite tandis que le serveur tentait de traiter la demande. I tried to go back to default theme but it still does’t work! What’s wrong with this theme?

Unfortunately password invalide

please try once again

Ok, I menaged! Hope I will find solution on forum! Thank’s

How do I register on the forum. After installation the on servers my site goes blank. I think its the server and I want to see if anybody else has that issue

I posted it on the forum.

Hey it was the facebook module. I set ‘display_errors’, ‘on’ and it defined the facebook module and by deactivating it the store works now. (Also posted on forum, I feel more people should know abou this)

When I try to upload an image using the ‘promominicslider’, I recieve this error :”An error occurred while creating thumbnails.”

HI! I just want to know which module is working for the colors and font changes ( for example the line below the main menu, color buttons, color fonts) I´ve already change some of those but by editing the ccs and I think this is not the correct way to do it, isn´t it? ( I´ve hidden the left control panel i don´t want my users see it)



Hello Mary. It’s a “Theme Settings” module.

and something else… the single slider image is double every time i open the web. It is just 1 sec but it looks weird :(


I’ll fix this in the next theme version