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What is driving the colors for the graphs/charts? Is that purely flot autogenerated colors? they seem to match well but i can’t figure out where they are coming from in your pages (if indeed custom or somehow influenced).

Thanks Jeff


All colors are in /js/plugins/charts/jquery.flot.js file:
colors: ["#ee7951", "#6db6ee", "#95c832", "#993eb7", "#3ba3aa"]

Perfect, thanks!

Seems your live preview got hacked?

has a redirect to star-movie.net in it

invalid json on the file manager too

Hi. I’ll update live preview tomorrow, seems like one of plugins causes redirect. File manager works fine, i turned it off in live preview, because previously i had a few issues with file manager accessibility.


google translate: Good night! Can I change this template in visual studio 2012? I’m new to programming’ll try make the necessary changes … using asp.net and C #. This template perfect for my needs … congratulations …

Hi there. This template is html/css only with integrated jquery plugins, based on Twitter Bootstrap framework. You can edit it in any editor which supports html ;)


cpild you update it to the latest bootstrap version?


Hm how is it going? :(

Should be available in an hour, currently in queue for review ;)

Done, item was updated.

Hi Kopyov,

Could you include in next theme update last select2 release (jQuery form plugin) ?

Currently theme plugin version is 3.1, and this one is buggy (cannot set back placeholder using javascript).

Last plugin version is 3.4.1, so If tryed to do update myself (replaced jquery.select2.min.js file). But if I do that, select display and javascript are “broken” :

Please help :’(


Sorry for delay, been very busy, thank for remind me.

Already working on it, should be available for download later today, i’ll let you know ;)

New update is in queue for review and should be available shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Awesome! You rocks ;)

Just bought and may I say, I’m in love with the theme. I have a quick question though, is it possible to implement a faster chatting UI, instead of having to goto message page, etc. but like you can stay on same page and chat for example: facebook chat.

It’d really be useful!

awesome. One you get that done I’ll be able to use this as my backend admin panel for upcoming software :)

hows it going? any eta till an update?

Sorry, don’t have a time right now for new features, too much work :( Yesterday i updated Amsterdam with some plugin updates, regarding new features – i’ll add them within a month. Thanks


We are using the Layout 1 of this theme. For some reason the content inside the Page Header > H5 is coming in 2 lines instead of 1. It is happening for small content like ‘Main Page’.

Am also sending you a mail regarding this along with a screenshot for your reference.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I need to see your code before i can tell you what’s wrong there. Could you please show me your page?

Have sent you the link through you profile page.

Hi, Thanks for your work, it’s just great ! I have a little question : where can I find the data concerning the calendar ? I mean the events ? I can’t find where they are.

Thanks in advance


You can find it in custom.js file, approximate line #107


Any idea till another update Kopyov?

well, Amsterdam was updated 10 days ago :) Mostly updated plugin versions.


Hello kopyov, i need build a MLM but i don’t know really how to start. A big company here in brazil apparently uses your amsterdam template, can you check if this is your job? here is: escritorio.bbom.com.br , and the most important: and how can i use this template? you recommend some MLM software? thanks bro!


Yes, seems like it’s Amsterdam. But i am not familiar with any MLM software, sorry. This kind of template can be used with different applications, but requires additional development.


Hi Kopyov, i need your help. Man, how can I decrease the space between the forms? ex: 2 input texts

you mean vertical spacing between the rows?

You need to edit padding for
.control-group { ... }
class in main.css file, it’ll reduce whitespace

A small typo in plugin.css, line #244:

.cleditorMain iframe {border:none; margin:0; padding:0-webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; -ms-box-sizing: border-box;max-width: 100%;}

should be…

.cleditorMain iframe {border:none; margin:0; padding:0; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; -ms-box-sizing: border-box;max-width: 100%;}

There’s a missing ’;’.

oh, thank you for the tip!! Will fix that asap

Kopyov, still using this great theme. However I’ve noticed an issue for awhile (and I think it was mentioned in an earlier comment): on an iPhone/iPad, i’m unable to click/touch in a textarea and type in it. Something is stealing the “touch” or “click”. I also see symptoms in a normal browser (Safrai or Chrome): if you select some text, in either a textarea or else where (with a visible textarea on the screen), then if you click within the selection, the selection highlight does not disappear. And it should. This works fine on pages without a textarea.

I tracked the problem down to the jquery.ibutton.js file. in fact there is question/solution for this on StackOverflow:


Unfortunately this did not fix the problem for me. So for now, I simply comment out the jquery.ibutton.js file. But it might be worth taking a look at. Maybe you’re able to find a fix, or replacement for iButton.

I remember there was a problem with ios6 and ibutton, but it was fixed. Anyway, thanks for the info, i’ll double check ibutton plugin ;)


Hi, it’s me again You could make available this template for testing just for a few days? i don’t know if i will can use your template :\

you can test it online here. Sorry, but i can’t provide you a full package for testing purposes, it’s against Envato rules.


Bro, i will buy your template, amazing job but you give me some hints or a example how to develop and integrate this theme? i really will appreciate it or if you have interest in join in my future mlm network we can arrange something… Thanks!

Can you give me some hints or a example how to develop and integrate this theme? i really will appreciate it or if you have interest in join in my future mlm network we can arrange something… Thanks!

Hmm, that’s pretty hard to do. It depends on programming language, system, type of application etc. If you don’t have proper skills, you probably won’t be able to integrate it to any system.

Sorry, but i’m not interested in mlm networks ;)



How do you refresh or update the progress bar. I have a few progress bars in a table representing percentage, the table has paging capabilities. When I page to the next set of data the progress bar is unfilled or blank.

Also how do I refresh the drop down list styles after loading them with new data.


Thanks Kopyov

Hi I tried the $.uniform.update(); but that did not work so I tried this $(“select, input:checkbox, input:radio”).uniform(); The dropdowns style correctly but radio and checkboxes don’t. Do you have a solution for this?

Well, you called uniform plugin in general. To update values dynamically, you need to call update function. Can i see you page online? I just don’t understand what are you trying to do

I tried to integrate the new Font Awesome Version. I have changed the font files and the css file with the right link to the font folder. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work correctly and i have no idea what is the reason. It would be great, if you can take a look at this problem.

Hi there.

Original Font Awesome icon classes were renamed in Amsterdam, instead of .icon-... i used .font-..., icon- class was used for image icons. You can try to replace all icon classes to font and it should work.




We are facing a small issue. In the Styled dropdown, if we use one ‘&’ in one of the dropdown options, once selected it displays as ‘&’. Could you please give us a solution to this at the earliest as we need to urgently.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the quick reply. The issue is the same, however in jquery.uniform.js we are not able to find the code mentioned in the solution. Are we doing anything wrong?

Hmm, i just checked.
<option value="one & amp; two”>one & amp; two</option> 
(no spaces between & and amp;) displays as one & two. This is how it should work, correct?

Regarding your comment, where can I find this file?

I don’t think that’s the iconset I’m after, I’m looking for the white, 16×16 png’s for mainnav (images\icons\mainnav). Maybe I’m extracting the images incorrectly?

for main navigation i used Iconsweets2 icon set, that psd file contains 14×14 icons in vector shapes, you can resize them to any size and use in the navigation.


Oh, I see. Thanks.