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Wonderbar! Top reactivity! Thank you your fix fix it :-) You can have a look, it’s great . Thank you.


Is it possible to have a vertical list of category of product I need to do this is it possible easily with Alysum.


Hi Alain. yes, it’s possible. Just select this type of category page in the back office. Best regards


Is it possible to be more clear (witch menu). And I want to hide the banner “Featured products” I deactive “Featured Products on the homepage” in module and the banner is stay on home page what I do wrong.

Thanks for helping

hi there a plan to upgrate this beatiful template so it’s responsive for i-phone i-pad etc

greets P

Hi pats3000. I have such plans, but I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll finish.

Hi Marek,

Theme is working great! Except how do I get the products in the ‘Product Carousel’ for featured items? Under the product set in “Associated categories”, It ‘Home’ and the respective categorie is check marked and it does not show up in the featured product carousel.

Hi esfvisions. Go to the settings of “Product Carousel” module and select “featured” type of products.

hi. i added a new currency in the backend but the front end keeps showing dollar sign as default currency although i change the default to new currency in the back. how do i fix it? thank u.

Hi nicholast10. Can I look at your back end settings?

Hi there,

Just bought your them I really love your theme – but I am running into a number of issues that require some assistance. I tried to register on your forum but never received a confirmation email so that I am able to login and post issues. (I sent an email about this via your website contact form).

At any rate here are some issues I’m running into:

1. I cannot get the featured product carousel on the homepage to work – If I set no products to the home category – it says no featured products. But if I set a product in the home category – the no featured products message disappears – but no products are displayed. Also for some reason on my installation – I have no Products Carousel on homepage module.

2. I need to remove some of the credit card options in the footer – how do I go about doing that (can’t modify in the footer module)

3. I want to remove the bookmark option in the header – but can’t find a way to do that

4. I know we can modify some aspects of the theme – but I want to be able to modify more – for example the mouseover color on buttons, the mouseover color in the nav menu – the background color in the cart

5. How do I modify the colors in the email messages?

6. In the drop down menu – I always have a no image available image – even though I have set category images – am I doing something wrong?

7. What is the ideal size for a category image – so it fits properly – because right now it always centers and overlays on text.

I know I have more – but this is it for now – I have no problem using your forum – but like I said I am unable to register for some reason.

Thanks for your help!

Hi aabbadi. Please check your spam folder for confirmation email. And please try again to register on our support forum

Hi Marek – I checked my junk and no email – I’ll try another email account

Hi Marek – I’m in at the forum – so we’ll move the discussion there – thanks!

In the website of brucebkk: when you hover on an image it does not make the zoom thing on the right part and it destructs all the layout. is this avoidable?

Hi Protorob. Thank you for the report. I’ll update Alysum theme very soon. Now you can use the solution described here:

Hi, How I can change the image dimensions in block menu ?

File: “modules/blockmegamenu/css/superfish-modified.css” Line: 216; you should just change the width of image.

In french language if you check the Product Carousel in the home page Featured products if you move the move over the price it showed “Ajouter au” instead “Ajouter au panier” how I can fix that bug?

Try to use translation tool “Localization” > “Translations”

Is it possible for you to be more explicit, i bought this theme because it’s write multilanguage, well documented and good service, i’m not a superstart in prestashop..

Of course, please write your questions in our support forum:

I bought this theme here and it’s more pertinent to answer here for other people who buy this theme here instead to open an account just for one question…

It’s your second question, but ok. Go to your back office > “Localization” > “Translation”. Select in dropdown list “Installed module translations”, “Alysum” theme and click to “French” flag. Find “Module: productsCarousel” and translate it as you want. Best regards

Thanks, now I can change the text label if I write “Ajouter panier” that works but the right terme is “Ajouter au panier” is it possible to increase the width of the field to fit with the right terme. I look the link that brucebkk leave in is post you can see the problem and if you check in this link sometime when you move the mouse over the price the text label “Ajouter au panier ” is ok but sometime the text is write on 2 lines. Do you things you can help to solve that issue.


Thanks you, Now that works the text in the label is Ok, the last final touch about this, is if you look the price at this link is allways in the center but when appear the text “Ajouter au panier” is not center is to the right.

Thank for your fast support.

file: “themes/alysum/css/alysum.css” line: 1686 change “margin-left: -49px;” to “margin-left: -59px;”

That’s look perfect like that.

Thank you

Hello, I have the same problem with hover product image, as a several people here and on forum. When you hover on an product image it does not make the zoom thing on the right part (as on your demo) and it destructs all the layout. You offer solution from here, but it doesn’t help. In theme files there is no any mentions for . You made good template, but this template do not ready for version 1.5

I’ll update Alysum theme very soon, and this fix will be included in new version.

Hi, I have one problem. The Language Block on my website shows a flag instead of a text. So when I move the cursor over, it moves toward left strangely because a size of flags are smaller than a text itself.

Anyway can I change this?


Hi thisispipe. You can read about this in our support forum

Hi Marek,

In order to use the ‘Square’ image type int he theme settings (versus the Rectangular) what would be the new image dimensions that I have to change in the Image setting? All the photos under: Related products, secondary photos in products, and the Featured products on the homepage the text and images over lap.

Edit – Unless there are different sizes for all the different picture types?

Here is the URL to my store again.


The best practices is to use the same width as in the documentation mentioned, and the same height.

Yeah, when I installed the theme I had used those dimensions. When I get a chance I’ll try uploading a new product to see if a new fresh image will help.

I just want to throw a note in here. I purchased this theme and everything worked great immediately except one feature. Marek went way out of his way and actually fixed it for me without delay. Also, this theme is one of few that I have seen with the many number of high quality modules included. I fully recommend this theme.

You can check out my store, which of course uses this theme, at:


Is there a way to show that an item is out of stock? Currently, anything that is out of stock shows “Add to Cart” minus the quantity. In the back office I have: “Allow ordering of out-of-stock products” Set to NO.

And it says “Add to cart button is hidden when product is unavailable” However, it is not hidden, or nothing says “out of stock”. Is there something I am missing?

Also, when you click on an out of stock item. Since the “Add to cart” button is still there, it does not do anything. Maybe there is away to overlay “Out of Stock” on it some how?

Hi esfvisions. Could you please clarify what module or page do you mean?

If you go to any item that has no inventory and click “add to cart” it does nothing. For the longest time I thought something was wrong with the shopping cart. For example, look at this item. There is no inventory for it and click on “add to cart” it will not do anything. I was wondering if there is away to show anything with 0 stock it says ‘out of stock’.

Hi, i like this theme. But I can’t manage to enable nivo slider instead of nivo slider special products on the home page. Is this possible?

Hi Barondesign. Yes, it’s possible. Just uninstall the “nivo slider with special products”. And install “Nivo slider” Please write your questions in our support forum , it will be better for you, because forum has higher priority than themeforest comments


When do you make an update in relation to the prestashop version 1.5.1? Product images are not displayed even by modifying the size compared to the documentation.

In addition, I have the same problem esfvisions when the product is not available, the button “add to cart” always appears

Thank you in advance

Hi Atkoz. Thank you for your report, I’ll fix these issues in our next theme version.

Hi hi , I just installed my theme and installed the necessary modules, but … it looks no where near the demo found on :

Can you help me out with: 1) The menu navigation font (how to change to look like yours) 2) Remove the grey “guides for payment” at the footer 3) Align the footer text because it looks weird now 4) Drop down menu is not working for the main menu items :(

My link’s at

Would appreciate if you could help me out!!! thanks.

Hi. Can I also look at your back office? Please write your questions in our support forum , it will be better for you, because forum has higher priority than themeforest comments

Hello, we just bought this theme and it will not install. I keep getting an error message. I have installed others before, and this none just isn’t working. I’m using 1.5 version. Please help.

Hi headcovers. What exactly error you have get? Please write your question in our forum, it will be better for you, because forum has higher priority than themeforest comments