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And when does 1.5 come out?

I can’t tell you exactly, but it will be very soon.

I have used the theme setting module and is not giving me an option to change the background

How do you use this module? You should to go to the “Modules” section in your back office. Find “Theme settings” and click to configure this module. Best regards

So how do I use this template now then if I buy it? How do I get 1.5??

Please tell me.

Hi. You can use Prestashop 1.5 RC2 from here:

Hi Marek, do you have a list of sites that are using your theme, or perhaps some screenshots that show more variety with the options available? I like that there are things to choose from, but with your screenshots all the end results look pretty similar (like a Womens clothing store)

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I am just trying to decide if this is suitable for my use

Of course. Alysum is compatible only with prestashop 1.5

have some problems with futured product on home shows me prices without tax and on product detail site is no product details and can’t add it to the tab

I answered you to your email

Hi! Im about to buy this theme but i have a question.

By buying the the do i have access to future updates of the theme??


Hi ccamacho. Of course, you will get an access to all updates for free.

Hello, i have an issue with the google fonts on FireBug console. It seems the fonts are unaivalable ?

“NetworkError: 400 Bad Request –"

“NetworkError: 400 Bad Request –"

“NetworkError: 400 Bad Request –"

“NetworkError: 400 Bad Request –"

Hi michel_parreno. Could you please show me your website? I want to look at this issues. You can write to my email.

hello , could I put my own background picture on the template and how?

Hello bzoulagh. You can add following css code to alysum.css file: #pattern {background:url(../images/YOURIBACKGROUNDMAGE.jpg)}

Is it possible that in the carousel HOMEPAGE 4 products appear instead of five?

Hi jsierrasanchez. Yes, you can easily change the number of visible products in the back office.

hello, how to add facebook, twitter ans social network icons?

Hello. I can provide you a module, which allows you to add social icons

Hi, for some reason the theme doesn’t work under IE and Chrome. IE displays the front office wrong whereas Chrome displays the back office wrong. Firefox displays both okay. Is there a way to fix that? If not, can I get my money back?

Hi Adin1. First of all you can write about issues on out support forum: also please provide me a link to your website, I want to look at your issue. Best regards

I think I fixed it, no worries.


I bought ayour template but i have some problems to install it, the prsetashop 1.5 interface is not like what explained in your documentation and, I dont know how to install it.

Hi bzoulagh. You should to go to the modules page (in your back office) and find “Import/export theme” module. Next you should to install the theme following the instructions of this module. also you can read about installation here: Best regards

Simple, but powerfull! Great theme!

Thank you for kind words!


The module mega menu to show the content of each category when mooving on it with the mouse is not working, is there any solution?

Thanks for your help,


Could you please post this issue in our forum with more details. Best regards

How can I change images to show up as square instead of rectangle for this theme. changing the image settings in Admin doesn’t help.

Could you please post this issue in our forum with more details. Best regards

I just bought and tried installing this theme. I used the theme installer module and it said “bad configuration file”. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Could you please send me your email via themeforest contact form

I am not seeing a contact form through themeforest. The only contact form I have found takes me to envato

Such a beautiful theme! Would like to buy it but my moneyprovider doesn’t support 1.5 yet :-(. I will look futher for a new theme or wait untill…....

Thank you for your compliment.


I just bought your theme, I thought it could be downloaded and installed using the installer from the theme prestashop but this does not work. When I download the file it says that the decompression to fail and if I try the same when installed prestashop says “bad file management.”

How do I install this theme my computer skill is more than limited. Thank you in advance for your help. nadege

Hi Youki. first, you should to unzip archive you downloaded from themeforest. Then you can install theme from “theme” folder. Could you please write your next message on our support forum:

Hi! I just buy your theme and try to work with it on local; I’ve get a problem with megamenu: “no image available” there is no image for the categories ; how can I do to change it ? thanks

Have you some products in the category without image?