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Hi i almost installed the template but i still can’t find how to add special products to “Block Nivo Slider plus Special products” module in the home page. please guide…. here is the link of our website>>> thank you..:)

Hi. RENATEMACKAY Just add a discount to the product you want to show in this section.

I am trying to install your theme on PrestaShop with “Import/export a theme” module and it gives me an error that says “Bad Configuration File.”

Hi DJGirone. Please write your issue in our support forum

hello, i´d like to know is you are planning to create an specific design for smart phones and tablets.

Also, i wonder if it´s possible to combine both formats (rectangular and square) for images, depending on the category. My website is going to be a wine shop. Most product will be bottles of wine, but there will be also many accesories, so i would like to use rectangular pictures for wines and squares pictures for accesories. is that possible?

Thank you very much.

Hi Deblancoatinto. At the moment I don’t have a free time for creating responsive version. Regarding images, unfortunately it’s impossible in prestashop to have several formats of image.

Tks Marek for the awesome theme! definitely looks good in my site! Tks to him that i understand prestashop more n more! His willingness help and after sales support is what a consumer needs awesome theme and awesome assistance! Wish i had bough this theme much earlier!


finally I download your theme, I must to say that I’m very happy with the result. Its well documented and everything works just fine. I only have a little problem, and I dont know if its because I’m doing something wrong.

My problem is with the dropdown menu..I put you how I have configurate my categories and my top menu module and how get my Menu…I dont know why? Here how I have my categories ordered:

Here how I have my top menu module:

And here is the result:

Its like if the menu would be duplicated…

Hi elverde. Thank you for the report. I’ll check this out as soon as possible

Ok, thank you so much! If someone else have had a similar problem on this, I appreciate some light over the matter.

By the way, I’m using Prestashop v1.5.

It’s weird because I didn´t touch nothing from the core files on this module…

I send you a PM with some more information…basically this:

Hello Is your theme optimized display shelves and mobile phone?

Hi ecoprest. Unfortunately no.

Dear Sir,

Wonderful and exactly we are looking for. Just advie:

1. We saw in one of your template that Member login appears on an ajax popup having both login and create account options. Can we have that in this theme.? And can we use that link any where on site by self coding.?

2. The attributes menu on left on product page. Are those limited attributes.? Or they will be added as we add attributes in our BO.? As we need this, that there should be many options in this search criteria area.

Kindly advise, if these can be done and we go for the purchase. Also advise if these will be included in same price or what will be the new one.

Looking forward to hear from you soon, as we will go for the purchase as soon as we are confirmed with things.

Thanks & Regards,

Asif Qayyum

Hi Asif. 1. In this theme such feature isn’t implemented. 2. These parameters you can configure as you want in the back office. Best regards

Dear Sir,

We wanted to know about the side menu ATTRIBUTES on product listing. Is that extendable.? Or just restricted to show manufacturer, price and material.? If not dynamic, then how can we be able to add more attributes for our visitors to chose from.?

Means can we add further Attributes to narrow down our search in that module.?

Also is it 100% 1.5.1 compatible.?

Thanks & Regards,

Asif Qayyum

Hi Asif. You can choose any parameter you have for displaying in this module. Best regards

a bug on select more images on product

Hi guiwwss. Please write your issue in detail in our support forum.

When will this theme be responsive?

Hi robintee84. At the moment I can’t answer for this questions.

Dobrý den. Zvažuji koupi Vaší šablony, ale chci provozovat eshop u nás v ?R. Tudíž ?esky a m?nu koruny. Je to n?jak možné? D?kuji.

Hi Vavera. sorry, but write you in english. Of course it’s possible, these are default prestashop opportunity, and you can easily add your language and currency.

Hi elverde,

I am facing the same problem, what i do is i enable the category first, move the category/sub category across using Top Mega menu module from Alysum, then go back category and disable them.

Something maybe wrong somewhere but this could actually do the trick.

Reg Winthur

Hi i’ve bought your template a few days ago but i have 3 problems :

1- there is no franch translation 2- how can i change “be vip” and “social link” pictures in the Newsletter block with promo and social networks 3- the footer logo police is too large and my website name is cut

best regards

Ni Naila91. 1. As you can see in our live demo, french translation is available: 2. here is the images of newsletter: /modules/blocknewsletter_ext/img/newsletter_bg.jpg modules/blocknewsletter_ext/img/social_bg.jpg 3. You can disable this module or decrease the font.

For future, please write your issues in our support forum, if you want to get support faster.

Hi Marek,

A kind reminder on the topic I opened 3 days ago . Still wait your answer instruct me how to send the product.tpl file. Another comment is that there another file in alysum is product2.tpl. Thank you for help.

Hello Marek.

I post my question here because I can’t register on your forum (I wait and wait the confirmation email but never arrived).

I cannot change the text color by theme settings module (Alysum 1.7). I change it and save but the value no changes, always is #7a7874.


Hi laprimera. Please check your spam folder, maybe confirmation email is here? Also I need to see your issue, please provide the link to your website

laprimera hy my friend! Please send me an email to I want to ask you something. Thx

can i buy this theme with seperate modules, found in other modules, like:

1. Login as in SHOPIFY (Create Account and Login on same Ajax Popup Window)

2. Search may show images as well, along the text as in WAREHOUSE . (Images also come along the text results)

Aso the theme on product detail page is having the purchased and related products top and down. They must be side to side, i mean left and right (shouldn’t they be.?)

Would be highly grateful if these features can be given along somehow. I woyuld love and like to purchase immediate.


Asif Qayyum

I just answered to your email

I have purchased many CSS /HTML from themeforest, this would be my first Prestashop theme. I presume it is just a standard template which I install via prestashop module ‘Theme Installator module’. ? Files all in .TPL format?


Hi rfollett. Alysum theme created on the basis of default prestashop theme, so all files are the same as in the default theme. Yes, you can install it through Theme installer module. Best regards

Hi, I’m considering purchasing the theme, but I need to know something first. I need my website to be multilingual, Hebrew (RTL) and English (LTR). Is it possible to have a different css file for Hebrew so I could edit the layout myself specifically for RTL layout? And if yes, then how – just a rtl.css?

Hi OfekA. Unfortunately, Alysum is not adapted to RTL . But you can adapt Alysum by yourself. If the settings of your language you can choose rtl option and create a css file special for this language. Best regards

Can someone clarify something… This theme says 1.5.0 and 1.5.1. I just recently downloaded 1.5.2. Does this mean it’s incompatible? I’m relatively new to all of this, so here comes a stupid question… If our shopping cart comes out with a new version for whatever reason like better security, then we have to choose between the new version or the theme? We contact the developer and ask them to update theme for us to be compatible with new shopping cart version? How does this work?

I’m assuming when choosing a theme, we have to be careful and buy from someone we know who will keep updating the theme to be compatible with shopping cart updates. If not, then we are SOL ?

Please advise, thank you!

Hi Daiveron. Alysum theme has been developed special for prestashop 1.5 and fully compatible with all 1.5.x version. Best regards