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Can I use this template for multiple clients


You can use this template for multiple clients if you buy regular license for each particular clients. Please read terms of envato regular license here

Best regards, Olia

do on wordpress! or other cms

Hi I am having problems waiting 3 days to wait for each response from your support department. Every time I send a message and you respond 3 days later, it takes me another 3 – 4 days to even get back to that project and client. This is a mess… especially since your responses were basic suggestions that take 30 seconds to type and stuff I already tried so this is extremly frustrating.

I will also copy ENVATO staff on this message so they are aware of this issue.

I have problem with your TWITTER FEED and DOCUMENTATION INSTRUCTIONS not working. Here is the problem:

I tried many times following steps and using both username that I’m trying to stream and username that created app… I also created app with same username I want to stream.

the URL is

I tried these steps from FAQ:

Setup Twitter application

Visit and sign in using your Twitter username and password. This doesn't have to be the username or password of the stream you need access to, just a Twitter account you control.
Select 'Create new application' and enter the application details.
    The name and description can be anything you like really, but you can't use 'Twitter' in the name.
    The website field can be your main website and doesn't have to be the site where your Twitter feed or feeds are located.
    Callback URL can be left blank
Enter the CAPTCHA info and click create
On the next details screen, click 'create my access token'. You may need to refresh the page after a few seconds if it doesn't appear automatically.
Make a note of the Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token and Access token secret as highlighted below.

Setup Twitter application

Open get-tweets.php file with help of your editor.
Enter your twitter user name for $twitteruser = "";
Enter your consumer key for $consumerkey = "";
Enter your consumer secret key for $consumersecret = "";
Enter your access token for $accesstoken = "";
Enter your access token secret for $accesstokensecret = "";
Open js/jquery.twitter.js file with help of your editor.
Enter your twitter profile name for $twitterprofile = ""; (row 6)
Enter your twitter screen name for $screenname = ""; (row 7)
Save your changes.

I do NOT have files: get-tweets.php and jquery.twitter.js in /external/

I had twitterfeed.js in /external

I had get-tweets1.1.php in /



Documentation is fine.
You have a problem with a path. JavaScript file can’t find file “get-tweers1.1.php” at “” because this file is at “”.

Please go through the following steps to resolve this:
1. Open file twitterfeed.js at js/external/ folder.
2. Find code
$.getJSON('../get-tweets1.1.php', (line 26)
3. Change path to get-tweets1.1.php file
4. Save changes.


Does the theme accompany backoffice HTMLs ?



A.Movie is just HTML template, it doesn’t have any backend CMS. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with such plugins you’re asking for.

Impose under WP. Downloads will be more. Yes, and earn more. Are you from Russia?

hello can this work on wordpress theme? or is there any way to make it work in wordpress theme? thanks.


This is just an HTML template. You need to hire someone who can convert it into WordPress theme. You can find appropriate person at envato studio

Hi Please help me i just Brought this theme but i cant install on my wordpress theme what should i do Please help me Thank you

Best Regards…

Do you someone can help me to Convert on Wordpress Please help me i need this template for my site


You can hire developer at envato studio for reasonable price.

ok Thank you….

Hello Your theme has an administrative panel? you have a version for wordpress? thank you


It’s just an HTML template, there is no admin panel or any CMS backend. To add this functionality you have to higher bacckend developer or add them by yourself of you have necessary knowledge.

hey theme is awesome… planning to purchase… any updates coming up in this or thats all for development (html version)


Only html version is available for purchase. No planes for updates

Used your theme 40% for single theatre and satisfied reviews from customers :). Booking seating layout did not work on Mobile version, its not responsive. But we made new coding for Seating arrangement and perfect now. you can update these seating pages to responsive. Few little things you need to concentrate testing over mobile devices , mostly little alignments. by the way, you made us do super cool works with your theme… Thanks to your creative work and Awesome theme…


Sorry for inconvenience with sits arrangement! Glad you solved this issue and got product you needed. Thank you for your kind feedback!

Can I use this template with another project? like ( e-commerce or movie database)


Could you please be more specific on your issue? What exactly do you mean saying “another project”?

I have two homework for my web application lesson in university. If I buy this template can I use this also in my e-commerce homework?


You can find appropriate clarification here


Sorry I do not speak English, I use google translation. Your template works fine, we are entierrement satisfied with the work you’ve done, we used a template for a movie site. We put online Thursday evening at 18h (French time). We have a small problem with the slider of the index. We have integrated a video first but this one does not work on google chrome and tablets (iOS and Android). Is it possible to have video which launches? Then the video looping, it would have stopped at the end to launch the images and the text of the slider. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely Thomas. Studio-ACTS

Hello, So, I wondered if there a possibility of a video in the slider for tablets?


HTML5 video doesn’t work in the Revolution slider on tablets and mobile devices. You should use placeholder image instead of video on tablets and mobile devices. Instructions how to add an image in comment above.

Ok, I just wanted to know if there was a possibility to do so. So I will put a picture as you told me. Thank you.

Is there a way I can make the logo.png to show up bigger on screen?

<!- Logo link->


Never mind… Got it

The Facebook Like Box doesn’t seem to be available anymore. It’s now Page Plugin. How do I place it on my page?


Thank you for choosing A.Movie Template!

You can find how to embed Facebook Page Plugin in the following link
If you have questions please create a ticket at our support site as we provide support only via Congruity Hub support site.

Hi, when responsive to mobile, drop down menu not work on google chrome .. how to solve that ??


Thank you for choosing A.Movie Template!
Please, provide us with a link to your site. This will help us quickly figure out the cause of your issue.


The theme is awesome. Do you have complete working app including CMS? Do you have any plans to do that? I see that many people are asking this question in this forum. Please let me know.



Thank you for appreciation!
Unfortunately, A.Movie is just an HTML template without any backend. At this moment, we are not planning to make CMS version of it.

please tell meow to change google map location?


Please create a ticket at our support site to get response from our developers.


juwin Purchased

HI This is great template and i would like to buy it, before that i would like to know that is this template coming with latest version of bootstrap


Thanks for your interest. Sorry, A.Movie doesn’t have the latest version of Bootstrap

presale question when i buy your theme what do i get? Do i have to hire a professional for the set up or can i do it by myself? Do i need a specific software? Does it have booking plugin or do i have to pay extra for that? Can the costumers pay with paypal or just online and then receive the ticket via their e-mail?


Thank you for your interest in A.Movie template!
Sorry for a such delay.
This is just an HTML template. All functionality you have mentioned requires backend development. You need to hire someone who can convert it into WordPress theme or any other CMS. You can find appropriate person at envato studio

Cheers, Olia

Nice template. how can i include php code in the template like to retrev movi information from database etc..

Hi Hussain,

Thanks for writing in and sorry for the delay.
There is no specific way how to included php code into A.Movie. There is a standard procedure of handling php as for any other html template.

for the log in page how can i link it to database i write the php code but it still in the the same page

Hello, i think this template need some update i don’t know. Because the in this page “full_screen_preview” the video and photo Ligthbox doesn’t work properly in google chrome and more, but it was working correctly. I need help to resolve this.


Thanks for writing in. Please, create a ticket at our support site and we will get in touch with you about your issue.