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Could you please give me information for the following urgently:

- In the ‘Default Datatable’ on you tables.html page, where is the coding for the search label and the pagination? Which file contains this code?

- Error messages for the validation fields – where is the html coding for the error label? Which file contains this label?

Kindly reply to us at the earliest.


If you want we can also send a mail to you regarding this.

Looking forward to a positive reply as this is urgent.

Many Thanks

1. What do you mean by html code for this? You don’t need to insert html code for pagination and search, datatables plugin adds them dynamically. All datatable styles are in main.css file

2. Same here, you set necessary options in custom.js file for validation plugin, custom messages and settings and it dynamically adds error and success classes when values are empty or wrong

My developers found an alternative solution. Thanks for your replies.

What we want to know is where is this code for the error message?

<label for=”username” generated=”true” class=”error” style=””>This field is required.</label>

all options for validation are is custom.js file


I am in need of your help. I’m tempted to put the Select (class = “style”), 100%, but it is passing 100% of the input.

How do I solve?

Thank you.


Please send me a link to your page, i will check what’s wrong.



We are facing a small issue. The font icons are working fine when we are testing the site on the local host. However, it is not showing up on both the desktop and mobile devices when uploading it on the server (Windows).

Any idea what could be the issue? We have uploaded all the files.

We have also sent you a mail with the link of the site.


replied by email


Sent you two private messages … did you receive them ?



We are facing a small issue on iPhone devices and devices with (480×320).

- For the login page, the logo is getting cropped at the top. We have seen the same issue on your page as well – http://themes.kopyov.com/amsterdam/3/login.html

Could you please provide us with a solution at the earliest.

Thanks in advance


Since the height of the login form isn’t fixed, top margin calculated as it is. Just reduce negative top margin and it will work. It depends on your logo size. If you can show me your page with your logo, i will fix that for you/

Have message the link to the page through profile page. Please have a look and give us the solution. Thanks

Has there been an update? It looks the the one thats out for DEMO acts alittle different then the one that was sent to me to download.

For example the Icons in the top right have an transition effect on hover

Great Theme and really looking forward to using it.


Sorry to bother you… realized it was a chrome vs IE thing

No problem, let me know if you have any issues ;)

Hello, I am considering buying this. Just a quick question, is it possible to have the top nav bar sticky to the top of the screen as you scroll down? This would be the certifying feature to a purchase!

Thanks, Eliott

At current, #1

You need to change 2 classes:
#top { height: 46px; }
.top-wrapper { z-index: 999; border-top: 3px solid #97bd47; box-shadow: 0 1px 1px #606060; -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 1px #606060; -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 1px #606060; padding: 0 20px; background: url(../images/backgrounds/top_bg.png); position: fixed; width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -ms-box-sizing: border-box; }
Just replace current classes with these ones. And add this image to /images/backgrounds/ folder

Thank you very much :)


I’m thinking of buying this template, but I wonder if you have had an update soon, I’ve been reviewing the code and is using bootstrap 2.1.1 (now 2.3.1) and jQuery 1.4.2 (now 1.9.1) , is very outdated …

I would also like to know if there is provided a login page?

Best Regards


Boostrap version will be updated very soon. And Amsterdan template includes jquery 1.8.1 and i won’t be updating it to 1.9+ at the moment, because most of plugins don’t work with these versions. Login page is included in all 4 versions.


Thank you very much for responding so fast.

Thanks for purchase ;)


Is it possible to use Pannonia theme fonts in Amesterdam them.

Thank you ken

Yes, but it will require additional changes in css. Pannonia uses Google fonts library, Open Sans font. Also there you’ll find instructions how to use google fonts in general.


Just purchased this theme. Looks great. Do you have PSDs for the ‘light boxed’ style?

Unfortunately no, light versions were designed directly in browser. Sorry.


If possible would you be able to help with something small for the Miriam wordpress theme, which I know is no longer on TF. It’s a great theme and only one small issue. When using a Homepage with a Blog for the front page the pagination for the blog uses the address e.g. www.websitename.com/page/2 when it should be http://www.websitename.com/latest-news/page/2/. As a result the posts do not go to the number chosen. Is there a possible way of fixing this issue?

Many thanks in advance,



Is anyone able to help?

Kind Regards,


I’m trying to reach theme developer. Once i get a reply from him, i’ll let you know.


Hi, I purchased your theme recently.

Is it possible to have a second dropdown menu in header toolbar? I mean, I’d like to display new messages in a dropdown menu when you click on message icon.

I tryed with data-toggle=”dropdown” and ul list with class=”dropdown-menu”, no success.


It’s a custom icons sprite. You can use any icon, jsut add it to /images/icons/topnav/top-buttons.png sprite and add necessary styles to css file with background position. I didn’t add a complete set of 300+ icons, because it is user menu and doesn’t require too much different icons


Yes, I know how to add icons to images and styles to use it, but where can I find similar icons to add on image sprite? I made test with some icons, but it’s ugly… If you have the icon set used, this way I could find another icons to add. Thanks

Honestly i don’t remember what icons set i used, sorry :( But i would recommend Freebiesbug, you can find free icon sets in vector shapes there.



In your WYSIWYG editor, the cut / copy / paste functions are not getting activated when we select ant text?

Could you please let us know whats the issue here?

Thanks in advance


For security reasons, some browsers do not support script driven access to the clipboard. I suggest you to hide those buttons and use keyboard shortcuts or mouse context menu instead

Could you please guide us how to hide those buttons?

Add this code to cleditor options in custom.js file:
controls:     // controls to add to the toolbar
"bold italic underline strikethrough subscript superscript | font size " +
"style | color highlight removeformat | bullets numbering | outdent " +
"indent | alignleft center alignright justify | undo redo | " +
"rule image link unlink | cut copy paste pastetext | print source" 
This is a toolbar controls, just remove unnecessary items from here


We are using this template and have noticed significant performance hits to browsers older then IE10. This performance hit is actually demonstrated in the link to your demo. If you click on your name at the top right hand corner to produce the dropdown you will notice in IE8/9 it takes roughly 1-2 seconds to just show the dropdown. Do you happen to have a fix for this issue? If you also try the bootstrap/jquery tabs in your demo you will notice it takes a while to switch between them versus instant on IE10/Safari/Chrome/Firefox.

Thanks in advance!

I would check IE8 again because it does happen :p I have tested this on several VM’s as well as several pc’s here in the office.

Thanks anyways though

Yeah, this template is a bit overloaded with features, i tried to combine full set of bootstrap components + adding extra features and libraries. In the end it seems like 50% of these features are useless :)


Does this come with a PHP file, and what does that file do? Also, does it come with a login page, if so what does it look like?



there are only few php files and they related to some of plugins (plugin connectors). All pages come in html. You can check login page here


Is it possible to use your template as a website instead as a backend admin. I really like your design and I would like to publicly display some data where the user does not have to register or login to see the data. Also is it easy to integrate it with wordpress? Thanks.


URGENT Firstly, thank you for this wonderful theme and the excellent service so far.

We are facing a small issue. We are using the dropdown select field in our UI. What’s happening is when we are calling data to this field dynamically by binding it in, we are losing the styling provided by you. It remains fine if data is not call dynamically to this field.

We have some thing called SelectList in the MVC. We have dropdown list and bind its datasource as the SelectList and set the style of the dropdown.

MVC – Model View Controller – a design pattern used in developing applications for web applications. Microsoft provides the pattern itself and we just need to use them

Could you please let us know what might be the issue here?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and best regards.

in custom.js file. If you added jquery code for loading remote data, call it after or inside it

We are adding data to dropdown in jquery, i tried adding this $.uniform.update(); before and after page load and it is not working

What we are doing is, we are binding it via its datasource as a SelectList. The SelectList is a list in MVC and in code behind we fill the id and names of the statuses.

When we are calling the data, we are not reloading the entire page.

Any idea what to do here? What does the uniform.update() function exactly do?

Please check this page for more info about updating values dynamically.

You need to update element’s style dynamically by running update function.

In addition, can i see your jquery code which you’re using for loading remote data?

Hi. I liked so much this template. But ahm.. is this used for wordpress or something? Because i’d like to use the design in my web app. Is there a way to do that?


This is html/css/js tempalte only. In theory it can be used with any application, but you will need an additional implementation and development.