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Hi L C – here is some positive feedback. I first showed this theme to a potential client several months ago, and it has stayed i my mind for all that time. I haven’t yet started coding with it yet but I think you’ve done a n excellent job making it stand out.

Hi, thank you for your purchase and for your awesome feedback – I appreciate it very much. Good luck with your project!

What has been changed? There is no changelog… Regards

Hi, the latest update includes minor changes in preparation for the WordPress 4.5 launch.


I ‘m thinking of buying the Amici template but have some doubts :

1 ) In the home I might add, after icons of social networks, a small horizontal menu with links to legal information such as “legal notice ” , “Privacy Policy ” and ” Cookies Policy ”? In addition it needs this menu is kept also visible when the card is opened.

2) To edit the menu sections ( ” Pasta & Risotto ” , ... ) any additional plugin needed? What is this ” Cerchez menu ”?

3) You could add to each menu item an image of that dish ?

4 ) If the website is in several languages ??, Do you have a reserved space template to place links change language ?

5) You could send me some documentation which could clarify other possible doubt?

Thank you very much.


Hi, thank you for your interest – I’ll try to answer you to your concerns/questions:

1. You can edit the section below the menu (where the social links are placed) where you can add any HTML/shortcode data you need (it won’t be visible all the time)

2. The Cerchez Menu plugin is bundled with the theme and will help you manage the menu using a shortcode builder

3. Sure, as you can see in the preview

4. The theme is ready to be translated in any language (use the space below the menu for any language selector)

5. You can browse through the get started documentation available at

Hope this helps. Liviu

Hi – when so we get a reply from the Item Support? Thanks, Vicki

Hi, sure, I do my best to reply within 24 hours – I’ve replied to your message via email. Cheers!

Hi! I need a social icon which shows a dog. How can I add this? Please help!

Thanks Matthias

The icon shold appear with the other social icons like facebook…

Hi Matthias, thank you for your purchase – adding any such extra feature requires customization. All the icons are vector based added via the theme unique web font. I suggest you hire a freelancer/web developer to add this custom feature (via a child theme). Hope this helps.


I have a problem on my site with this theme. my projects page that bug and do something weird, I did not touch anything special.

see for yourself : (only visible if the window is big)

you can help me ?

edit : that’s resolved itself. I think the bug occurs when there is too much menu on the home page.

Hi, I’m glad you figured things out – contact me via my profile form for any other concern. Thank you.

Hi Liviu, how can i change the width of the logo? The problem is that no matter what size of logo I’m uploading, the theme automatically resize that. Our restaurant has horizontal designed logo, what in this case, makes it to small. Thanks :)

Hi, this requires you to customize the style using the provided Custom CSS field in the Theme Options panel. If you don’t have the necessary skills to do you can always hire a freelancer to help you with your custom requirements.

I know that support doesn’t include customization, but I suppose it would take you 2 minutes.

Thank you for help ;)

Thanks for the feedback – send me more details about this via my profile’s contact form (also admin credentials so I can apply any changes) and I’ll do my best to help out.

The_Content() not showing the full content

Hi, I received your email with your concern and I’ll reply to it so I can continue to offer better support directly. Please use a single way of communication for a faster reply. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply, i got the solution… the_content() was broken because there was an error in the short code for menu…one of the menu item was not closed properly

thanks for reply

Alright, glad you fixed the problem.

Hi.. This is a brilliant theme, has almost everything i need. What would it cost to add a shopping cart to the menu with a check out option without any payment gateway?

Hi, thank you for your appreciation – for any custom requirements you’ll have to hire a freelance web developer to help you out with your specific project.

I purchased this theme finally! Love the simlicity and elegant design. Question: How can the logo be kept constant across different pages? The logo is shown only on the homepage and in the remainder of the pages, that section is blank. Having the logo sitting there makes it easy for the branding. Any suggestions on this?

Hi, thank you for your purchase – the logo is visible only on the homepage (on a desktop screen) and it gets covered by the pages that flip over it. This is something you’ll struggle with, if you want to change it via custom code – it was meant to be this way when it was designed. Hope you understand.

Hi, I use wordpress SEO (as you mentioned in one of your earlier comments). However, when I visit a page and then go back to homepage by clicking on the ‘X’ the homepage title shows only ‘Blog Name’- instead of the meta title. Only upon refreshing the homepage the meta title is shown fully. How can this be fixed?

Hi, please send me a message via my profile’s contact form with a preview URL and I’ll look into it. Also, take note if the problem takes place when the plugin is disabled. Regards.

Hi, i just installed the demo content and the page flip effect is not working (the 2nd page with the content is not showing, the x-close page too). Any ideas?

Issue resolved, plugin had a conflict, renamed some stuff and it worked!

Hi, thank you for your purchase and I’m glad you worked things out.

Hi, I can I change ONLY the green logo background?

Hi, sure you can – I suggest you to use the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options to modify any aspect of the theme’s style. Here’s a simple code snippet which you can use for changing the logo background color:

#logo { background-color: #b1b666; }

Hope this helps and if you have further concerns please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form or Support tab of the item and I’ll do my best to continue support via email.

Hello Liviu, I like your theme very much and I want to purchase it. I am a basic level wordpress user and I have some questions. 1) I am not interested in reservation form. Can I disable or delete it? 2) I would like to add a page in contact section with a live camera. Can I add easily an iframe snippet from ipcamlive and a map with the camera location in this page? 3) I want to have 3 languages. Have a look please at my site “”. How I change from a language to another? I don’t see any language link in your live preview. Thank you very much

Hi, thank you for your interest in the theme – you will surely find it easy to work with it.

There is no need to use the reservation system if you don’t want it, simple as that. You can add an iframe easily, like in any other theme. About the languages, you should use a specialized plugin to switch between languages and manage the posts/pages in each language. This aspect is not really theme related, that’s why I recommend using a specialized plugin (like WPML).

Hope this helps.

Hey, it’s been some time since the last update. Are there any issues with the current WP version or should it run just fine?

Hi, the theme works fine with the latest version of WordPress and it will always be kept compatible and up to date, don’t worry. Cheers!

Hello Liviu,

I know my support has expired, but when the Ajax is turned on, the website does not work. Like when you click on a link, it does not show the page. When the Ajax is turned off, everything works fine. I have not changed anything on the settings or added a new plugin.

What might be the problem?


Hi, make sure you use the Support tab to get in touch with me – this section is usually used for pre-sales concerns/questions. Renewing the support license would be much appreciated, so I can properly help you out.

Hello! Your template has been used for this website: but it suddenly stopped working.

How well does your template work with 4.8.2 wordpress version? Nothing seems to work atm :-(

Hi, the theme works fine with the latest version (the demo preview uses it too), so please contact me via the Support via the account you made the purchase and I’ll do my best to help further.

Hi, how can I change the “links” color?

Hi, you have the option of setting the Base Color in the Theme Options, which controls the main accent color (including the link color). If you individually like to adjust the link color use a simple CSS snippet, for eg.: a { color: red; } (place it in the Custom CSS field). Hope this helps.

Hi, all my team and me like this theme. I’m using cerchez-menu but i can’t align price to right, why?

Sorry I find the way myself, thank you as well, because this theme is so easy to use

Hi, I’m glad you like the theme and managed to solve the situation. If you have any other concerns/questions feel free to use the Support tab and I’ll do my best to help via email.

Hello. I work with webdesign in EU, and now GDPR is a big issue when it comes to our clients that are ranging between major and minor companies. I went through much of your documentation, but didn’t get any information about GDPR and if your theme(s) will have issues with it.

In other words, I want to know: Are you getting any kind of information from websites through your themes? Are they forwarded to second or third parties? If you do, I need to know what, since that has to be included in the GDPR disclosure for the users and especially the companies.

Thank you for clearing things up for me.

Hi, the theme doesn’t collect any user information or statistics. Since there is no collected data, there is no forwarding to second/third parties. Hope this helps.