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Hi there how do we remove the Asylum Online Shop that appears at the bottom? Please let me know ASAP.

Hello. You need to Configure “Alysum Theme Settings” module in the section “logo”

I have found so many bugs in your theme for 1.6!

I’ve spent days trying to sort them out. I wouldn’t recommend this theme based on all of the errors and issues I’m having. I should have used something else.

The latest: ticket FS#4523 address issues (no state, and country field text cut off) Another change truncate value no doubt!

These should all be sorted out before you sell this theme. I should be charging you for the time I’m taking to find the bugs you should have found.

Hello. You wrote to our support in 03:18, sorry, but we should sleep sometimes. We have replied to you at 10:07 in the morning.

Hello, I really like your template, I consider him to be one of the best in the “ThemeForest”. I miss the happiness that was only the high-resolution (width 1200 px). Are you planning to introduce this functionality into the template?

Hello. Thank you. At the moment we have no such plans, we are working on compatibility of our themes with prestashop 1.6. But I suppose it’s not so hard to do directly on your server.

Please can u help me to install the template, i have bought it, i try already so many times, it not work, please help

Hello. Please write to our support, and we will help you to install it.

Hi, when purchase this theme, we can only purchase as one of the three demos which you have, or it can be configured to any one the three demos you shown? Thanks.

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. The dome pages what your can see, are just shows how you can configure the theme.

So does that mean, I can configure the slider for demo II but with the featured product as shown in demo III? Thanks

Yes, you can do that just in the “theme settings” module

hello, can i use this theme for displaying the product only.

Hello. Yes, you can enable catalog mode and just show the products.

I am currently using version 2.9 of the theme on prestashop On my product page after clicking on an image in the thick box, I cant scroll down on the page to get the add to cart button. How can I fix this?

Hello. Please write to our support, and we will help you soon

1)can i remove “Next” button & show all pictures of category in same page? 2)Add to wishlist, facebook ,compare like on image itself on listing page 3)remove checkbox from image 4) zoom /view image on listing & product page 5) can show reduced price & original price 6)can show featured,latest in 2 row instead of having in tabs? 7)cross selling images/column on product page.

If these features not there then let me know if they can be added easily customized using Admin.


1. Yes, you can do that in your back office.

2. It’s require additional coding.

3. Yes, it’s easy.

4. require additional coding

5. This feature already exist in theme.

thanks is point#2 Wishlist is very imp feature for me coding to high level? please reply for points # 6 & 7

Wishlist button is available on category page, but other features not. I don’t see #6 and #7

6)can show featured,latest in 2 row instead of having in tabs? 7)cross selling images/column on product page.

6 and 7 require some additional coding.


I’ve bought this theme and it’s a wonderful theme! I’ve 2 questions: - how can i create, in felxmenu, a section with manufacturers and logos(like in the demo with “brands”) - About the extended newsletter, is it possible to desactivate one of the social logos (ex youtube)


Hello. Thank you! Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

Where is the flexmenu?, nothing shown about new products or categories ??

As shown what is displayed Lorem Ipsum and below of it?. How add menu ? by using top horizontal menu?

Hello. Please write to our support.

You can also look at documentation:

presales question - can i have buy now button on listing page itself on every image?

Hello. I can’t fully understand what do you mean, but “buy now” button is available on every product.

Meant buy now on listing page on all product showing i.e add to cart button. Can i do that?.. When u meant coding is it easy or can it be done free or charged?

I don’t know what “buy now” buttons should do, or how it should work

I installed 1.6 version, Apply setting not working , home page setting not working , I am having lot of issues with Theme installation settings.

Please visit our page :

Hello. Sorry for the delay. Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

It this theme available in Swedish?

Hello. Unfortunately Alysum is not available in Swedish.

Hi, is this theme comes with a One-Page-Checkup ?

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Yes onepage checkout is included in the theme.


I have problems with the combinations in the products, when I add some combination, the price is assigned zero, this only in the data sheet.

Furthermore Split faceted navigation does not work me.

I have tried to solve the problem but I preferred not to touch the code before you see the problem.

I hope you can help me, greetings.

Thanks, I’ve done

Have you done that exactly in our support: ? because I don’t see your ticket.

Delete please, sorry

Hello, I am translating the theme but I have a problem that I can not find where to change the date format in the blog, and where to rename the months.

I would also like to know where is located the image shaped line under the main menu to change the color on hover; and the images that correspond to the points loading from one slide to another and the circle loading slide in promominicslider module to change the color on hover too.

I hope you understand well, my English is not very good

Regards and thanks!

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

Hello, nice work. I’m interested in buying your theme and set it up in PrestaShop: few questions i’d like you to answer pretty please: _ is it compatible with PrestaShop: _ can i modify that top black banner (as for the color, font, content?) _ if not, will I be able to erase it from the home page? _ can i integrate a module for a blog? Thank you, i shall buy it today if all answers are satisfying.

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme.

Yes, Alysum is compatible with prestashop

Yes, you can modify it with css styles, or erase, if you want.

What module you want to integrate to the blog?

thanx for your prompt reply. Concerning my blog I have an existing blog with “over-blog”, could I import it? A bonus question: i have made several changes with my prestashop standard theme right after i installed it (pictures, module updates, in order to see how it responded), now that i want to install your theme, is it fine to proceed with those changes or is it better if I uninstall presta and reinstall it as brand new?. Thanks a lot

I’m not sure you can import your blog to the blog with our theme. I think it’s impossible. Regarding your second question, I don’t know what changes you did, but you you edited files in the default theme folder, after Alysum install you will not see any changes what you did.

Hello, are you planning to include the Quick View window that’s included in the default theme for PS 1.6?

Hello. Quick view option already included in alysum theme.