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Good Evening, i want to know if the awkward slider works also on an iphone 5 or similar android device and also on any android tablet.

Is possible also that the awkward slider takes the order from there?


Hello. on all devices with width lower 480px there is no points of interests because it’s not comfortably to use.

another question, the awkward slider could be used as a free module to place it in other parts of the shop?

Yes, it’s free and included theme’s archive

I am about to purchase Alysum to build a clothing store for a client. What payment gateways do you recommend?

Hello. Thank you for the interesting to our theme. I can recommend paypal gateway what is already comes with prestashop platform

Hi, I want to know if this template supports wordpress? Or It supports only prestashop?


Hello. Alysum is a theme for prestashop only


Is that possible to change product image size on the front office ?


Hello. Yes, it’s possible. You need to make changes in css files of theme

Hello, I just purchased your theme. When I try to install it in my wordpress it fails “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Could you help me with this. Thanks

Hello. Aalysum is a theme for prestashop only.

Hello Marek, I would like to purchase the theme, I have few questions though, Hope you could assist me on these:- 1. For the Awkward slider, what’s the maximum number of slides can be added? 2. After using Alysum theme, Can i still remove the sidebar for the categories page? ...I think that’s all for now… The template lookkssss realllyyy nice.

OMG, I love you guys already :). Will make the purchase by tonight (it’s 3.37pm over here). Thank you so much..

oh and one more thing, for the social media login, will the link “Powered by LoginRadius” still be visible after I’ve purchased the theme?

Yes, it will be visible, but you can try to hide it with css

Hello Marek! How can I add a price range slider block on category view?

Hello. Just install block layered navigation.

Hello, I have some questions.

1) On the product details page, product image looks small (square), how to change that image size ? (URL: )

2) In your demo 2, when i move pointer on the product that is on the right side of slider, it animates to text sth like “NOW ! 100$” but i cannot do it for my website, how to achieve this ? ( URL: )

3) How to change Top Mega Menu’s font ? I tried to change from theme settings but didn’t work.

4) What are dimensions of the slider image in demo 2 ?

5) How to change the background color of “Buy now” button which is currently has “gray” background ?


Hello ufukturk. Please write to our support You can also read our documentation:

Hello, I would like to add a translation into Polish. Is there a configuration file in which this can be done?

Hello. First you need to download and install Polish language pack then you need to translate Alysum modules in your back office.

Hello i sent you a message to your support but too long to get an answer Please can you check my profile bondi2026 in your support i added my url and let me know why when roll over image in the product carousel.. I installed your theme everything works great but on your preview when rollover a product image we can see by animation a second photo appears, not on mine, any idea? Do i miss some configuration?

Please give me a link to your ticket


This is an urgent request. I love your Alysum template. My store will be featured on a TV show tomorrow and all is good except that I am having the most difficult time with First Data setup.

All payments are going through, but the trouble is that, when I am testing a credit card and I intentionally use an incorrect CVV number or exp date to test it, the purchase STILL goes through. I think there is something in the settings that I need to change, but don’t know what to do.

I spoke with First Data and they told me that the site is not configured properly to send info to gateway. They said my shopping cart is not sending the AVS or CVV2 info along with the transaction to the gateway, then, ultimately to card issuing bank.

Since the transaction info is not there, the bank has nothing to verify, then it sends it as “not available” back to the gateway.

I hope I have explained this properly and really could use your help as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!

replied to support bug tracker

i got an email saying “replied to support bug tracker”. what does that mean?

Hi, I’ve bought the theme but I find it extremely difficult to customise. It’d be very useful if there were some explanations how to change the information in the header and the footer, how to change their colours. There is a conflict in the cms information. Numerous problems with picture sizes as well. Promotional prices showing the price before discount as the discounted price. If the font and the colour are changed via the settings module in BO those changes appear only in the main page and nowhere else.

I don’t see your ticket, could you please give me a link?

Hi, I am going to start a fresh new one now as the other must have been closed.

Hi it is task 1847.

Hi Marek

In your demo – the module “Featured products” have an animation on mouse over. How can I add this efect to my website –


Hello Mario. Flex menu is available in alysum 2.7 what you can download it in your themeforest account. Regarding other question, please write to our support:

This theme is beautiful but it’s FAT!. Its theme settings module (hooked on the headers) increased my load speeds of any page of over 10 seconds! Unacceptable.

In my shop everything works well until I activate the poorly-written module “Alysum Theme Settings”. It loads over 1MB of JS and CSS (mostly unnecessary if not all your modules are enabled). This theme is nicely designed but is far from being optimized.

We will optimize it if you will help us. Write to our support and describe the issue you have

It’s your job, not mine. I am sorry I wasted my time fixing your bugs.

Guys did you forget to include the mail templates into the downloadable file ?

Oh nevermind that, it is included in the theme. I just can’t find Mail.php in /override/classes to be overwritten.

Good Evening, I bought alysum, my prestashop is version The upper images under the heading not charge me and carousel products do not move. I’ve done everything as shown in the videos. thanks

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you as soon as possible

I’m thinking of getting this theme, will it work on v1.5.6 which was released 2013/10/07? If not, are there plans to update it to support the new version?

Hello Whips. Alysum is fully compatible with prestashop 1.5.6, please write to our support and we will help you to configure it.

I recommend Marek his service! Marek really did great helps in my Prestashop V1.5.6 with Alysum V2.7 , i think this is the most great theme module for Prestashop, Thank you! Marek! Now i’m happy using it !:D


Thank you Winters!