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I do not find my account evanto my Item Purchase Code to go to supoort promokit

can help me

Hello. Have you tried to find item purchase code like on the image?

We are planning to use your theme for MultiStore(Merchendize based, one website and multiple stores under it) ecommerce website. Can we just use the regular licenses for this kind of project ?

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme. You can read about license here:

Hi Marek,

Is it safe to update from v2.5 to 2.9?

...and do you have a link to a howto I can attempt?

thanks and regards DMB

Hello. You can find readme file in archive where you can read about update. You just need to upload all updated files from folders 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9


i can,t sign in to my newsletter in the allysum theme. I don,t get conformatio email etc.

What do i do wrong?

pls help!


Hello. Please write to our support:

I want Email templates available in spanish!!!! I can help you with translation ;)


another question!! how I can translate the maintenance page to Spanish… for example: “Our shop is coming soon” .. “Notify me when its ready” ..... not I find where to translate these texts..

Sorry for the delay. You need to go to your back office > Localization > Translations > Select modules > default theme – and find maintenance module

Flex Menu don’t work, my subcategory aren’t visible why?

Hello. Please write to our support: and we will help you soon


what about category-descriptions? are they only on the image-category image?And are they for search Engine as text or as image? Are they any possibility to add content on the homepage maybe on the hook-display top?


Hello. Category description can be as a text, you juts need to enable it in your back office

Hi, i have problems with newsletter in theme settings module. Don,t get subscriptions. Is it a bug? I have version 2.7 but i dn,t have license code anymore. What should i do now? Buy a new license? Pls help on the way..

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

Hello, Would it be possible to see what the “account” part looks like ?


Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. You can find all back office screenshots in our documentation: At the moment we are working on implement very new version of “theme settings” module, like in Avena theme

Great looking theme.

Thanks in advance for answering all these questions. These questions/answers will assist future buyers of the theme and yes myself

1: Is the theme MultiStore compatible?

2: Will the theme work with most modules from prestashop add-ons like marketplace?

3: Can the logo be changed to different location within the header?

4: Do you handle any custom Theme modification and if so, cost?

5: What version is your Stripe payment gateway, meaning does it support Stripe accepting in over 100 countries now?

6: Does your payment gateway Stripe handle recurring billing, meaning customer buys and Stripe auto bills credit card each month?

7: Any plans to include payment gateway for Bitcoin, Bitpay?

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme.

1. Yes, Alysum is multistore compatible.

2. You should understand we can’t test our theme with all modules, but yes, all should work the same like in default prestashop theme.

3. Yes, you can change location with css styles.

4. All customization we should be discussed personally.

5, 6. Here is the video of Stripe configuration

7. At the moment, no, but I’ll try to search them.

follow up:

1: I noticed your Theme isn’t high resolution, do you have any immediate plans on making it high resolution?

2: You mentioned changing location via css, can everything be handled through the admin panel or is css knowledge required to use your theme and make changes?

3: I saw the Stripe video but that didn’t answer my question about if your Stripe module is using the latest API from Stripe, example a) during checkout does user has option to save their credit card with Stripe. b) do you plan on adding recurring payment capability to the Stripe module? 3) Does the Stripe module work with Prestashop 1.5.6?

1. At the moment we don’t have plans to make it high resolution. But it’s a plan for future

2. Some settings in back office allows to manage theme elements, but we can’t do all through back office, so you need to know basic CSS if you want to customize the theme

3. I didn’t used stripe module, and I can’t reply to your question

The generated code is totally anarchy, what raises an IMMENSE PROBLEM of referencing. Polices characters are considered as keywords. Thank you for telling me how to go out of this dead end. I spent several months on theme I I do not want to begin again. But I lost my referencing with this theme. Thank you for your urgent answer.

Hello. I can’t understand what do you mean. Please register in our support service and describe in details what is the problem.

I already have one current complaint on a module which works and no answer. You sell the module, you could answer at least! In the generated code, the shaping is not put css there but not included in the generated code, and besides, indexable by Google, what makes the referencing impossible the name of polices “georgia” or other one are considered as keywords in Google Master’s degree tools…

Where did you asked us about your problem, and still have no reply? Please give me a link. We are not selling modules on themeforest.


do you planned support for PrestaShop 1.6


We already working on update Alysum to prestashop 1.6


I wanna purchase Alysum theme for prestashop, I create an account and I shoose Prepaid Credits so I paid $70. I received a confimation mail from skrill but when I sign in, I’m surprised to see that the Current Credit Balance is $0.00.. Can you please explain why, and how can’I download alysum theme ?

Hello lematelascom. Thank you for the interest to our theme. I just developer, I’m not selling themes. You need to write to envato support to figure out what is wrong

Hi, I’m from Brazil, my prestashop is this template is compatible? I can translate to Portuguese? If I have a problem you give assistance?

thank you

Of course you can translate it to your language.

Hi, did you install the theme, the demo appears to select, more occurs an error page is bugged, please help me.


Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

When you update for version 1.6 prestashop , i wait only this for buy…

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. We already working, so I suppose it will be available after prestashop final release.

Hi, i need a help I have install the 2.0.9 and can you see this URL >>>

as you can see the main image squeest. what can i do? please help.

Thank you i will wait for you :)

Thank you for the quick reply, dude you’re the best customer support :) Fantastic theme and good customer support 10/10 *MarekMnishek

Glad to help!

Hi Marek.

my e-commerce website :

I use PS and Alysum theme 2.9.

I activate pk_blockblog (Blog for PrestaShop) module and publish 1 post.

but when I open , I don’t see any of my published post.

could you share how to solve this?

Thank you

Hello ajieboy. Please write to our support: and we will help you soon.

I installed your theme, but when completing an order on my website, it goes to a BLANK page for payments:

can you see why this is happening? I have no idea why shipping, login, all that works for customers, but when it comes to completing the order with a PAYMENT it just goes to a blank page.

thanks for any help!

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Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Hi, pls help me. when i open another page in my website, the previous item added in the cart has gone… everytime i open another page, the item gone.

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Is there a way to move Add to Cart to the top of the product page?

Hello. Please write to our support and we will try to help you.