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Great theme! When will it be retina ready?


Hi. At the moment I can’t tell you exactly, but I have such plans

Hi, Can the reviews option at the product page be switched off??



Hello Albert. Yes it can be disabled.

how do i do that i can,t find it..;)) sorry. is it a module?

just disable “product comments” module.


I upgraded to prestashop 1.6 Alysum is not compatible anymore. when is the update coming ?


Hello. Alysum theme for prestashop 1.6 will be released within 1-2 days

thank you so much ! modules that came with it will still be compatible ?

Yes, modules will be compatible as well.

I see 1.6 compatible on the info, but when I download I do not see in the updates folder anything about version 3.0 or 1.6 presta

Hello. All files of alysum 3.0 for prestashop 1.6 has been updated, so I recommend you to install it as a new theme.


I just downloaded and install theme on 1.6 is here lot of new change and different thing compare with version for 1.5. Will be some documentation? Or some easy way how to convert all my setting from 2.9 to 3.0


Hello. All Alysum files has been updated for prestashop 1.5. We also updated some modules, so the best way is to install it as a new theme, and configure it as you have now.


The blog carousel is bisable on 3.0?


Hello. At the moment yes, but we will add it soon

am I missing something ? I reinstall everything from scratch : Prestashop 1.6, and then Alysum 3.0. when I activate the theme, everything is broken en homepage that does not look good ( Is there anything I should do with modules ?


Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

Hello, good morning from Spain. I don’t know what I did during the theme installation that my page works badly. Can you have a look?

Thanks for your help. V.

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

I’m trying to download it since yesterday and it gives me error when paying by paypal. I can download it from some other site?

Hello. If you have purchased Alysum theme it should be available in the “downloads” tab in your account.

A few comments

1) The link at the top to open the cart, should be bolder, larger, and either an icon or a different colour, to make it stand out. Since the customer is always looking for the cart, it should stand out.

2) There should be a small one second delay on the closing of small pull down menus (the cart pull down menu) is a good example. Often customer will accidentally move the curser off these small pull down menus, in error, and the menu instantly closes before they can move the curser back on the menu. At least you don’t have the checkout button tight against the edge of these small menus, which helps alleviates the problem.

3) We have seen an increase of retina style displays, so high resolution support would be a really nice option.

However, this is the best theme template I have seen so far, and we will be making a purchase.

Thank you very much for your advices.

Hello i have just downloaded the alysum theme. When is the documentation for prestashop 1.6 available? Thank you for your answer.

Best regards

Hello. We are working on documentation and it will be available soon

Does the theme support rupee currency

Thanks.One more question…does the theme support custom contact form,can we add our custom fields to a form?

Hello. No, you can’t do that in theme. You need to add some module what allows you to do that

So… It sounds like this 1.6 version is broken. Terrible. I was ready to buy it. :( I guess I’ll check back when someone has it working correctly in 1.6


What is the main difference for Alysium and Avena? What u recommend for beauty site?


Hello. Thank you for the interest to our themes. The different is Alysum compatible with prestashop 1.6 and Avena is not yet. Another difference is in design.

Where can I find documentation for the 3.0.1 installation? The documentation in the theme is for PS 1.5 and PS 1.6 is very different.
Where can I set the homepage and the menu of the 3.0.1 in PS 1.6?

It’s the same I have.
I’m not finding the Theme settings module to set homepage like Theme Demo II

Logo positions, colors, fonts…

Please write to our support, and we will help you soon

Here a copy of my ticket
FS#3728 – Can configure Alysum 3.0 in PS 1.6

I’m getting some problems with my template local installation (so please don’t ask me for access).
My point is I’m not getting the Homepage Configuration as we can see in the second video from documentation file.
At this point I disable manually modules to get the results I want. But I still can’t manage the header (logo left) colors, fonts… and I can’t manage the fly over display images in thumbnails.
My promote products (demo II) are not clickable.
Finally if I change the images sizes to square I get empty space on images in product pages.
Thanks for your reply.

We will reply you soon, please be patient, we have a lot of customers requests

I receive this message after importing the theme zipfile:

“This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”

Wordpress version i am using is a clean install of 8.3.1. Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Hello. Alysum is a theme for prestashop, but not for wordpress, sorry.

I cant find the spanish translation for this theme and its impossible to translate oall the modules, can i download it from any place?

Thankyou in advance

Hello Tate. Unfortunately we don’t speak spanish and can’t fully translate the theme. If you can help with that, it would be great.

I bought it because I thought it was translated. anyway, I am translating, when I finish I will put in touch with you to resend, it tarry a little as I have to translate about 1300 phrases.

Ok, thank you and really appreciate it!

Hello marek

I have the alysum theme for prestashop 1.6 Where can i change the type of image? I want to use the square image

Thank you for the answer

Hello. Right now this option is missed, but we are working to make Alysum for any types of products. Next update will be with this feature very soon

Hi Marek, In demo 3,below the slider,can i hide the all,featured,special and latest section and instead display static content of about 2 paragraphs.

Hello. Yes, you can hide all content below the slider, and enable the module for your text.