Alysum - Premium Prestashop 1.7 & 1.6 Theme

Alysum - Premium Prestashop 1.7 & 1.6 Theme

“Alysum Prestashop 1.7 & 1.6 theme” – is a great solution for small and medium businesses.

Alysum theme comes with the list of additional modules:

All paid modules are included in theme archive

  • Categories Carousel
  • Custom Links
  • Flex Menu
  • Isotope Product Filter
  • Manufacturers Carousel
  • Popup Message
  • Product Comparison
  • Products Carousel
  • Pure Chat
  • Revolution Slider
  • Text Block
  • Theme Settings (Page Builder)
  • Twitter Feed

Quality support in shortest time.

If you have any questions related to the layout, you can always leave a message on our support forum and get competent advice as soon as possible.


Alysum supports PrestaShop 1.5.X, 1.6.x and 1.7.x
There’s NO modifications in core files.

Alysum is compatible with all major browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • IE 10+
  • Opera
  • Safari


v5.0.1 19.05.2017

Fixed bugs:
- visual issues in "Add to cart" popup
- short description overlaid on category page 
- issue with multiple products carousel
- missed category image 
- added option "items number to show" in manufacturers module

v5.0 18.05.2017

Prestashop 1.7.X Compatible

v4.6 26.08.2016

Prestashop supported

Fixed bugs:
- Flex menu vulnerability
- flex menu multi-language issue for custom links
- crossselling autorotate issue
- date of birth fields are too short on account registration page
- missing icon for "My vouchers" in My account page
- search page layout issue 
- jqZoom in mobile devices
- videobg module mobile view
- contact us page responsiveness
v4.5 10.11.2015

Prestashop supported
Fixed bugs:
- blank page when Fullpage Slider is enabled
- autoplay issue in Awkward Slider
- Minic Slider moved to BxSlider script from Nivo script because od large CPU usage
- missed texture in color list on product list page
- different time in countdown time in different browsers
- Product Carousel autoplay issue
- Simple Blog "maximum version" issue 
- No images on manufacturers list page
- Removed price from search list and bestsellers module in catalog mode
- Vertical menu is responsive now
- Missed "id_country" on checkout page
- add autoplay feature to "banners carousel" module
- remove default "Root" category from Isotope module
- View of arrows in Sequesce slider 
- Wrong tax excluded price in search list
- Rich Snippet issue on product page 
V4.4 14.07.2015

Fixed bugs:
- visual bug on "My Addresses" page
- translation issue with "Layeredslider", "Countdown", "Newsletter", "Featured Posts" 
- popup module for mobile devices
- issue with "Category Page" options in "Theme settings" module
- visual bug with category description
- french email "In Transit" 
- missed patterns
- shipping in dropdown cart
- product images in Vertical menu
- missed icon for Merchandise Returns
- conflict of promokit sliders with prestashop BO icons
- position of newsletter in footer
- fullpage slider button translation added
- latin extended font issue
V4.3 16.04.2015

Fixed bugs:
- installation issue of "Sequence Slider" 
- show/hide "grid/list" buttons
- manufacturers view in non carousel mode
- issue with settings of popup module
- duplicated background image for maintenance mode
- Awkward slider installation issue
V4.2 24.03.2015

Fixed bugs:
- product carousel in vertical menu
- installation of sequence slider
V4.1 19.03.2015

- added new skin "Awkward" 
- added support of RTL languages
- added "Instagram feed" module
- added "Popup Message" module
- added "PureChat" module
- added dummy slides for "Layered Slider" and "Sequence Slider" 
- added countdown feature for product listing page, product page, and carousel modules
Bug Fixes
- issues with Awkward slider
- order slider of Small slider
- added missed Sequence Slider module
V4.0 10.03.2015

- updated design 
- added 5 skins
- added module "Layered Slider" 
- added module "Featured Posts" 
- added module "About Us" 
- added module "Banner Carousel" 
- added module "Block Features" 
- added 2 module "Products Carousel" 
- added module "Testimonials" 
- added module "Vertical Menu" 
- added module "Vedeo Background" 
- updated "Theme settings" module with a lot of improvements
- removed module "Social Login" 
V3.0 19.03.2014

- Alysum ready for prestashop 1.6

V2.9 24.01.2014

- blog SEO option added
- Custom Maintenance module added
- Demo slides import not only for english but for all languages
- Zopim Chat replaced with OfferChat
- Payment Gateways modules added

Fixed bugs:

- product comments issue
- some visual defects
- Mail.php file updated to pretashop
- small visual defects

V2.8 27.11.2013

Fixed bugs:

- social icons in email template fixed for outlook
- small slider problem with slide link
- Mail.php file updated to pretashop
- small visual defects

- new Blog module added
- google rich snippets implemented
- Italian language added for email templates
- sticky menu option

V2.7 07.10.2013

Fixed bugs:

- isotope module manual adding products
- isotope module 480px width
- video tab issue when there is no video code


- added new powerful module Flex Menu
- added new module Zopim Chat

V2.6 18.09.2013

Fixed bugs:

- isotope module images when “manually selected products” option enebled
- isotope module, product selection algorithm updated
- isotope module translation
- Grid/list view variable saved with ajax
- upload images issue in all sliders
- empty black square when “social login” module doesn’t installed
- static http links
- fluid width of search button
- pk_custom links translation
- mobile logo size
- contact us page no order reference


- added possibility to move homepage module to any custom hook

V2.5 27.08.2013

Fixed bugs:

- path to images in all minic sliders
- no video frame when video code is not indicated
- Layered navigation price filter
- authentification in IE8
- a lot of small visual defects
- label NEW in IE to 45 degree


- new module “awShowcase Slider”
- new module “Small Slider”
- new module “Manufacturers Carousel”
- updated module “Custom Links”
- updated module “Theme Settings” with “Home Control” feature
- clean installation process
- “Install Demo Data” feature
- added French and Dutch email templates

V2.4 11-06-2013

Fixed bugs:

- reduce amount issue in promominicslider
- shopping cart taxes
- facebook path to cache file
- authentification in IE8
- lost images in the manufacturer list
- comparison page buttons
- decreased size of archive for install


- new module “Product Video”
- new module “Social Login”

V2.3 04-04-2013

Fixed bugs:

- fixed issues in produxt.js and tools.js files.
- fixed multilanguage issue in promominic slider


- added new translations of email templates (Russian and Lithuanian)
- added new Sequensejs slider
- updated Nivo Slider
- improved facebook module (error messages added)

V2.2 08-03-2013

Fixed bugs:

- newsletter_ext translation issue
- promominicslider thumbnails and arrows
- text color changing


- added email templates

V2.1 27-02-2013

Fixed bugs:

- visual bugs in mobile view
- newsletter_ext image uploading issue
- “add to cart” visual effect for product page


- Improved theme performance
- “Nivo slider plus promo” replaced with new “Promo Minic Slider”
- temporary removed very slow “Social Login” module
- added cache for facebook module

V2.0 18-02-2013

Fixed bugs:

- price in product carousel module
- hide price in sliderpromo module when “hide price” function enabled
- view of “viewed products” module
- view of “top sellers” module with squared images
- no images in “New products” module
- missed “div” in megamenu
- other small bugs…


- Alysum become a responsive theme with adaptive layout
- possibility to change layout of theme (display column on the left or right)
- possibility to change position of logo position (left or center)
- remove theme’s cache function in “Theme settings” module
- added “LoginRadius” module, which allows users to login with their existing accounts on popular social networks
- added “Custom Links” module to the top of your site
- added “Facebook Like” module
- added “Twitter” module
- possibility to select only needed payment system icons in the footer
- posibility to select type of products in the “Promo Slider” module
- changed image’s names from ”..._default” to ”..._alysum” (necessary condition for multistore feature)
- added confirmation messages
- improved “Add logo on footer” module, now you can select icons of payment systems

V1.9 02-12-2012


- hover effect on product carousel module
- improved theme performance
- ajax image loading in mega menu (speeds up site downloading)

Fixed bugs:

- change default “no image” product picture variable in mega menu
- Block Nivo Slider plus Special products now support multistore
- image on 5 step checkout
- custom link in megamenu
- view of “total” text in 5 step checkout

V1.8 24-11-2012


- “Add to cart” animated process
- Add opportunity to select type of colorpicker at the product page
- 5 step checkout view

Fixed bugs:
- slider and product carousel rendering on iPad
- double drop down arrows in IE at the product page
- “add to cart” button visibility when product is unavailable
- watermarks on product images
- “Links block footer” module, add links function
- “Mega menu” module, add custom links function
- issue with address in the regester form
- issue with images in jqZoom and fancybox
- product image size in product list page in IE
- guest tracking

Read the list of updated files in the readme.txt file

V1.7 05-10-2012 Bugfixes
- fixed square images in grid view of category page
- fixed issue with mouse over product image on product page

V1.6 28-09-2012
- added opportunity to use square images
- fixed Newsletter verification function
- fixed opportunity to change the width of item in product carousel
- fixed possible error with jquery.cookies.js file

V1.5 17-09-2012 Bugfixes
- fixed CMS option in megamenu
- fixed second level of megamenu menu

V1.4 12-09-2012 Bugfixes
- fixed “on Sale” label position
- fixed slogan position issue.
- fixed search result view
- fixed “Related Products” view
- fixed link to facebook account in blocknewsletter_ext module
- fixed color changing in themesettings module

V1.3 14-08-2012 Bugfixes
– fixed product image zoom
– fixed color selection on the product page
– fixed shopping cart view
– ready for Prestashop 1.5 RC2

V1.2 18-07-2012 Bugfixes
– Fixed information on the shopping cart page
– Fixed shopping cart appearance
– Fixed newsletter translation

V1.1 12-07-2012 Added more information
– Updated documentation
– Fixed bug on menu
– Fixed bug with product rating on product page
– Added possibility to change product listing style on the manufacturer page

V1.0 10-07-2012 Initial release
– Released the theme for the first time