Discussion on Amax — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Amax — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Hello, Will an update be released soon that’s compatible with PHP 8? I tried updating our PHP and the site had critical errors.

How can I format the styling of the pre-header please? I’ve added a custom that has multiple colours, and I’d like to insert it underneath the pre-header and social icons and before the main header menu. Can you point me in the right direction please?

It’s ok – I’ve figured it out. Added the tag within in the header.php in my child theme. Thanks anyway.

When will an updated version be released?

When will an updated version be released that includes appropriate Jquery versions so as not to cause issues please?

How can I set the page title background to be transparent please? I’ve added a page background image to the main body image, but this stops short of the title background – which is just white. I’d like the main body image background to display behind the page title too if possible?

When you set custom title background color just put transparent into the color code field: https://gyazo.com/6933b254bb7d6f60a4b8e241880e4e57

Thanks – but that only works if we’re manually editing each page or post’s title. And there’s no option in WP Job Manager to do this. Is there anything that can be done site-wide to make the title background color transparent?

You can set default title with transparent background for all pages in “Theme Options – Page Titles”. Doesn’t it work?

Given the update to Wordpress 5.5, Slider Revolution are suggesting their may be data loss if the plugin isn’t updated. Will you be releasing a new version of AMAX with the updated Slider Revolution please?

I shouldn’t need to pay for further support to ask this question. The theme is currently unusable with Slider Revolution because of the Wordpress update, so any purchasers now need to know about that.

You do not need to pay for support to use this contact form (it’s not support forum).

Thanks. I’ve used the contact form now. Apologies… I thought you were directing me to the support forum.

Hi there, you should modify the deprecated php 5 functions and make them compatible with php 7.x

/wp-content/themes/amax/wpb-4.12/vc_templates/vc_carousel.php 102 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is deprecated since PHP 5.5 and removed since PHP 7.0

/wp-content/themes/amax/wpb-4.9/functions/misc.php 222 | WARNING | Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7.


files you are referring to will never be used (therefore no need to modify) if you use the latest version of Page Builder plugin which comes with the theme. Files in folders /wp-content/themes/amax/wpb-4.12/ and /wp-content/themes/amax/wpb-4.9/ are only for backward compatibility if you use Page Builder of older version than the one comes with the theme.


I’ve been using your theme for a while. What version is your newest update? I am using Version: 1.1.9. I attempted to upload the November 20, 2019 update, but I received a failed message.


Hello, the latest version is 1.1.10. To update the theme use Envato Market plugin or update the theme manually.

It would appear as though Amax is causing a conflict with “User Menus” plugin. The plugin author has suggested that in the majority of cases it’s theme related – something to do with ‘overloading the WP core nav menu renderer (“Walker”)’

Is this something you’re aware of and will you be providing an update to Amax to overcome this issue?

There’s an ongoing discussion on wordpress.org about this: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/option-is-not-showing-in-menus/#post-12661877

The theme overloads WP core nav menu renderer if you have option “Theme Options – Menu – Enable MegaMenu addon” enabled. Seems like you just need to disable this option to avoid a conflict.

Thanks. That worked a treat!

not working with newest WP? I have wp 5.3, and purchased this theme. When trying to upload, I got error message: The link you followed has expired.

Hi, it works fine with WP 5.3. I answered you on our support forum.


My name is Sajjad from RTL-Maker . net

Are you have some themes or plugins that have no RTL support yet?!

But you have some customers that have RTL language (like: Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, …) and need RTL support for using your themes or plugins.

We have a service for adding full RTL support to your themes or plugins. Just look at our website at rtl-maker . net

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Thank you for the theme! I love it!

Thank you for the feedback!

Still want WooCommerce


we wanted to know if there is any possibility to move the portfolio when the page is in portfolio mode?

And also when we create a tab we can’t put more than one portfolio.

Thanks, Best regard


there is no option to move portfolio block across the page in page portfolio mode. You can only add the content before the portfolio block.

As for the tabs, try this fix: add somewhere custom JavaScript code (you can use this plugin to add the code https://wordpress.org/plugins/tc-custom-javascript/ ) :
    if($().isotopeOm) {
        $('a[href^="#"][data-vc-accordion], a[href^="#"][data-vc-tabs]').on('click', function () {
            var id = $(this).attr('href');
                $(id + ' .ompf-isotope').isotopeOm('layout');

When creating a new row and specifying a background image, how can I specify a different image to display on mobiles? The row’s background image isn’t resizing automatically for mobile currently. Should it be?

And is there a way to do this through the AMAX interface, or do I need to work with CSS media queries?


to make background resize you need to set “Background image position” to “Cover” in the row options. Another image can be set only using CSS media queries.

Hi, I would like to have the page in two languages German and Englisch. Is that possible with a plugin? Does it work?


yes, it’s possible. The theme is compatible with multilingual plugins WPML and Polylang.

Hey!! I wrote to your support platform asking for an issue because i cannot edit pages via WP Bakery but you didn’t answer. I don’t know how else i can contact you because is an error on the template…you don’t have quick response times and is really annoying!


please, see my answer on support forum. Also, please, note, that response time for support requests is up to 24 hours.

Sure, i’ve just answered. I’ll be waiting for your response. Thanks

Thanks for your help. Everything works fine now! Cheers

Hello, I’ve purchased and successfully installed this theme; however, when I try to preview or activate, I receive an error message saying that the site isn’t working and then I’m unable to go back to my dashboard. Our IT dept has had to go in the backend and delete a couple times in order for me to try again. They believe something corrupted our site during theme installation. Please advise.


the theme can not be broken out of the box. It should works fine after installation. Could you please clarify, what error (error message) do you receive when you activate the theme? Also, what version of PHP is installed on your web server?

“HTTP 500. The website cannot display the page. Most likely causes: the website is under maintenance, or the website has a programming error.” We’ve deleted the theme from the backend and have been able to access our dashboard again, although we tried a second time and received the same error. We also attempted to try this on a fresh wordpress site and received the same error. Php version 5.6.35

Mobile menu not working; menu visible on tablets and desktop. Can you please tell me how to repair? Thanks.

Tried that. Here is the url http://cdmhometour.com/

Thank you.

Mobile menu actually exists on the page and works fine. The problem is that you obviously added custom CSS code, something like
.header-wrapper {
  height: 135px !important;
which set fixed height for header and this cause an issue on mobile devices. It cut the menu and it’s not visible on the page. Please, review your custom CSS, since it looks like the problem is there.

Thank you! Yes, that was it.

I purchased an SSL certificate, but my lock is not showing because there is an Amax theme file that is http://.

I see this when I go to Inspect element. How can I find this file in the theme?

I already went into Filezilla, and thought I removed it, but it is still there

This is the message I receive: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) wp-content/themes/amax/img/bg/bg-6.png


just navigate to “Theme Options” and click “Save changes”. This will make custom CSS file to update and all links in this file should become https://

If it doesn’t help, please, contact us via support forum or contact form, provide your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin.

Thank you. That worked. I appreciate your help.


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