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I work with your theme and I get along well. I need little help with this: Long words are overlayed by the inputs. Can I prevent this: http://img1.bildupload.com/358439c07d29cd5d2236b0bc0fb8f9f0.jpg

Thank you for helping me with this solution.

I like the form function ADD TAG, is there a way to have MAXIMUM TAGS limitation. I dont want users to add more than 5 Keywords.

Unfortunately Tags input plugin doesn’t have this function, but there are few requests on github to add it, i am tracking it. Once it will be added, i will update the plugin immediately.


Just bought your team and really like it. But I am facing a few issues here:

1. In the ‘Dark Unboxed’ page when viewing it on a smartphone, we cannot see the logo?

2. In the responsive format on a smartphone, the option of the user (with profile, logout option) on top nav cannot be seen anywhere? Can you give an option for this on the smartphone as well or any point where we can see which user has logged in?



1. Yes, i hid it because of the structure, the logo is too big, it can be added above the content, but it will require scrolling on small screens. So i decided to hide the logo, in this case content is more visible.

2. User info is visible on landscape mode (480px), i removed it from portrait version, because if page title will be too long, those buttons will overlap the title.

Correction – Meant ‘theme’ & not ‘team’. :)

why so few mainnav icons? Where can I find more?

There is a file with vector icons, open it in photoshop, apply necessary styles and save it to the folder with main nav icons. I don’t see any point to add 500+ icons for each style and size. Sorry

thank you, congratulations for the excellent work!

on here, it says compatible with bootstrap 2.1.1, but the included bootstrap.css says version 1.0. why is this?

This is a custom css file for bootstrap, which doesn’t depend on bootstrap js version, it means that when Boostrap plugins version will be updated, css file will be the same.

Hi Kopyov,

I noticed that when viewing the layout in an iphone / ipad device, the user drop down in the top navigation is clickable but when clicking the sub menus, it doesnt work.

It just disappears when attempting to clicking settings as an example. I tried browsing to the preview of the original demo and had the same issue.

Is this happening to you? and is there a fix?


- daicast

Hello there.

Thank you for pointing out this issue. This is my bad, i missed one thing in markup.

Just add “dropdown” class to “topuser”, so it should look like this:

class="topuser dropdown" 
The same is for other dropdowns in the navbar. I will upload a new version with fixes during this week!


Hi Kopyov, when I use the datepicker in the modal dialog, the calendar doesn’t work. Is there a fix? Thanks!

Is there a way by which we can add a footer to this theme that can be responsive too?

You can insert footer right after the content part. But to stick it to the bottom without dependency on the page height, you will need to make additional changes to the structure and css

hello again. really like your work! quick issue: a tooltip on an item inside of a well will be clipped by the well, rather than hang over the well. the result is you can’t read a tooltip, especially inside a well-small

It shouldn’t be hidden, .well doesn’t have overflow: hidden; property. Did you make any changes? Could you please email me a link to your page i will check?


yes turns out its inside a collapsible, which does have the hidden overflow. any ideas? (i can’t send a link, site is on local dev right now)

Hi Kopyov,

I just have a suggestion for a future theme (If you planned to create a new one),

What do you think about a METRO approach ?

Many administration template try to integrate Metro but each time the result appear to be limited…

And with your potentiel, immaginination and your pretty vision of the code behind, I think you will release the ultimate Metro Administration ever made on TF..

That’s all,

Consider that suggestion was written by one of your FAN (not only customer) ;)

regards, SkyDeveloppeurs

Thank you for kind words, i appreciate!

Currently i am working on a new theme with a bit extended functionality, and already have some drafts of metro style panel, so the next one will be metro style built with bootstrap ;)


In the mobile UI of this theme, for the ‘Dark Boxed’ layout, you have given the links of ‘My tasks’, ‘Reload Data’ and ‘Settings’ in the portrait mode as well. However, the same is not available in others. Could you please let us know how to show these links in the portrait mode of the ‘Light Unboxed’ layout. We need this urgent as we need to show a login link there, which should be available in all the mode.

Kindly give us a solution to this at the earliest.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards


Please find in main.css file in media queries this code:

@media (max-width: 479px) and (min-width: 320px)
.topnav > li.topuser, .page-header .icons {
display: none;
and remove .topnav > li.topuser, from there, after that user dropdown will be visible
Very nice to work with your Theme! I have a bootstrap confirm Question. I use this:: $("a.confirm").click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); bootbox.confirm("Delete?", function(confirmed) { console.log("Confirmed: "+confirmed); }); });

How can I trigger a Link with this. Right now it is not triggering the button YES to the link. Any help?


tpe Purchased

If you add several form related radio buttons, they wont auto-wrap into next line. Instead they will go off screen from right side.

Can you give a hint how to fix this to make them auto-wrap line please?

Oh i see, You need to remove white-space: nowrap; from .btn-group


tpe Purchased

Thanks for fast support! One more question. Is there a way to get textbox with Prepend and Append to appear in full width? If I put 100% width, it seems that prepend and append fields are messing up with it.

You can do it with js, or give append/prepend input field and addon both % width

Hi, just want to make you aware of an issue i found. When i include a fancy yes/no checkbox inside a wizard, it stops working and it’s style gets corrupted.

Please let me know if you are aware or know how to resolve the issue.

Screenshot: http://puu.sh/24u5N


It happens when toggles are hidden on page load. You need to update values and repaint toggle. Try to use this code
for repaint the button. Here is more info

Ey, i do that but i dont know hoy to update values… and wich is the updated value that i have to put, thanks!

bootstrap confirm – solution I found out:

$("a.confirm").click(function(e) {
        bootbox.confirm("delete?", function(confirmed) {
        if (confirmed) {

Works, but I need to open delete.php?id=$myid depending on the triggered id of the button. Any ideas?

Sorry, i don’t get your issue. You want to add form submit on button click or replace a href with button type=”submit” ?

I need to open a dynamic link-id if confirmed: should open a href: delete.php?id=$id


In IE9, the placeholders are not showing up? Can you give a solution for this please?


Placeholder is not supported by IE. You can use placeholder plugin for this purpose

Hi Kopyov, when I use the datepicker in the modal dialog, the calendar doesn’t work. Is there a fix? Thanks!

Could you please show me a link to the page? I haven’t tested it, but it should work. Need to check your code

Hi again, i have another problem, this occurs when i put a “progress var” inside a data-table, progress var is showing correctly only in the first page, when i change the page doesnt work.


Thanks for all!


I’m trying to find a solution for this issue, again you need to dynamically update the value when page with results becomes visible. I’ll post a solution as soon as i find it.


Have you ever had any feedback on high CPU usage in Chrome for the demo pages?

When I try to enter something on the forms page for example, CPU shoots to a 100% :/

By default i added all jquery plugins to each page. Also css and js files aren’t minified. But thanks for notice this, i will do my best to fix it ;)