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Hi, Do you have a demo of the multi-page parallax?


No. There is only one demo available. All the native features are displayed on the demo.

I purchased this item and when I try to login for support issue my username and purchase confirmation is not working. I am having issues with the website being responsive.

Kindly email your details (Purchase code and Email for support login) to We shall create an account for you.

The design of the theme is good. Yet the support offered is the worst I have come across by any theme developers.. I have email/posted message on their “support” forum which is apparently abandoned. Please take care of your customers.

We found two of your queries in our forum. Latest one is about an hour ago and another one about 6 days ago (which was already replied). We have also replied for the latest query few minutes ago. Also note that we will not support customization queris and we will never provide support through any other media other than Support Forum

My last query was an hour ago, yes. I wish it was the only unanswered one

Found two queries and both are already answered. Follow ups will be answered according to the availability of developers. Please be patient. Subscribe email notification for thread replies so so you wont miss the follow ups

Hi, before buying I ewant to know if is there a way to include a captcha on the template contact form?


We haven’t included any such options. You may want to customize the code to do so. You can also try using thirdparty form tools like Contactform-7 with captcha option

When I open your example page RWD is not workin wall. Why?

By the time it was designed iPhone 6+ was not available and it hasn’t been optimized for the same. We will consider adding 6+ compatible media queries while updating this theme. Thanks for pointing out

You don’t uderstud me I check your theme in chrome wendeveloper tools and it don’t work good of any device.

Just test it on real mobile devices instead of development emulators, you will find it working properly as the theme has real mobile device detection scripts.


I cannot access your support forum. No email is sent, I have tried the lost password form, every email address I own is not recognised.

I have a bug with column sizing. Please go here: and go to: Scroll position: 9150.

There is several articles with .span4 class, however they are to large to fit 3 in a row. This is odd for a 12 column grid. The articles have been generated using the shortcode:

If I adjust the css width property for the .span4 class from ‘31.623931623931625%’ to ‘30.5%’ The columns fit as they should with 3 in a row.

Please advise why the width is an incorrect value for the theme. info @ Vinteractive .co .uk

Please drop an email to, we can fix the login probelm

Email sent

Pre-purchase Question:

Is this theme convertible to a horizontal parallax page? How?

Thank you for answering :)

No . Horizontal scrolling parallax sections are not possible. Only horizontal parallax animations are possible.

Hello, presale question. Is it possible to reveal a curvy line, scroll controlled?

Its based on skrollr library. Most css properties can be scaled through scroll. You can try your idea with skrollr.js, if its working theme also can run that.

how do i try it with skrollr.js? where do i go?

Skrollr.js is available in Github. Its a free js plugin. Here is the link

There’s no psd??? UGH

Sorry. No PSD available.

Hello there, I’m trying to change the background in “Portofolio” Page and it’s impossible. I select the image from the Library but it doesn’t appear. I’ve tried more than 5 photos and nothing… Could you please help? Thank you.

Please do drop this query on our support forum, our developers will assist you soon.

Thank you for your reply

My developer cannot install Visual Composer or the Revolution Slider. Has tried several times. Please help!

Please contact us through support forum.