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Thanks You (y) !

Welcome, thanks for purchase! ;)

Awesome work as usual.


Awesome work as always Kopyov! Would’ve loved to go for it, but the theme is to dark and to light for my taste. The light version doesn’t really seperate the columns well, visually. Goodluck with the sales tho!

Thank you.

It’s pretty easy to customize though ;) I will add more colors versions in upcoming updates

awesome template, good luck with sales mate! ;)


Thanks Peter!

I dont wanna sound like an idiot or anything else like that but what would you use this for as in, could you install it in wordpress and use it as the admin panel on there or is it for your own custom CMS ??

It’s mainly for web apps backend panels, like CMS admin skins, billing and control panels etc. It’s only an html/css template, so you need a developer to implement it

@TheTonka admin templates are good for creating your own web apps.

Thank you for all that awesome work ! I love it, just like CROWN !! Good work ;)

Thank you for purchase! ;)

Wooooaaah, this is awesome Kopyov! I love your work. :)

Thank you Simon ;)

Awesome Template! Thanks!

Thanks for purchase!

Good luck on sale :)

chto sluchilos s rynkom? kuda propali vse pokupateli? :(

Vyhodnie, posmotrim kak v budnie budet :)

Ili dengi na novii god ekonomyat :)

This should be more than $25, it’s that awesome :) GL

Thanks :)

Great new release!

will buy this one for sure :)

Thank you!

Hello Kopyov..

I really like this Amsterdam theme, and I think I’d purchase it if you could please clarify some points for me:

1. I do not see a login page. Where can I see the login look/feel?

2. The demo modal seems to produce an error where the black overlay sticks after you close it.

3. Do you have a way to show numbered incoming messages icons overlaying the current messages icon? (usually in a red color overlaying the messages icon). That way a user knows when a new message has arrived without having to open the messages icon to check.

Thanks…with these clarified, I’m 100% sure I’ll be purchasing this theme!


1. Yes, there is a login page, i just forgot to include a link to it. It is here – http://themes.kopyov.com/amsterdam/1/login.html

2. Hmm, weird, i don’t see any errors, js code is clean, everything works perfect on my side.

3. Again, i forgot! Sorry!! I had an idea to show round badges in red or blue color. I will add it in the next update


Excellent! Do you think the next update will come during this month? I have to complete my integration by January 1st if I purchase this theme.

Thanks for your PROMPT response!! That gives me a lot of confidence because I have been burned buying a theme only to discover that there was no customer service!!

Please give me an estimate of when you think your update with the message badges will happen.


I am currently working on urgent updates for Aquincum and Crown, i will try to finish them by the end of this week and after that i will add this badge + minor changes in frontend.

Thanks ;)

OK!! I have just purchased your theme. THANKS so much for the great work.

Thanks for purchase!

hi kopyov,

great work as usually!

Just a question: do you think it would be an hard work for me to optimize aquincum or amsterdam for IE7 ?

Thanks, Paolo.


To be honest, i didn’t even test them in IE7 so can’t tell you for sure how hard it could be. Both of these themes have lots of css3 stuff which will look ugly in IE7 and will require code modifications.

But anyway i will check, if that will be pretty hard to do, i won’t do it, i think it will not worth the efforts. But if not too much work, i will add IE7 compatibility

Hello Kopyov,

Awesome theme and perfect for my next web app. But i miss ony one item such as like that http://i50.tinypic.com/1yur9.jpg. Can you add those product design item in your next update, then i will buy it now.


It could be made with bootstrap thumbnails. But yep, i will add something like this, someone asked about such feature before ;)

thank you i will buy it.


Really really nice admin template! Lots and lots of functionality! The only thing missing from my point of view is a little more advanced gallery. Like a nice styling of edit and delete links on thumbs, and a gallary with paging if you have lots of thumbs. Maybe this is possible to accomplish in some other way? Or is it maybe something that will be added in the next update?

Yes, for sure, i already got few requests about gallery, so will add in the next update