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Very, very nice! GLWS

Thank you, I’m happy you like it!

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks, super excited!

Welcome to Forest :) nice work ,Good Luck ;)

Thanks a lot, much appreciated :D

Fresh and fantastic job

Thanks for the compliments :)

is there a process.php file included which sends the the information in the form as an email?

Hi xgujuplaya,

Yes there is a process.php file included for the contact form and I include easy to understand video documentation to set it up! :)

awesome work! Good luck :)

Thanks louiejie!

Beautiful theme! Did you plan any WP version?

Hi mungle,

Yes a wordpress version is in the works ;)

Hey Jonathan Miller. After uploading the folders through the FTP I am getting the following error- “Stylesheet is missing.” Even though i hav not uploaded all the contents in the rar file. But still.. Pls help.. I am really excited to use your theme. Please. I uploaded 4 folders- css, js, images,fonts.

Make sure the stylesheet in the header matches its path to the file. I’ve put all the stylesheets in the ‘css’ directory, so if you’ve moved the location be sure to edit it in the header as well.

For any more support please be sure to use my feedback form, the link is included in the documentation and is also here on my theme/profile page.

Thanks :)

Hello there

Thanks for supplying us with such a good template! :)

I bought it earlier today and started to test it, but I think there is slight issue when you open the template in iPhone directly via Safari (which is what everybody will do the first time he/she encounters the website) – the issue is that the red background does not fill the screen right to the bottom toolbar and the logo + header appears at the same time with it, which in a way breaks the experience.

It works the right way once you add it to your home screen, but it should behave nearly the same way even before that. Here is a screenshot I just did

Please let me know what do you think and how this could be resolved.


Hey rootteo, update v1.1 is currently going through its review process, however the changes of the <meta> tag mentioned above won’t be necessary. I’ve included a new video in the documentation covering it.

Thank you very much for your fast and accurate reaction. Indeed it does work properly now, and the <meta> tag I mentioned was just a quick workaround. I’d continue testing on different devices and report any issues, I really hope I don’t encounter any :)

Sincerely wishing you high sales, you deserve them.

Awesome, glad the update worked for you. I’ve tested on a Galaxy S3 and it seemed fine, however it was a brief test. Any and every feedback is welcome, I look forward to the comments for further improvement and thank you for the kind words! :)

Hello, I’d like to know if this template is compatible with Bootstrap?

At the moment it is not, but I have thought about making it compatible in a future update.

Getting ready to roll out update v1.1 :)

Hey Jonathan! Beautiful theme! Thanks! Was wondering, i followed the instructions in the video and edited the process.ccs file and i tested it out and it’s giving me an error message stating : “There was an error due to a error condition.”

How can i fix this?

Are you testing the contact form locally or online?

locally… I didn’t want to launch officially unless I know it will work for sure.

When I test it directly through the file I receive the same message, unless you have MAMP or WAMP installed. Go ahead and test it on a subdirectory/subdomain online if you can. If it gives you the same message send me the url through my contact form and I’ll take a look.

Hi Jon 2 question before going to purchases this.

1. can other pages will be have the height of the screen? 2. is there any option for the auto full page scroller?

Hi x16,

1. The main intro fills the screen and the other sections will expand to fit the content, if you make other pages it will behave in the same manner.

2. You can change the navigation links to scroll to your sections, such as in the demo.

Hi Johnathan

I’ve done further testing and it looks like navigation has some issues on iPad – it is acting fairly different to the way it does on desktop. Just scroll down after the intro and click on any of the links – What we do, who we are etc. and you’ll see what’s wrong. I’ve conducted the test on both my iPad (4gen iOS 6.1.3) and Xcode’s iOS Simulator for iPad hardware. Please investigate.

I was able to test it on an iPad today, I noticed jumpy/flickering. Looking into it :P

Found the solution! Very simple fix! Open ‘amour.nav.js’ go down to where ‘ScrollTo’ starts and follow the line until you see, h.defaults={axis:’xy’

Remove the x so it’ll be axis:’y’ ...since the theme is vertical only we only really need the y axis to scroll.

Save and it works :)

Hey jonathan! We were able to get the theme exactly the way we want it! Thanks alot! But we ran into one issue that could possibly be on our end, but maybe you can help!

Our site is – check it out on your Mac/PC! It looks perfect, only problem that seems to occur is on any mobile device it is completely thrown off and incorrect. I can’t really explain, just try and view it on a mobile device and you’ll see what I mean. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?...

Also, I noticed on a mobile device your logo goes off screen. In style.css after ’#intro’ add this line…

intro img { max-width: 100%; }

Sorry, code was stripped out of the comment. Add this line under ’#intro’ :

EDIT: I replaced everything and it works great! Thanks for the wonderful support Jon! I look forward to seeing more of your products!

One more thing! On the learn more buttons, how would I go about linking them to the contact section since there is no direct contact link?

Awesome, I’m glad everything worked! Since everything is on one page you will need to link a button to the contact form’s #id.

So, you would need to add #contact to the href attribute, like so,

Is is possible to have instad of css3 animation a vimeo video play?

Yes, it is definitely possible. I’ll show you how to add the vimeo video.

This has already been setup for v1.2, but for those who are interested in this now here is the tidbit of code ;)

In the index file, go to the intro section and make changes like in this screenshot:

Vimeo and Youtube will try to force a size for the embedded video, but make sure you change it to 100% for width and height or else it’ll look bad on mobile devices.

In the css file add these lines:


Just wanted to know if you where going to add a filterable portfolio?


Hi studiodezen, Amour was setup for a simple portfolio display. At the moment there are no plans to implement a portfolio filter.

Very good work! I’m waiting for the Wordpress release. When do you plan to release it? I’ll be the first person who will buy it ;)

Thank you! :) I’m working on rolling out update 1.2 for the HTML template which will add new features. After that I can focus fully on the WordPress release!