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Hi, I loved your theme and I bought a regular license to use in one small project.

My question is about future updates e bugs corrections to your theme. For example, about IE10 compatibility, if you update your theme to fix bugs with this browser, I will have access to these updates?

I pretend to buy another license in near future to use in a personal project. Thank you!

Great! The “check all” option on tables.html isn’t working.

It doesn’t work because i didn’t add the code for it. If you need it, let me know via email.


Ok, I’ve added some functions in the file custom.js and now it’s working, it won’t be necessary. Thanks

Can the Toggle switch be moveable with your mouse? like drag it to the other side.

Yes, it can. Add

enableDrag: true 
to iButton settings in custom.js file

Hi Kopyov.

Your theme lokks amazing !

Any idea of a IE10 and lastest bootstrap update ? Do you plan to update it often ?


Hey there. Yes sure, update will be ready very soon ;) I didn’t test it in IE10 yet, because i’m on mac, but this weekend i will have an ability to do it.


Lastest boostrap will be in the next release ? Thanks !

Of course, also i will check latest versions of other plugins

Hi, I copy and pasted the checkbox iButton and it keeps adding the class “ibutton-disabled” eventhough it’s not in the actual HTML code, any suggestions??

Hi. Didn’t get your issue. Could you please be more specific? Thanks

I’m going to drop you an email with a link real quick, thanks

“Admin-template can be configured to show the fields in accordance with the privileges of user. for example: Subscriber, Publisher, developer, administrator, etc.” in Can be used to wordpress

This might be a stupid question and my lack of knowledge of bootstrap which seems very useful and an easy tool.

I am trying to require that the username and password fields on the login.html page are required, but for some reason I am unable to do this. I matched them up to the custom.js file but still can’t get them to be required.

You need to use id=”usualValidate” for the form tag and class=”required” for the input field. In custom.js you can specify a custom error message and other parameters, but please be sure your html code is correct

1. the image “images/tables/sort_asc_disabled.png” is missing with my download.

2. When I remove any of the charts from the pages I get javascript errors related to plots and flot charts.

3. Would you have some examples of how to get the database table views to paginate from a database rather than calculate the pages and number of records from whats in the current html?

4. the un/check all functionality would be a great to have feature =P

but other than some quirks this is a great template.

1. Thanks, will check it asap

2. Please be sure that you don’t have any flot related files added to the html code, if you don’t use charts on the page. It’s a canvas error

3. I think you need to use server side processing in your case

4. I will add it in the next update.


Hi Kopyov

Updating to the “new” Font Awesome 3.0.2 seems to break the presentation of the icons (incorrect size and double glyphs).

Do you have any hint to integrate this new version?

What Ive done:

Downloaded Font Awesome 3.0.2, include the “font-awesome.min.css” and removed the import of “font.css” in “main.css”.

Thank you Frank

Hi. Yes – of course. Ive done that exactly like you said. But after that there are incorrect sizes for the icons which brake the apperance of your template :(

If you removed or modified font.css file, it could cause the problems. Could you please show me your page?

Ive finally managed it by modifiying the core css. Hope that Ive not put to much bricks in my way in case of future updates ;)

Is the filemanager based on PHP with a file-Uploader and Folders?? Your demo does not show this features. I have a error message in the demo. I will purchase one of your admin themes, I like the clean layout! Thanks for your excellent work!

I will replace it with an other WYSIWYG Editor

I have found a solution for using the elFinder (filemanager) in this theme. In this theme you cant use the filemanager without changing this line of code. elFinder 2.0 throws an error with using jquery v1.8. Just change the jquery to version 1.7 and you are able to use the filemanager. Kopyov reported thios and I checked it out. Now I am able to use the filemanager. Hope this helps others with the same probleme.

Thank you for the info!

Your theme is great. I like the simplicity. I need your help here: I couldn’t get the included elFinder to show more options like: make dir, edit file, new folder, drag and drop functions. It shows my files of the dir but I have no options to work with them.

Great support! I use the theme and tested it deeply. Very good solution für admin-based sited and CMS.

Just changed the jquery to version 1.7 and I am able to use the filemanager. Thanks to Kopyov for the idea. Hope this helps others with the same probleme.

Yeah, for now this is an optimal solution, but let’s wait for the official plugin update ;)

I love your theme, I am trying to figure out which JS file(s) controls the SEARCH BAR… thanks.

In custom.js

$('.topnav > li.search > a').click(function () {

Hi Kopyov,

Is there a way to set the width of a column of a table with span*?



Actually yes, you can. Use class=”row-fluid” to the parent div table container and span* classes for td’s

Hi, Just realized the Main Navigation (Left) is utilizing the Collapsible plugin… a bit too simple since the ‘current’ id needs to be assigned at the Parent and Child level for the proper nav to appear ACTIVE.

Is there another method? since my pages are loading a single common navigation, is there another method to go around this?

Many thanks!

I think you can control it with jquery.cookie plugin, there is a default support of this plugin. See this page under Default options tab

Hey Kopyov,

Any word on when the next update will be released? Been waiting to purchase until IE10 support, latest bootstrap, checkboxes in the datatables and such are available. I know you mentioned soon a couple weeks back.


Hey there.

Sorry for delay with update, unfortunately i am very busy these days, don’t even have a time to provide a quick support. Latest bootstrap and checkboxes are very easy changes, but for IE10 i’ll need to use someone’s PC, because i work only on mac OS, will try to do it this weekend.


Hi friend, please tell me: Can I use this template to admin online a HTML5 (Kallyas template, from themeforest) website, just to change texts and images???

I need it for a customer, who need an admin panel to just edit text and images.

Many thanks in advance

I am full of problems on ipad. most times I have to click a thousand times in a field (input) to get to edit. And much too slow.

Well here we go. First did not send the link because as you can see in my video, I accessed your link (where you posted), not because the problem did not change. Second, you can test using the simulator mac and not any other (latest version 6.1), go on page forms.html Third, there was no time for contempt, has just informed him that by the description of what a Responsive layout, that is to say that it is a site that works on all types of browsers (the best, actually), including the mobiles and Calendar does not work, arastar and drop (if the desktop has this function, the touch does not have, ie is missing). If you do not the support, so please put this observation in the description of the project saying that it does not support touch.

Once again. http://www.screenr.com/hPr7 – i used iOS simulator, as you can see everything works fine, doesn’t it? And nobody reported such issue.

First – Responsive layout doesn’t mean that it has a full mobile version based on jquery mobile, with touch events. Did you check these functions before purchase? Jquery UI sliders also don’t support it.

Second – Should i describe in description all jquery plugins which weren’t included to the template and are not supported?

Third – It looks like a claim. Since support isn’t mandatory, i can simply ignore your messages. But i do my best to help people with their problems when they ask politely. So please change your manner of speaking or i will have to report your comments.

If you have any difficulties – describe your issue more detailed and i will be more than happy to help you.

What version of its IOS Xcode?

Another problem that happens is that some buttons (one example is paging) is returning to the top of the page.

This is not the issue. It’s an empty link


another problem is the calendar, I can not move any item, for a touch device.

I’ll have to implement this? As a layout “Responsive” is not Responsive I figured that this layout was prepared to run into touch.

The layout is responsive. Yes, by default i didn’t add touch events, you can do it yourself by adding this hack

It did not work. I put the Hack after jquery_ui_custom.js and to no avail.

IPhone in the sidebar does not appear?! But when clicking the icon on the right side menu appears, but does not appear the rest of the material that appears on the desktop. How do I show this content? How do I change this to appear as a button on Facebook (menu appears and throws the contents to the side, like a window?

Thank you.

Sidebar widgets are hidden on iphone, only navigation appears. I have hid them because of template performance, it is very slow on iphone if it loads all of them.

Facebook button – it will be pretty hard to implement, but you could try to search for solutions, it is Off canvas feature.

Hello, is it possible to have LESS or SASS files?

Hello. Unfortunately no, i didn’t make them. Sorry