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Hi, I want to kw the Sequence Slider working properly or not? I want to install the theme for a new project Thanks for a nice theme..

Hello. Yes, sequence slider working properly.


Demo alysum and IE 9. Where is the problem? Alysum and IE9

Alysum and IE9 2

Hello. You need to enable compression of CSS in your back office

Hi, I purchased Alysum yesterday, having PrestaShop, using XAMPP to have a localhost. I can not import it via IMPORT/EXPORT theme module, always appears: “An error has occurred during the file upload”. In case of other themes it works properlly. Can you help please? Thanks David

Hello David. Please write to our support

Hello Marek, thanks for reply, I was succesful to manage import to my webhosting so I dont need to manage local.

A real nightmare Alysum Theme with prestashop now i have following problem Bad Configuration File

Hello. Thank you for the compliment. Please register in our support and we will help you soon.

Hi, nice work really like it, here´s my question: how can I edit USEFUL LINKS at the footer, I already check all modules, but I am not able to figure out. thanks.

Hello. Thank you! Useful links it’s a default “CMS block” module. Here is the tutorial

Hello, I bought this theme. Normally there should be a translation into French. But there are more than 800 words untranslated. Is this normal?

Hello. I suppose you looked to the back office translations, we didn’t translate back office.


I install a clean 1.5.4 prestashop version and I can register and log in perfectly.

When I install the template, appiars this error text at registration:

TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form.

Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error

How can I fix? Thanks!

Hello sigmahardware. Please write to our support

How can I write? I’m registered there but I don’t find the button of “new post”. Thanks!

First, select your theme, and you will see “add new task” tab

Is it available also for Joomla? I need to buy both… if it’s possible.

Hello. Unfortunately Alysum is not available for joomla.

Hi , Emails are not getting send when i register customer from backend .I want an email to be sent with username and password to customer.

Hello shashank8614. Please write to our support


I just buy this kool theme but i do not get Nivo Slider module from the file. But i need this Nivo to work properly.

Reply ASAP please.

Hello. Try to find it in your back office as “Minic slider”

Hi there,

Thanks for the great theme. I’d like to create a shop like demo III witht the awshowcase slider but I just can’t figure out which module that is or how to achieve that. Please help.

Thanks !


DemoIII is one of the reasons I bought the theme, could you please send it to me. Thanks in advance!

Ok, no problem, give me your email

I’ve sent you a pm with my emailaddress. Thanks !

Hello, I need to write on the support. I don’t find the Item Purchase Code to create a new account. I bought my theme here, where is the code please ? Thank you

Hello. You can find an image with description at the bottom of register page:

Ok thanks, excuse me, I’m too stupid

Hi, the theme looks great and I am considering purchasing. Can I disable the shopping cart feature at first (will transition to online sales in the future) and still maintain a customer login and wishlist type feature?

Hello. Yes, you can enable catalog mode in your back office. and yes, you can use wishlist and login feature

I think this theme is very nice.

I have a few qustion avout the zoom effect :

In the demo, the zoom effect doesn’t work well. The size of the picture doesn’t change (with or without the zoom effet).

Is it possible to customize the zoom effect? to increase the zoom effect quality?

And is it possible to put the zoom effect on the original picture position instead of on the product description position.

Thank you.

Our support is here: Please wwrite there and we will help you as soon as possible

ok. I write to the support. Thank you in advance for helping me.

I have installed Alysum theme & added products to it but instead of product image question mark is shown in Product Carousel.

Another error i am getting with facebook like box.The error i see is ‘Can’t open settings file!/var/chroot/home/content/31/10957131/html/mariyuuyork/modules/blockfacebooklike/fans.tpl’

Kindly help fixing the above issues.

Thanks & Regards, Zees

Our support is here: Please wwrite there and we will help you as soon as possible

Hey, I like the theme so far but is it possible to use this theme with square images? When I change it in the theme settings module but then the images are either offset or distorted. I don’t mind a little reconfiguration. Thanks

Hello. You can read about square images here:[]=square You can get further support here:

Hello, I have installed Alysum theme. But I like demo III that why I purchased. could you please send it to me.

And another problem is second image does not display in overview. How it will be solve.


Hello. Please write to our support :

Hi, I am unable to install the Alysum theme. The upload progresses to 100% but a message appears. “bad configuration file”

Can you help?



Hello. Have you extracted downloaded archive? Please read about installation here:

Thanks for your help. It’s now installed. I am struggling with this template and Prestashop but find that despite backing up my files I can’t get back. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

If you need a help, just write our support:

Hi, i need the awshowcase slider please.. this is awsome. :)

Hello. Please write to our support and we will send you it.

hello, How can i get the theme after I pay for it

Hello. Go to your account, click to “download” tab and you will see the theme