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Well done ThemeWarriors,
Add fresh air in tumblr category!

Good Luck ;)

Thanks mate, appreciate the support!

Thanks mate, we love your work as well!

good luck om, cemungud eaaa… :grin:

Makasih mas :)

panggil mbak ajjiaaa…

Hi, nice work indeed!

What if you add a simple blog post (text) with an embedded image?

Can you add an image that is featured on the front page or the image shows up when you have image posts?


Only Photo and Photoset post type that will automatically show thumbnails in the homepage. I don’t think Tumblr have the capability to show “featured thumbnail” for Text post type.

Very nice, glws ;)


Can you change the names of the categories (post types) on the sidebar toggle?


Yes you can, there’s a brief explanation about it in the documentation.

I tried to answer my own question but was unable – can the this theme have photosets?


Yes, this theme support photoset, you can see it in the demo.

NO search? Pinterest Usernumber? Help!

Error in pluging Twitter in link to hashtag. :/ Message error: The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.


To add tag search functionality you can follow this tutorials:

As for the Twitter issue, please find this code:


then replace it with this:


:) Perfect. Thanks!

I have downloaded it and can’t install in my tumblr blog :( I think, the html file is missing soemthing. Please help!


You need to open the file using a text editor, not a word editor such as Text Edit or Pages. Try download this app then open the HTML file using the app.

Thank you so much fro your patience! It looks working! I am going now to customize it!


No problem, glad we could help out.

If you like the theme, please rate it from ThemeForest Download page.

Hello. I opened the file in the text editor and paste it to the html code. Thats o.k. But the opening animation (the light blue button in the middle of the screen ) didnt appear.

My second problem is the menu bar. I read the explain pdf but I dont get it

thanks for your help


What text editor did you used?

Nice work, Good luck with sales;

I have followed the instructions on the PDF from the follow up but when I copied and pasted the code from text, it didn’t work. have a look at my tumblr page and let me know if I am doing something wrong.


Make sure you copied the code using a text editor app such as Sublime Text 3 or Notepad ++

Hi there

is it possible to change the default settings so that the menu sidebar is permanently on view, instead of having to click the toggle button?




It will require a lot changes to the codes to make it happen, so it is beyond our support policy.

I tried to install the theme on my tumblr by copying the code and pasting it on the edit html section but it just gives me this on screen. Help please.

?QUOTE FROM Wisdom of Confucius? ? ?My favorite web site ? ?Allison Weiss — Fingers Crossed? ?An example post? ? ABOUT US LATEST TWEETS CONTACT US


Make sure you open the file using a code editor such as Sublime Text 3 in your computer, then copy and paste the code to Tumblr.

Also, i used textedit to copy the code


TextEdit is not a code editor, please try my suggestion above.

I’ve installed the HTML as instructed but the theme is completely empty with only the “contact us” and “latest tweets” text visible. White background with one line of text.

What have I done wrong?

I figured it out. Thanks, though.


How do I get the “latest tweets” feature to work properly?