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What is the best way to remove or un-install the theme?

just remove the theme folder


I set the flex menu as shown in the video and there is no way that aprezca the dropdown menu. Can you help?


Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

I wonder will Alysum carry on into the new Prestashop version (1.6)?

Thank you. We are attracted by Alysums’ sublime look, but we will need a somewhat different menu, namely a ‘double layered’ menu (which would require menu ‘buttons’). In this way we would like to put more weight on the main subcategories. May be you have something like this somewhere in store?

But do not take notice of my question. I know that ‘double-layered’ menu is a rare occurrence.

I wonder will Alysum carry on into the new Prestashop version (1.6)?

Sorry, cloned it by mistake :)

Hi, i need help configuring the 4 images close to slide in the home page, y put a square pic but it appears small and not the total size (220×220)

how can i add extra tabs to a product?

Please write to our support

Hello Marek, I enjoy using your theme. We would like to add an additional menu on the side(with additional set of categories). If I’m not mistaken Alysum does not support prestashop ‘categories’ block. How would you advise to approach this: should we try and somehow fit in that prestashop block, or better find some other module of such sort. What would be easier to make to work? Thank you for your time.

Hello vikouchka. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Hi all. I use this theme few days and i have one question. I want to use minic slider not only home page. I create a new hook and try to put this slider into my new hook. But when i try to do this i see next error:” this modules can’t transplant to this hook!”. I don’t know what to do with this problem. Can you help me?

Thanks, Vladislav

Hello Vladislav. This is not theme issue. Try to ask google or prestashop community how to do that. you can find something like that

Thank you Marek. Haxxldrek (above) asked this question for us.

Glad to help!

Hi, I can t show the module sequence slider – nivo sliderawkwark slider and isotop filter prestashop 1.5.5 and when I update to prestashop 1.5.6 any of module will work can you help me please

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Is 65 dollars includes updates FOR LIFE?

Yes, right, it’s absolutely not hard, I’ll help you if you need.

Hello, I am looking for a theme clothes / shoes that can display other colors of a product when we pass the mouse over the first preview (photo). As do thoses sites: or In addition, I would like that I can add as many photos and text as I want on the description of a product and they are displayed vertically one by one as does this site: Has your theme theses two functions? Sincerely

Hello. First feature require additional development. Second feature is available with the theme.

Hi, I am having issues loading my theme into wordpress. i keep getting the same error, even when i add the style.css code into the file and zip it, it still not working. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello selnakib. I’m sorry, but alysum theme works with prestashop only.

I bought your theme and would like to translate it to Portuguese can send the file to my email? Thanks

As I already wrote you “Our support is offline now, but it should be available soon.”. Our hosting provider has some problems. Support will be available soon, and we will help you. Please look at this video how to install Alysum theme

The screen of my problem! THNKS!

It’s because our server is offline. Please wait our hosting company still works to make it online

Hi Marek,

As your site is down and as I can not access to the promokit documentation, could you please provide us a link to the Alysum documentation for Prestashop in pdf file?

Thanks. So, I will wait.

Hi Marek, your site is back.

But the support is still down.

Yes, Our hosting wrote the last step of restoring currently is processing. Here is the log

Hi Marek

If your site remains down for a few days – hope not !- do you have a pdf copy of the documentation to share ?


All my attempts to access all pages are failing.

All my bookmarked links are failing, such as:

Can you help?

Sorry, I just saw your earlier message that there are problems with site hosting. Hope it resolves soon. I’m sure you not at all happy about this!

Yes, soon all should start to work. Here is the log

Hi, I’m trying to access the forum because I have a problem with flexmenú but the page is not operational.


Hello. It will start to work very soon. Please wait.


Is Alysum v2.7 compatible with the latest Prestashop release (stable)?

When is the next Alysum version expected?

Yes, Alysum 2.7 is compatible with prestashop During this week Alysum 2.8 will be released

Hello Will be any new future in version 2.8? Thanks

Hello. Yes, 2.8 version today has been uploaded to themeforest and wait for validation. Should be available soon

I want configure the “Products Carousel on the homepage”. I Changed the data of “The number of visible products” and “The number of items to scroll” option but never changed the behavior in the frontend of the “Carrousel” slide…

Hello. Please write to our support:


I’ve just purchased the theme and tried to install it but it doens’t work. The classic method (from computer) takes a hell of a long time and ends up with no install and the ftp method has the theme in the selector but nothing happens either… Any clue on what I should do?

Ok, it finally works!