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Nice Design,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks! :)

Nice work, Congratulations! GLWS

Thanks mate!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Great Work! GLWS :)

Thanks mate! Cheers! :)

Congrats for your awesome theme .GLWS

Cheers! Thank you! It’s a Template, not a Theme! :D

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Cheers mate! Thanks!

Congratulations! Awesome Work, GLWS :grin:

Thanks mate! :)

Hi, Hello I am interested in buying this AMP Theme, but I wanted to know if this theme can be installed on my site while maintaining the current one. My web is: Papyrefb Website


Hey there. Our item is a Template, not a Theme. You can convert it to WordPress to make it compatible with your page or hire a freelancer from Envato Studio that can do it for you for as little as $100. At the moment, as is, the item is only a Site Template. Cheers!

Would like to purchase, BUT:

How will the site look if access from desktop or Laptop?

Can you post a screen shot and URL link example?


Hey there. AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google did not intend AMP for desktops or laptops, the title also states that as well. These are designed and built by Google to enrich and increase the speed of mobile websites. It has no CSS in it for desktop so it will just have the layout fluid, meaning it will expand to full width. Cheers!

How do I install?

Not understanding :



Do I copy over to my server?

How do I get demo as shown here?

This is a Template, not a Theme. These item have their content added in manually, they are not installed. You simply copy paste them to your server. For further questions please post your inquiries on our Support Forum from the account you’ve purchased the item.

Hello, and how is the look of this in a desktop pc? i know AMP is for mobiles, but some people will have to visit this page in a desktop, do you have an url to check it out?

You are correct, AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Project / Pages ) is not created/designed for desktops. The layout of the template is fluid, therefore it will expand to the full widht of the page. Regarding desktop users, AMP offers cannonical URL’s, meaning your desktop users will be directed to the desktop version, and mobile users to the AMP version. There is no benifit to use AMP for desktops, because Google limited CSS usage to only 50kb and you are not allowed to use external JavaScript libraries. Cheers!

Hello, great product!

four questions buddy, im basically the typical worpress ignorant enthusiast ;(

1- How can i make a web with a similar layout as yours, i mean, the frame to constrict to phone dimensions, even if its visited in a desktop pc?

i mean to look like this


2- In my server, basically in my live site, ¿do i have to merge both the php files and the html files in the same folder?

3- in the url of my website built with AMP wich one shoud i show, the .html file or the .php file? lets say its domain.com/home.php or domain.com/home.html ?

(but i see you have this masked, with this, ?theme=amparrow) how did you do this?

4- wich file should i translate to show in my langauge spanish? the .php or the .html?

hope you can help me me buddy, im very new to this, and i see all your portfolio is very amazing, i want to get into AMP business.

Best regards!

Cheers mate and thank you for your lovely words! No worries mate! AMP Arrow is not a WordPress Theme, as you can see from the title it is a Template.

1. The frame we have is for preview purposes and it’s built with a lot of JS. Firstly it’s massive and requires a database connection, secondly, we cannot sell it, and last but not least JS will make your page no longer AMP valid. Unfortunately, AMP cannot be made for desktops. The limit set by Google for CSS is 50kb, and we need way more than that to make it responsive. There is no benefit to AMP for desktops, therefore, we strongly urge you not to use it for such purposes as we cannot help you with that.

2. Check the documentation. All answers are there and a lot of useful must-knows about how to edit the item. The PHP and HTML are both the same version, one has a single style.css that gets written inline as Google AMP requires but is much easier to edit than the other (the HTML version) that has the style in every single page. The PHP version makes it much easier for beginners to edit the style. And I belive this answers questions 3 and 4 as well, haha! I would suggest going with the PHP version if you’re a beginner. It will make styling much easier and faster if you require CSS edits.

We’re gladly here to help and the AMP world is fairly new and simple to understand. Just a minor request. Please post your inquiries on our support forum. We can give much better help there ( including links, code snippets if needed and much more ) and you will always have your own dedicated thread to ask for support.

Thanks again for all the love and for being an awesome customer and please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! It really helps a lot! Cheers!

Hi im a little confused about the documentation when it mentions HTML and PHP. I would prefer to use HTML for my site but the main purpose for me building this is for google seo. For the best results should I be using the PHP version or the HTML version?

Hey there, and thank you for your purchase! Let me explain what we did, it’s a nifty little trick that aims to help you edit stuff easier. If you look at the PHP version you’ll see it’s basically the same as an HTML site. The trick we used is a PHP line of code that writes the content of the style.css inside the HTML. AMP doesn’t allow external stylesheets so if you were to have a site with 60 pages and you’d want to change the color for the header in all of them you’d have to edit 60 html files for the inline CSS. Using the PHP version, you edit the style.css as you’d do with any other site, then the PHP will write the style.css inside the HTML file, making it 100% AMP Valid, and making your life a tone easier when it comes to editing CSS for multiple pages. Regarding SEO, all blogs are written in PHP and executed as PHP, and it doesn’t affect SEO, in shorter terms, it’s gonna work like a charm! Cheers and please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! It really helps us a lot as well! :)