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Update 1.2 on its way! ;)

...and it’s here! :D

Hi Johnathan, I must say, you have done a great job, I want to buy this theme but the only problem I am facing is that I am not a technical person and this is HTML, can you suggest me some CMS or GUI based thing which can make the editing and adding of logo and other data on this easier for me. Eagerly waiting for your reply.


Thank you for the compliment :) I am converting this to a WordPress theme which will have back-end functionality for easy customizing. I don’t have an eta at the moment. However I am working to getting this out as soon as possible. ;)

Hey Jonathan! Wonderful job, man! Keep up the awesome work! I have one quick question though and a need for some help from a expert like you! I was wondering if it would be possible for my to make it so that when you click on one of the images on the portfolio page if it can just link to a larger version of that image rather than showing the caption and the image be centered on the page. So that it’s more of a thumbnail and when you click the image it gives you a full size, centered image without the caption or the box to the right. I’ve tried editing the code and it seems confusing, any tips or advice? Thanks Jonathan!

Hey ovtliers, I visited your site and took screenshots as an example. You have it set to ‘eight cols’ like it is here

For a full image just switch it from ‘eight cols’ to ‘sixteen cols’ like I have in this screenshot,

Best Regards

You can also remove ‘first’ after ‘cols’ since it’s not needed ;)

Very very nice theme but the background of about section doesn’t display on ipad (test on ipad 3 4 and mini , iOS 6.1 and 7).

Someone have the same problem ? I Want buy it but not with this problem.

Sent a reply to your email.

Hey Jonathan. First of all, it’s a very elegant theme you did. Then, i would be glad to buy it but i need to have some informations from you before : - Is it possible to create 4 rows instead of 3 in the ‘what we do part’, keeping the all template still resposive ? - How can easely change the main colors from rose to red ? - How many different social networks icons are included in the pack ? Thanks a lot. Emmanuel.

Hi Emmanuel,

1: Yes you can easily change from 3 columns to 4 by changing the class from “one-third col” to “four cols” like in the screenshot below.

2: Changing the colors is easy. You can do a search in your text editor and highlight and replace the color’s hex code. #ff0060 is the ‘rose’ color, there’s other variations such as #990033 that are darker shades. 3: Here are all the icons in the current pack.

Very nice! Any plans for Wordpress?

Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out for it. I love the HTML version but I need CMS for my client. Thanks for your reply Jonathan! :)

knock knock any updates on this? :)

Yes indeed! It’s been a busy summer and the WordPress version is completed. Just working out the bugs, finishing the documentation and looking to release it this week! ;)

Hi Jonathan .. I think it’s a simple but very, very good squad, for the clarity you have in the content. Now .. you consult: it is possible to place a video background in the “Home” ..? I await your response ….

regards Ray

Sent you an email! :)

Hi Jonathen, First off, beautiful work. I am using for a client and they love the movement and clean layout. I have changed it a bit, but the love you put in is still their.

They are asking for a blog addition, but I just don’t have the capabilities to work on this. I know you talked about a CMS version in the works. Do you have a roundabout time as to when that will be?

Much appreciated, Larry

Expect the WordPress version by the end of this week. :)

Hello Johnathan. I just bought your template from my company account, and would like to ask you again about the vimeo video on the home page, is it possible and how to fix it. the images you posted are expired so i cannot see your explanation on how to make it so that the CSS animation is a Vimeo video instead. Thanks again, and awesome template

autoplay=1 made the cut

oh and one last thing, what happens to the parallax further down the page, can i still use them, and post other pictures inside and make it work with the video

Looking good! Yes, you just need to replace the image paths in style.css on line 181 for the quote background and line 297 for the social background.

For the video to have a fixed parallax effect go back to line 125 and add

position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; z-index: -1;

And last thing, line 122, #intro, add
position: relative;

Hello Jonathan. I need your help on the picture behind the quote part. I’ve tried putting in a new picture in the style.css but it doesn’t seem to show up. Is there anything else i need to change, i cannot find anything in the source html code. but in the style.css i’ve seen the background image is there, but when i change it it doesn’t change

nvm fixed it bro

Hi Jonathan, where can i put the email adress to send message in contact form? i don’t find it… i supose it’s in min.contactforms.js, but i don’t know…. please help…!

great design (y)

Looks like the preview links are dead.