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How do I disable the video tab for products that do not have video ?

I purchased Alysum theme two weeks ago and I tought this bug was already fixed.


Hello. Yes, that bug should be fixed. Please write to our support and we will help you

I bought this theme yesterday using my Evato Account. I paid using Paypal but I cant download the theme. How best can I contact you? I didn’t receive any confirmation of my purchase either. I paid using my credit card with the Paypal payment option. Thank you

Hello Akello. Maybe your payment doesn’t processed. Have you checked your paypal balance? is the amount of $65 has been withdrawn? I’m just developer of the theme, and I can’t solve such problems. You should ask such questions to envato support:

Hello, have you got an approximative date for the theme release for the version 1.6 of Prestashop?

Hello. As soon as prestashop 1.6 will be released we will update our themes.

Dear Marek,

the design is awesome. I would buy it only if I could change the quantity box, from typing to drop down button or plus-minus option to increase or decrease the quantity. And secondly, if on the product page the block with more info, comments, data sheet, etc, can be displayed under the pricing area. All those extra information i prefer to be under the photos of the products.

Thanks a lot and please reply.


no reply here, and time is passing, too many issues for your theme, not quite professionally

Hello and sorry for the delay. Sometimes we are sleeping and have a weekend. Please write in details to our support what exactly you need to do

and please assign your task to me (Marek)

Dear Marek,

We like your theme and would buy it we have these few points confirmed:

- Is it possible to change the font of the whole theme (not only text description but also title, category name, button text like “add to basket, etc.)?

- Is it possible to have a slideshow with buyers comments on the homepage?

- Is the graphic integration of the plugin advanced search 4 possible?

- Is it possible to put more or bigger boxes on the homepage like the box “Prada Get 50% off new spring collection”, and to remove the link?

- Regarding the order summary, is it possible to delete the step 3 and 4? Our business will be based on “pick up” this is the reason why we don’t want to have the delivery step. Otherwise the solution would be on the step 3 to remove the left column “delivery adress” and put two characteristics of the product (we will define for each product a pick up adress and a pick up time zone which will be set as characteristic of the product).

- If we would need a bigger customization of your theme, would you be available to do it?

Thank you very much for your help,

Best regards,


Hi Guillaume.

1. Yes, it’s possible. In the back office you have an option to change fonts for logo, headings and text, and you can also change css and replace default fonts in the css file.

2. Yes, it’s possible, but require additional development

3. I don’t know about that plugin, but I think it’s not hard to change it’s view and make it in one style with the theme

4. Yes, it’s possible, I need to adapt a module to havesuch function.

5. I can’t tell you exactly how to do that, because I have no experience with it. Maybe prestashop developers (support) can help you with that.

6. We are ready to make customizations, but I can’t tell you exactly when our employee will be free

Best regards Marek

Hi, I’ve bought your template yesterday but I’m unable to install it. When I use the theme installator module, I’ve got a message telling me that the zip seems to be broken. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Hello Samy. Please write to our support

Hello. I noticed that in the category page, the products names are shown abbreviated. I would like to work on this situation in order to show the full name of the product, or at least adjust the amount of text displayed. It is possible? thank you

Hello Fedra. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Hi ! I bought your theme today and i see that there is a psd file name “coming soon” ! Is this page really exists and can we put this page online with prestashop ? thank’s

ok i fix it ! one last question : where i can change the logo “Alysum” thank’s very much , and this is a very great and nice theme !!!

Open the settings of “Theme settings” module and find “logo” section

i find it thank’s !

Wonderful theme! Easily customizable. Special thanks to patient support service.

Thank you!

The template is very nice. Support is Excellent. Big thanks to Marek and Alex.

Thank you too!

Does it come in french? How hard is it to translate if not?


Hello. Alysum theme has French translation, but some additional modules has been translated by myself with google translator, because I don’t know french. So maybe you will need to retranslate some words in your back office, it’s very easy.

Hello good …

I want to buy the theme but first I would like to make sure that both the back office and the front office are is Spanish . You can fully configure in Spanish?? if you can and you will be included in upcoming updates, when would it be??


Hello. Alysum theme has Spanish translation, but some additional modules has been translated by myself with google translator, because I don’t know spanish. So maybe you will need to retranslate some words in your back office, it’s very easy.


Congrats for this nice theme. I would like to buy it but I need to integrate first in an urgent manner the mega menu to my already online website.

I am wondering if it is possible to install only the mega menu first like a separate module and then with more time integrate all the rest of the theme ?

You explain that all paid modules are included in theme archive, so including the mega menu, but are we able to install the mega menu then separately ? or do we need to buy it separately ?

thanks for your needed help,

Best Regards,


Hello Jaime. Yes, you can install it separately. Just copy the module folder to your prestashop and install in in the back office.

Hi Marek, I have purchased the theme after your nice reply. I have tried to install the megamenu only as you explained, but it is not working. I could install it in the backoffice (got message as it is done) and I hook it on the “Top of page” section but there is nothing appearing then on the site. I need to add this mega menu to my current theme that is not the default one, maybe there is here a trick I do not understand. It would be very easy for you to debug this. Can you help me ? Thanks. Jaime

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

a question … which is the mega menu?? Furthermore snipetts incorporates rich snipets? no need to buy the module or touch internal tpl files.?


the folder of mega menu is “blockmegamenu”. Yes, google rich snippets already implemented to tpl files, and you no need to touch anything

yeah! incredible template …. congratulations for your work done. congratulations. Carries out shopping this afternoon :)

Thank you!

hi! how can we retranslate in french some words in our back office ?(for example “manufacturer in marque”) thank’s

i want to change the image type in square and not in rectangular but after the images are distorted in the product page and i don’t know what i can change in the “Preferences” > “Images” section ? thank’s a lot

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

what are the possibilities of this theme to use for a jewelry shop. thanks in advance

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. All possibilities you can look in our demo shops

is anybody using it for jewelry shop

I would recommend this theme to anyone who likes it as it’s one of the best themes in themeforest, I found very easy to use it, moreover the theme is well documented and these guys provide superior support.

P.S It is my pleasure to recommend good things!

I wish you further success guys.

Thank you very much!

I just purchase the theme and I have a problem or a bug in Demo II featured products in homepage smartphone view.
As you can see in demo, featured products are displaying one above the other in portrait mode (landscape ok).
Is there a way to display one product at the time in smartphone portrait view?

Hello. Please register in our support and create a ticket and we will try to solve that issue soon.

1- Alysum Theme Settings / Logo font – not working. Always the same font displaying (cache disable)
2 – CMS Block USEFUL LINKS not displaying in Modules
Waiting for useful answers,

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Hi, I just installed the theme Alysum, and try to change the image of the sliders and tells me I do not have permissions.

I have to add the code somewhere Cart. the url is


Now everything works, thanks.

Ok, glad you solve the issue.