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Hi! Is it possible to use deep linking on the project-ajax.html ? Or I have to change the lightbox plugins ? Thanks !

Hi, currently the project page is loaded via AJAX into lightbox. So deeplinking is out of the scope. You may edit the code manually and replace the lightbox plugin. We are not sure about the possibilities of such customization.

For the large, wide sliders when you click ‘next’ or ‘previous’ it scrolls the page automatically to put the slider at the top of the page.. is there a way i can turn that off or adjust the position it scrolls to? Right now it scrolls up and cuts off the top of my image behind the top nav bar. Does that make sense?

Let me know, thanks and awesome job with the theme it works amazingly!!


actually its any slider, now that I look again. When you have the visibility set to any, rather that just tablets/phones. If you click the scroll arrow buttons, it auto scrolls the page so the slider sits atop the page.. but it sits behind the top nav menu so the top of the images end up getting cut off.. if that helps make more sense of what im getting at.

Hi thanks for your message. This seems to be a strange thing. Will you please send more detailed email with screenshots, mail to info@designova.net

It is a great template with marginal support follow through. I emailed several times and sent two versions of my site. I was advised they would review my support questions. It has been approximately seven weeks with no follow up on how to update and correct how to remove some tabs and their related content. A bit disappointing.


FYI, our last email response was sent to you on Jun 21 requesting you to reupload the site pack as ZIP to us. The URL mentioned by you was empty:


If you have issues within your site, we will love to help you as always. But please note, the pack should be valid ZIP attached via email.

Yes you are correct, I did resend the zip via email and removed the faulty online zip. I appreciate your fast reply and will email it again. Any help is appreciated. Thanks… please see http://audioautopsy.com to scroll down and see my ‘dead space’ I am try to remove…thank you.!

Hi Jeff, we see your site preview. We will surely try to help you. We got your email last day – but we are unable to get your uploaded ZIP again. please check your email for our response (we have screenshot for that URL). You may better use any filesharing service to send it to our email.

Hi, Menu sliding not working correctly. Is there any fix?

Hi there, will you please provide more details about this? We will surely help you, kindly contact us via http://designova.net/support.html

There is a not one page version? I mean different html files for each section.

Congrats for such a nice template.

Hi, this template includes only one page version. Thanks for your kind words :)

^ Jean

How much can you charge us to develop a “multipage” version of this theme? Thanks!

Hi, it depends on the number of pages and features to be implemented. You may discuss the possibilities of a project with us via email to project@designova.net

Hi Guys, sorry to bother you with this,

Where did you get hand mobile mock-ups from ? the link at the bottom does`nt work

thanks guys ;)

never mind , found it !

awesome :)


Does your theme support a video background on the homepage?



Hi, thank you for the message. Unfortunately this template does not have Video BG by default. You can customize it without much efforts if you are having basic JS knowledge.

Our recent templates such as DIGNITY has Video BG ready. We will try to include this Video BG option on next update of AMAZE, but it will take some time.

Hi Guys, do you have any links to any tutorials to convert the contact form to use smtp ?

my web host has disabled php mail

thanks ;)

Did twitter api stopped working again? Its getting stuck on “tweets are loading”

Hi, does this issue appear now?

It is already working properly as expected here.

Hi, I’m going to purchase this template… I don’t have js knowledge, but css! can I make it right to left?

Yes, you can follow theme userguide to edit the template if you are looking for basic setup of website without advanced editing of JS

Hello, I just bought this template and it looks great! I have 2 problems actually, the web takes too much loading completely and when I open it in Ipad’s browser and Iphone’s the app crashes or the web just get stucked. this is my website htpp://www.invektor.com what can i do? thank you very much :)

Hi, we have checked it and it is working fine here on iPhone 5s, 4s and iPad 4 retina. Do you still find the issue there? Please check after turning off and on your device, even if it presents on your device it will be solved once you clear the RAM (by switching off).

Hi, a great theme!

but I got a problem, it blinks when I scroll it into the services page. do you know why and how to make it right?

you can check www.bilinedev.com

Hi, thank you for the message. But we need to verify your license. Kindly contact us via http://designova.net/support.html

Hi i tried to post the problem on your support page but i’m not sure whether the message got delivered to you or not so the same problem i’m posting it here on. This template is running on http://www.indigocomputers.in and if browse this site on iPad first we can’t see the navigation and as you scrolled down to the end then the entire site will get crash down means we can see the navigation/menu and just a background image and there will be now visible of website content and even can’t scroll it down. Please look into this and let me know what would be the solution for it.

I don’t know why uou guys take so long to reply to my message and still i’m waiting to hear from you about the update release. Can’t wait this long please.

Hi, we have already replied to you that we will release the update as a major release – this includes many optimization and modifications as per suggestions from other users also. We need some time to finish the development, also there are review process on themeforest for each update. This will obviously take some time. We will update the status via Twitter.

Great thanks…

This is a great theme and works almost perfectly. My only issue is that when I delete the Showcase section it removes the ability to see the portfolio. The code is still visible but when seeing the site live it’s not visible. Other than that I highly recommend the theme.

Hi, thank you for your kind words. Will you please open this as a support ticket http://designova.net/support.html – there you please share URL to a ZIP pack of your website. We will surely check it and get back to you.

I did this last week and still have not heard back yet.

We will check it soon

Hi there, congratulations for this awesome theme, I’m very interested, but first, some presale questions.

1. I tried it on my iphone 4s and the divs with background image seem to leave an empty white space on the right side, as if they struggled to render full width.

2. The content on the first div gets off center and the text under the “amaze” text gets cropped by the following DIV when I test it on my iphone too.

3. The template styling and structure definitively crashed on IE8.

4. Is it possible to change the color of backgrounds and deactivate parallax at some point.

Thanks for your kind help, looking forward to get this template.


Hello, I updated and twitter feed works, but jut for the one tweet. I have the number count set to 5. Is there something I am missing in order to have the tweets scroll though. It is just stagnate on the most recent tweet. Thank you again and still love the theme!

Hi, please open a support ticket, we will surely check it.

are you going to update this theme, we have serious issues right now with one of the sites using this, where all the animations are failing! :(

Hi, the Skrollr parallax plugin has not released any modern version since we integrated this template and we will update it accordingly.

Demo is broken here

Hi, thanks a lot for the notification. It is caused by Twitter API problem, we will update the template soon