Discussion on Amely - Fashion Shop WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

Discussion on Amely - Fashion Shop WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

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Hello, What is the current theme version?

Best Regards.

Sercan K.


You can refer our change log here for the newest theme version



Hello! It is comnpatible with WooCommerce 7.7.2 and Wordpress6.2.2! Thank you! I already buy it!


It is compatible.


Hi author,

Presale question saw the recent comment something filter not working and in demo also same not working.. Is this fixed..?

We have fixed it already.



Theme is nice I have some clarification regarding filter, I just click on high to low and price range 0 to 300 but its giving mixed price of products as result.

demo URL: https://amely.thememove.com/shop/?min_price=0&orderby=price-desc https://amely.thememove.com/shop/?min_price=0&max_price=300

screenshot: https://ibb.co/4fhpmqf https://ibb.co/hCcZnML

if you clarify it will be help

Thanks in Advance

Hello thanks for the update,

the issue is we already purchased the theme long back so support got expired unable to submit the ticket so waiting for your update, pls let me know what we can do now if you support us one time via gmail will help a lot thanks

Hello, since your support got expired, you can contact our support via support@thememove.com, we will check and help you. However, the support via email will be slower than usual since we have to prioritize the Ticksy system.

Hope for your understand.

sure, I sent a mail, hope this issue will fix as soon us possible, waiting for the response via email, thank you

Hello. Amely is compatibile with latest WooCommerce. Thank you!


It is compatible.


Very nice theme, very good documented. Keep up the good work!

Hello, thank you so much for your kind words.

If possible can you go to https://themeforest.net/downloads and give us the best rate for our product, that will make us very happy, and continue to support and update the product better in the future.

Thanks a lot! :D

I will definitely do, you have earned

Thank you so much :D

Does it work with PHP 8.1?

Hello, unfortunately, Amely does not work with PHP 8.1 yet. It is compatible with PHP 8.0.

Hello! The theme is compatible with WooCommerce 7.4.1

Hello, Amely is compatible with WooCommerce 7.4.0

Unable to submit a support ticket as product Amely is not listed https://snipboard.io/fPKVtm.jpg

Hello, this is the ticket for Amely theme, please fill out your information to complete the ticket form here https://thememove.ticksy.com/submit/#100013830

Hi dear Amely, I am going to purchase your product. 1- I want to know how many built in plugins are there? 2- Which of plugins will be updated for future and for which of them should I pay for future? 3- Theme loading speed for mobile and desktop?


Thank you for your interest in our theme. Here are the answers to your questions:

1- There are a total of 16 built-in plugins, you can check their functions in the item description.

2- All built-in plugins will be updated in the future and you can use them without paying any extra fee. If the plugin author does not allow us to distribute their plugin for free anymore, which rarely happens, we will notify you about that and recommend other compatible plugins you can use with the theme if you want.

3- You can use this site https://geekflare.com/website-load-time-mobile/ to test the loading page speed.

Hope I make it clear to you, if you have any questions or concerns, just reply to this comment and I will be ready to help. Thank you.

Hello! I want to show two columns of products in the responsive version. Thank you


Since your support has expired, please send an email to linhdo@insights.is. We will help you check and guide you step by step.

Thank you

Hello. The theme is compatible with WooCoomerce 7.0.1.

Hello, Amely is not compatible with WooCoomerce 7.0.1 yet. You can check the changelog here for more details https://changelog.thememove.com/amely/

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing the theme. However, I already have a site. Will there be any problems on my site while installing this theme? my site is https://www.dantelsutyen.com

Hello, thank you for your interest in our theme. After purchasing the theme, please open a support request and let our support team guide you. Please note that you will need to set up all features from the beginning, such as product bundles, countdown timer, pop-up, sale notification, etc. Regards

Thank you very much for your interest, should all products be re-entered? If I don’t need it, I’ll buy the theme. Best Regards

Hello, don’t worry. Transfer license between WooCommerce shops is very easy, all your products will stay the same. After that, you can refer to our document to set up features https://document.thememove.com/amely/woo-commerce/attribute-swatches.html. Thank you

Hi, your current amely update has added a section on a single product page: Quick Comparison, how do i remove this section?


Since your support has expired, please send an email to linhdo@insights.is. We will guide you step by step on how to do it.


hi, i have been struggling with How many categories I want to show per row on the shop page? i used to change in customizer but after the latest update, it does not change

Hello, could you send another email to linhdo@insights.is? We can help you check and fix the problem. Thank you.

hi, i purchased it along time ago :) does it support woocommerce 7.x

You can use the theme with PHP 7.4.x or higher.


Thanks but i cannot see variations on product page. do i have to update to last version?


Since your support has expired, please send an email to linhdo@insights.is. We will help you check to see if there’s any problem.

Don’t forget to provide your site’s admin credentials for faster help.

Thank you.


Is this the end of the plugin?

No bug fixes for the theme and plugins update for a long time.

Hello, you can check the changelog here https://changelog.thememove.com/amely/. The most recent update was in June. Do you have any problem with the theme?

I would like to receive the plugin updates for this theme. I hope the theme is also expected to be updated.

Please open a support request here https://thememove.ticksy.com/submit/ and be more specific about the features or any sections you want to update. Our dev team will note them down and consider adding them in the next update.

Thank you


- I want to build a block on my home page with WPBAKERY that displays four separate images with the layout I attached.

SCREENSHOT https://imgur.com/a/5GZBtO8


Since your support has expired, please send an email to linhdo@insights.is. We will help you check and guide you step by step.

Thank you

Quando aggiornate il tema? sto avendo problemi con il mio sito a causa di copie obsolete del template WooCommerce

Hello, please comment in English for better support. Thank you

when will the theme be updated? I have several errors within my site due to the temples not updating in the theme


We are working on the updates and hope to release them as soon as possible. However, if your issues are urgent, you can send an email to linhdo@insights.is. We will help you check and fix the problems.

Thank you

There is incompatibility with the Jetpack plugin. Please check!


Please mention this issue in the email you sent us as well. We will help you check and fix it.

Thank you.


I have a problem with the responsive version, the titles are out of line with the design. Help, thanks

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/ZRmf9O1 url: https://cutt.ly/yZL9Hz5

Since your support has expired, please send an email to linhdo@insights.is. We will help you check and fix the problem. Thank you

I sent it! Pls check, thanks


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