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I send the web. No moving carousel products. Do you see the picture in any of the above options. Neither the sample nor mine.

Hello. Give me please a link to your ticket in our support

What link do you need?I need advice.

As I wrote you later, please register and create a ticket in our support

I am interested in purchasing this theme. However, when will it be updated to be 100% compatible with Prestashop 1.5.6? Also, although you have google fonts, is this theme google snippets friendly? Thanks

This feature comes not with the theme, it’s a default prestashop feature and you can configure your links in the back office > Preferences > SEO & URLs.

Ok, this is what I was asking. As I said originally, I am not familiar with Prestashop config yet. Thanks.

Here is the screenshot of all URL settings

Beware, this theme will not perform decently when your shop has hundreds of products. This happens because the underlying code of this theme makes a lot of unnecessary queries to the database. Marek, don’t ask me to fix your bugs. Do your homework and test your theme with the query profiler.

Hey, it’s not truth that I didn’t help you. In your previous comment I asked you to write to our support, but you replied “It’s your job, not mine”. Why you don’t want to help me to make optimization instead write comments here.


I cannot make the promomincsslider work in the home page, nor in any page, regardless the configuration

Any help:

Hello solopedro. Please register in our support and create a ticket with details of your issue, and we will help you soon

I have a problem with my pictures in store’s locator i already have a ticket but nobody answer me TICKET FS#1950


But I see a reply to you 5 minutes ago

Yes, they answered me almost at same time i wrote to you here, thanks

Mouse over the products does not animate the pics on home page. Also does not show express checkout.

Hello. Please register and create a ticket with details of your issue in our support bug tracker We will reply to you tomorrow, today is too late


I am interested in buying this theme. However, I have some questions about it before I purchase.

1. Is that possible to change the size of the slide to be wider or fit the screen width? 2. Can the side margins be smaller so that the pictures can be bigger on all pages? (including front page, category pages, and product pages)

Would the above changes affect the tablet and mobile views?


Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Yes, it’s possible but require some customizations in the theme’s code. Yes, these changes will affect to mobile views, if will made right. Marek

I added the following issue to the support forum but was wondering whether anyone who bought this theme experienced the same problem and, if so, how it could be rectified:

Just bougt Alysum and installed it on a brand new PS 1.5.6. installation without any modifications. After switching to Alysum, the top mega menu does not show any of the categories that should show up as they do in the default theme.

but as I can see you already got a reply

Yes I did and I appreciate the fast reply but while the menu now appears, any changes made to promokit’s mega menu module (deleting or adding items) are not recognized in the front office.

I need to research the issue.

Hi, I have just purchased this theme, and I have a problem with installation right away.

I followed the installation process and tried to import it in prestashop, but I got an error message “Bad configuration file”

Hope you could help. Thanks.

During the installation process you should choose which settings you want to use in theme after installation, keep your old settings or use new comes with Alysum. Please write to our support and we will help you to configure it.

Thanks for your reply. I already wrote to your support. Awaiting their reply.

Give me a ticket number, please

Good afertoon, I would like to know if I can use this theme with the latest Prestashop version 1.5.6? Is it easy to change the colors? And last question: Can I make a multilanguages shop easily whith this theme? Thanks in advance! Best regards Anne

Hello Anne. You need to upload only theme archive. You can also look at installation video:

Oh this document it is perfect. I did not see it! Many thanks, everything clear!!!

Glad to Help!

Hi Marek, I read somewhere that you said Alysum theme should work well with default prestashop core modules. I enabled loyalty module and Referral module, but I can’t find it anywhere on the front office. Thanks.

Please switch to default prestashop theme and check that modules

Unfortunately I cannot switch to the Default theme because this doesn’t work anymore since I installed the Alysum theme. I turned off the ‘Alysum theme Settings’ and updated smarty cache and everything but the whole homepage and the top menu are gone.

Ok, please write to our support and we will help you tomorrow, today is too late

I’m having a little problem in adding a youtube video to the awkward slider. Can anyone shed some light please?

Helo maftrade. Please register and create a ticket with details of your issue in our support bug tracker

I want to purchase this template, If I will buy, will you provide me google rich snippet module?


Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Yes, I can provide you that module.

I have just purchased. Can you email me moodule to ? Thanks

Hi Marek, this theme is very nice so can you please tell me if its easy to :

-change the width of the slider ? -delete 2 of the 4 ad banner at the right ? -change the dimension of the thumbnails “featured product” ?

without destroy your responsive css ?

sorry for this, but this theme is the best i have found to make my project. Thanks in advance GG

Hello Gargooy. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Yes, all of that is possible, but require some customization of the theme. Marek

Thx a lot Marek, good news for me. SeeU. GG

Glad to help!

Hello, I have bought this theme and I have some problems with it. The block CMS and the block for categories that I can put in footer, don´t work and I don´t know why. I have put these modules in display footer and I have activated them but I think that It´s problem with the theme. What can I do? Thanks.

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Hi, I have the old version, when i download the new version the file name is themeforest-2622574. However this does not seem to be the latest version

Question : Can we make the theme full width, last version was only box width.

Is it fully 1.56 compatible?

has the menu slider been fixed, before it was buggy.

Hello. Alysum available in themeforest is a latest version. Yes, it’s compatible with prestashop 1.5.6. To make it fullwidth you need to customize your css.

Hi,Can you let me know how i can make it full responsive width, many other templates are using twitter bootstrap for widths, wonder why this is not being used??

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

I actually purchased the Alysum theme thinking it was for WordPress, to create an e-commerce clothing store for a client. Having no previous experience with PrestaShop, this has became a bit of an adventure, and the help I have needed from the support staff has been critical on occasions.

I want to give recognition to the support staff, especially Alex, for being quick to respond and always giving me the help I need to keep my project moving forward.

You guys get 5 stars!

Thank you Kyle for your kind words!

hi, please help me!!! i can’t configure the menu!!

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Good morning, when you place the mouse on a word of the menu, the black color changes to pink/salmon color. I would like to know where I can change this color. I think it is the same color for some buttons also, please tell where I can change this color for button. Thanks in advance. Best regards

Finally, I have changed the color of the word in the menu but not the hover underline. Imposible… Could please tell me the code I have to insert? Thanks.


Please write to our support and we will help you soon



I dont know , my menu over the sliders( on demo its men, women, girls,boys, brands ) is not seen. I try to find it but couldnt. IS there a problem or I have done some mistake? How can I back this menu? My web is

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon