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Hi is there a wordpress theme available for this?


Hi, there is no wordpress version available for this template.


At this moment some of my friends has already seen your template and they are really enthousiastic!

How can i put a url adresse in a spesific word in the text. For example ” ...for more informations you can click HERE.”. and when you click at “here” another website will open.

Is it possible to put a google-map for the THE WEDDING CEREMONY as it is for THE WEDDING PARTY? I make a copy of the WEDDING PARTY map, but destroied all the potitions!

Thank you in advance!


Hey, to place a link to a word (or part of text) just add this code: “for more information you can click HERE.” Regarding the google map issue, please give me your e-mail address or send me a message on my e-mail so I can send you the required code there. Have a nice day!

It works!! Thank you veru much for your support!

Is there a database for RSVP?

There’s no database for RSVP. All messages are sent on your e-mail address.

Hi Doriana,

in which folder do I put the pictures viewable as Hexagons (parents, godfathers..) ? Thank you :)


Hi, you can put them directly in ‘images’ folder and write your link (in index.html) like this: img src=”images/yourimagename.jpg”

Could you help me out with another thing; Central European Fonts. When I write the characters ” ?š?ž? ”, I see them on the page but the fonts provided from a source called “googleapis” doesn’t have the CE characters ( handwritten especially). How can I set another tipe of font to use with the template?


You can chose your font from here: http://www.google.com/fonts. Make sure you add the link to the google font in <!- The Fonts -> section (header of index.html, line 30). Then replace the original font with your chosen font in style.css. Make sure the font you choose has all the characters you need.

I appreciate Your help, thanks :)

Hi Doriana

excellent theme you have made.i just adore it. m using it for my wedding and i just wanted to know is there anyway i can add a link or skype window so i can stream my wedding direct to the website.

thanks Chirag

Hi, I am sorry but I cannot help you with this.

Thanks for getting back.one more thing I want the “The godfather” section in center and instead of two for both sides just one at center aligned.

Hi, I’ve put the header images in: <!-HEADER->

    ..but still the images doesn’t show. I saw you replied earlier that there’s a link I have to change in style.css , found it for #rsvp . What’s the one for the header?And do I have to write the location of my WEBsite’s URL or just ”/images”. Is this example below correct or should the URL be removed:

    rsvp {

    background: url(‘http://mywebsite.com/images/1.jpg') 50% 0 no-repeat fixed;

    Thank you very much for helping me out :)

..I’ve figured it out..


After the theme is purchased do you recommend any host sites? How easily can we transfer these themes to a different host site? Are there any requirements I should know about?

Hi, any host site will work just fine. If sou want to transfer the theme you only need to copy all the files of the template and upload them on your new server via FTP. There are no requirements. Please let me know if you need other info and I will gladly help you.

Hello, I was wondering if you have the code to add multiple google maps on the site because I need more that one. I tried to figure it out, but I’ve been frustrated. Great template by the way and thanks in advance.

Hi, I don’t have a code for it. I hope this helps: http://www.nicklitten.com/blog/how-display-multiple-google-maps-html

Hello, I was wondering if you have the code to add multiple google maps on the site because I need more that one. I tried to figure it out, but I’ve been frustrated. Great template by the way and thanks in advance.

Hi Doriana,

Thanks for the great template, I have the template up and running. I have only a question about the Photogallery. When I turn the photo in Chrome or Internet Explorer the back (and text) is not showing. Any idea how I can solve this?


Thanks – we are using this template for our wedding website. I wanted to let you know that on a current Macbook Pro running Google Chrome that the combination of parallax scrolling with css animation provides a very bad experience. The parallax scrolling is jittery, if it even works. Sometimes the animation doesn’t take place, leaving it as a blank space on the site (because it doesn’t fade in). Our testing didn’t indicate any issues on Firefox or IE. Also looks like the plugin for the parallax effect has been deprecated for a new one by the author.

Do you know of any issues in Chrome? For now I disabled the fade in animation and it’s providing a much better experience.

Also sorry I forgot to mention that there are some issues with this template when it comes to supporting iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. I do not have a physical iPhone 5 to test on, but it works fine on my 5s. Basically this type of one-page template with as many graphics that are on it eats away at the memory of the phone causing a crash.

I did some looking around and found this that may help anyone t/s the issue and the author of the template in implementing and improving future templates.



I am having issues with mobile. When I look at the site on mobile and I click on the menu on the left side and select gift registry for example, the menu bar doesn’t go away. Is that intentional?

Hello! Yes, this is how the nexus menu works. However, (as my time allows) I will try to change the script so that it closes on click. I will let you know when I modify it.

hi dear, i’m tryng to change the countdown language

.. when i change class=”timeRefDays”>days to class=”timeRefDays”>giorni

nothing change.. why?? help me

Hello, To change the countdown language, open the file countdown.js (you can find it in js folder). Go to line 45 and replace .text(“day”); with .text(“giorno”); and .text(“days”); with .text(“giorni”); And so on, for each line (hour/hours, minute/minutes, second/seconds).

if (days === 1) { thisEl.find(".timeRefDays").text("day"); } else { thisEl.find(".timeRefDays").text("days"); }
if (hours === 1) { thisEl.find(".timeRefHours").text("hour"); } else { thisEl.find(".timeRefHours").text("hours"); }
if (minutes === 1) { thisEl.find(".timeRefMinutes").text("minute"); } else { thisEl.find(".timeRefMinutes").text("minutes"); }
if (seconds === 1) { thisEl.find(".timeRefSeconds").text("second"); } else { thisEl.find(".timeRefSeconds").text("seconds"); }

Best Regards!

Hi Doriana, thanks for this great template! One question – how should I delete the Photo Album Section without destroying the structure of the whole website? When I delete the Photo Album just in HTML, I lose a half of the content (e.g. Godfather section gets empty, timer is gone and all images in the gallery at the bottom of the page automatically get wrong sizes..) I will be very grateful if you help me! I cannot figure out what’s the problem… maybe I need to change something also in css or js? Thank you.

Hi! Sorry for answering so late, but I had a family issue. Because this is a parallax one-page website, you cannot delete only one section (ex. Album). Each white background section intersects with a section that has a background image. A solution would be to delete only the album and replace the Album section’s header and text with something else. You can give me the URL of your website so I can take a look. Thanks!

The unclosed menu on click is really an annoying bug stopping me from buying your otherwise beautiful theme. Particularly when the menu blocks the whole view on mobile, when under the menu the page has been scrolled to but user wouldn’t know. There are many alternative hamburger menu libraries, will you be fixing this like you said 3 months ago?

Hey! The template has been updated. Have a nice day!

Bug report: hash links of #guestbook are non-existent. They should point to #rsvp instead.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Hy Doriana, i’ve trying to make a site for my brother.Everything looks pretty much ok, except the RSVP form. When I fill in the form the system says “Thanks for feedback” and when I click “OK” it downloads the “contact-form.php” to my computer. Guess I did something wrong,right? Could you help me with this one, thank you :) ( My temporary web page is croatia-weddings.eu , if You’d like to take a look )

The issue was my ISP’s hosting package not supporting PHP.

Hi, i’ve finished the web page and published it. There’s an update,right? Could someone please specify what should I change on my webpage to apply the updates? thnx


gl317n Purchased

hello i purchased your themeplate but your rsvp contact form does not return any data to my email


gl317n Purchased

hello i purchased your themeplate but your rsvp contact form does not return any data to my email

Hi, make sure your hosting package supports PHP.