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Hi, Can you do it for ver 1.4.8 ? I thought i might work for 1.4 but its not working, can you please help provide steps how to make it run for 1.4?

Hi Divulge. You can try to use it for 1.4 but some modules is incompatible with 1.4. Try to use it with prestashop 1.5 Best regards


I am currently using I am having a problem with the megamenu, it does not show any sub categories when you hover over the category. Also, my images do not change according to color selection and all of my images are not shown. I have installed the theme several times and have done a complete install of PS to no avail. All of these features do work with the default theme. Can you please help to fix this?

Let me look at your shop. Any details you can write directly to my email or our support forum

Hi. I love your theme and would like to use it for my online store! Does this work with the latest 1.5 release? Also, will there be an update if necessary when the final 1.5 version is released?

Thanks for the help! Again beautiful theme! Cant wait to buy it.

Hi jrtowns. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Alysum is compatible with Prestashop RC2 and of course will be updated to final 1.5 version. Best regards

Hi Marek. Thanks for the quick response to my question. I am trying to purchase the theme through paypal but it is not working for some reason. I’m going to restart my browser then try again.

One last thing—it will be very important for my clothing website to have pictures you can really zoom in on and see the details of the clothes. But when i clicked on the pictures in the demo website, there really wasn’t much of a zoom. What could be done about that?

Thanks again!


At Monday, I’ll fix this issue and update the theme.

Hi Marek,

Unfortunately, PayPal just isn’t working and I am not able to purchase this gorgeous theme. It is really unfortunate because i was really excited to support you as a designer and feature this theme for my site. It was almost perfect!

I do not trust Skrill Moneybookers as they have a very negative reputation behind them. I will only conduct business through a trusted site like PayPal. Are there any other sites that offer this theme with a working PayPal portal? I will happily buy it.

Thanks in advance.


Hi jrtowns. Could you please give me your email?

Hi Marek,

My E-Mail is Please feel free to e-mail me as I really hope there is some way I can get this theme. :) Thank you!

Best Regards,



First of all its a great theme… One thing that concerns me that 1.5 still not translated to Turkish so i need to use 1.4.8. Can you tell me which modules that are not working? And can you send an paypal link to subtend@gmail?


Hi Subtend. I can’t guaranty you stable work of this theme on prestashop Also most of modules will not work on old prestashop: Block Nivo Slider plus Special products, Nivo Slider, Product Carousel, Block Megamenu, Newsletter block with promo and social networks, “Theme Settings” module

I want to buy this theme but I don’t know how to use this theme in my website. I’ve my website is created using php. I need a small example of using this theme and steps to configure this theme on my website .A little help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have online documentation for this theme I hope it will help you. Best regards

Could you please tell me what payment options are supported by this theme? I see that the demo uses check and bank transfer but can you opt to use credit, Paypal, Google Checkout, etc? Thank you.

Hi kidg. Yes, this payment options are available in the back office. I just enabled them.

Thank you. This theme just became my front runner pending client approval.

AHoj, rad bych si zakoupil tvou sablonu, ale mam problem s verzi 1.5. Nemohu pridavat produkty. Pole “name” v BO neni viditelne, to stejne u kategorii, poradis???

Ahoj. To je velmi zvláštní. Mužete znovu nainstalovat PrestaShop? Tento problém neni spojený z sablonou. Já jen ucit ceskou ;)

jo, kone?n? jsem na to p?išel, je tam n?jaká chybka v kodu co se tyka p?eklad?. P?ešel jsem k jinému po?íta?i, a byl jsem donucen jakoby vybrat ?eskou vlajku a pak se pole krásn? otev?elo, no bomba je t?eba hodn? vše doladit. Hmmm a ta tvoje šablona lze upravit na míru, jsou t?eba dostupné .PSD soubory??

supr, zakoupeno. Pokud bych mel specialni prani, mam psat tady nebo jinde? Diky R.

Is it possible to replace the main title by my own logo ?

Hi foxydodder. Of course its possible. Try to use our live demo:, and you will see how its easy. Best regards

How do you change the background color

Hi. In your back office go to “modules” section. Find “Theme settings” module. Click to “configure” link. Find the background color option and change it.

So I went to the theme setting module and click configure but there is no option to change the background it only give me an option to up load and export themes

Hi There, Do you have plans to make the theme responsive? If so when will it be available? Thanks

Hi milenogroup. I have such plans, but I can’t tell you when it will be available. At the moment I have a lot of another work. Best regards

So I went to the theme setting module and click configure but there is no option to change the background it only give me an option to up load and export themes. and every time I upload it says bad configuration

Please use exactly “Theme settings” module, not “import/export theme”

Hi, I love this nice theme and have a plan to purchase, please answer me a few question. 1. Is it have a customer register confirmation module (sent to customer email to confirm registration)? 2. At a comment tab, can leave a message only register customer?

Hi. Thank you for your interest to our theme. 1. Yes it have, it’s a default prestashop function. 2. Yes, its possible. At the moment comments allows to all just for demonstration. Best regards

Hi, looks good, but 2 questions: 1. Is it multilingual? can use several languages at the same time? 2. Can add choose size to products?

Thx, Steve

Hi Steve. 1. Yes, Alysum is multilingual. You can see it in our live demo. 2. The size of images is defined, but you can change it in the back office.

If I buy this will it work 100% with prestashop

Let me know ASAP

Hi monsterebooks. No, Alysum is compatible only with the Prestashop 1.5.x