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i have already purchased this theme, but i need it for 1.4. Kindly tell me which modules are incompatible with 1.4..

Hi. Unfortunate all modules developed special for prestashop 1.5, and incompatible with 1.4

Dear Sir,

I have purchased this theme. However, i had a previous bad experience, that’s why i want to clear this thing out.

If i install it locally (LOCALHOST) and make it according to my requirements. Will i be able to to install it on my domain.? (Both themes and modules)

As in last case with other company, i did like this and the theme/modules were not installed saying that you already have a copy installed on LOCALHOST . :-(

Kindly advise at your earnest.


Asif Qayyum

Hi Asif. If you get such message, it’s not a problem, you can upload manually all modules which already exists. Best regards


Actually i wanted to ask about both theme and module. OK, just can you ensure:

Can I make “AS MANY TIMES ” installations on my local machine (LOCALHOST) along-with theme and modules.? And then can install “ONE TIME ” installation on the Domain, both theme and modules.?

PS: I make updates locally and then update file(s) online. That’s why i confirming this.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to hear from you soon.


I really like this theme. But, before I buy, I need to know few things

1. Is there a way to put “Quantity”, “Availability” and “Price” tab, above “More info”, “Product description” tab? This is ‘customization’ or simple thing in admin panel?

2. Any HTML , CSS , PSD files for blog ie: WordPress?


Im currently running my shop on Prestashop 1.4.2 version….. Once i upgrade my version to 1.5 can i use your theme with all my existing products and values unchanged??

Hi indifash. Of course you can use our theme in your prestashop 1.5. But you also should be ready to errors in your upgraded platform Best regards

thx for great template but I have a problem with attribute some bug found i set color to color and still on Drop Down please help it’s very important for me thx

Hi rawaby88. Thank you for this report. Give me a time to check this out

any good news ?

Hi rawaby88. Sorry for the delay in my answer. Please write your issue in our support forum and provide the URL of your shop. Best regards


Which is the css code i have to change to fix the alignment of the menu bar and to shift the content box up? and is it possible to have my newsletter subscription bar at the top?

here’s the link :

help me take a look. thanks a lot!

Hi theheartaffair. Please ask this question in our support forum

I have the same issue with the menu. Is this issue still not fixed.? It is on page 7 on this comments section.

The image doesn’t comes. Also we have not BO interface like Mega Menu. Means, it automatically defines the rows and columns. Can’t we do this ourselves.

Looking forward to hear soon.


Asif Qayyum

Hi Asif. What exactly issue you have with menu? And please write your issue in our support forum, if you want to get answer faster.


i have a probleme with the block language that not appears in FO the module is installed

i try to open a ticket but it is very complicated wich department have i to choose :

Select a Department Select a Department Marketplaces File Issue Account Issue Payment Issue Copyright Tuts+ FreelanceSwitch

Rockable Press


You should to have at least two languages for displaying the languages

>But i have 2 language french and english and they are actived

Hi there,

I like very mutch your template. Are you planning doing it for HTML5 responsive in the near future?


I have such plans but I can’t tell you when I’ll start to work on it.

I need to buy this theme, please submit your suggestion here is the GOOD or BAD OR AVERAGE ?

Thanks Swamy

I need to buy this theme, please submit your suggestion here is the GOOD or BAD OR AVERAGE ?

Thanks Swamy

Hi swamygiduturi. The Best

Hi Marek,

If i buy your theme could you install it /setting it up for me?

Best Regards.

Hi rjm81. I can install it and make the same as you can see in our live demo. Best regards

Hi Marek

But i have 2 languages french and english and they are actived

OMG never ending problem with this theme fix something destroy something ;(

Hi Rawaby88, What do you exactly maen?


I almost finished with designing in alysum theme, but i stuck in one stage that is, 1) I don’t know how to display no. of items that are in stock and to display message “out of stock” if no products are in stock in product details.

2) and i need the code to translate below text from english to german a)”No best sellers at this time” text that is in top sellers module. b)”price” in Layered Navigation block module. c)”Newsletter” text in newsletter module.

I’ll give my website link for your reference.

Please have a look on this issue and help me as soon as possible… Looking forward for your reply..:)

Thank You..:)

Hi RENATEMACKAY . 1. Here is how to enable quantity: “Out of stock” label should appear automatically. 2. You can translate all this text in the “Localization” – “Translation” page in your back office

Hi MarekMnishek !!

Thank you for your reply, that translation thing and “Out of stock” message is displaying i’m glad to that.. But to display no. of items that are in stock i did as shown in tutorial but i can’t able to see the no. of items that are in stock… Do i have to set the number of products some where else? I’m using prestahop version Please help me to solve this issue….

Thank you..:)

Hello RENATEMACKAY . Please write this issue in our support forum.

Hi MarekMnishek!!

The problem solved for item in stock thing. It’s actually not showing because the line of code is commented in product.tpl file.

but one thing is still remaining that is “price” text that is not translating in german language, i gone to “Localization” – “Translation” page and selected installed module>>alysum>>german. But there i cant able to find “price” text to translate in “blocklayered module”.

Please help me real fast this thing only delaying from going website live…..

Thanks for the great theme..:)

Hello. try to follow this path: “Localization” – “Translation” page and selected installed module>>default>>german

Its will be work on prestashop 1.3.7 or 1.4.X? Thank you!

Hello zarema. Unfortunately no. Only 1.5.x

Hi i bought this theme and i have trouble with the mega menu every time i install it my front shop crashes can you please help me my email is

Hi MarekMnishek!!

I tried “Localization” – “Translation” page and selected installed module>>default>>german path but there its showing an error message :->> “Warning, your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields to post in a form: 1000 for max_input_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the this limit to 2063 at least or edit the translation file manually.”

Please help me on this issue… looking forward for your reply…:)

Thank you..:)

You should ask your hosting provider about this warning.