Discussion on ANAGLYPH - One page / Multi Page WordPress Theme

Discussion on ANAGLYPH - One page / Multi Page WordPress Theme

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fruitfulcode does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello, demo, do not work.

Hello, I just bought this theme. I have a conflict between Anaglyph Core and visual composer 6.4.1

I have all the licenses for VC

Anaglyph Core blocks VC and also Fruitful Shortcodes

WP Version 5.5.1

Sorry for long silence, we are not supporting this product any more. Can you try to install WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7 that included with theme?

There is no Demo Content folder in my download files … where can I get it?

You can find demo content in the folder with theme “anaglyph-theme”

Hi, there’s a connection problem. I cannot import dummy data xml file. Can you fix it? Thank you

We had a server migration process. Please check again. You can find dummy data xml in folder with theme.

hey, we just downloaded, but there is no DEMO folder?

Demo folder with dummy data located in folder with theme.

there is something wrong with the connection to your demo…

Now everything okay, thanks for an information.

Looking forward in buying this theme soon; but first can you tell me more about the portfolio section?

1. In the demo, you show 6 projects, is there an option to expand that to 9 or more? or is there a “see more” button, that will load more projects?

2. For a video project, if you click on the image, can a video play? YouTube and/or Vimeo?

Thank you!

say hello to a 2 star review.

It’s a pity because we have only 5 stars and 4 stars for this theme. You can contact our support team and guys will assist you https://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

i just submitted a request. hope you guys can help.


Thank you :)

Hello just wanted to ask, it seems that the elements theme that I downloaded has no demo files at all, is this intentional?

Hello there,

So far we do not have the theme called “Elements”. Please, contact its developer. Could you, please, send a link of this theme here?

Best Regards,

Team Fruitful Code

I’m thinking about getting this theme but I can’t scroll down the page (in Chrome on a mac) without disabling Javascript.

Do you know about this; is there a fix?

Try to check demo without themeforest iframe. https://themes.fruitfulcode.com/anaglyph/multipage/

Very strange, could you check this demo? https://anaglyph-3d-onepage.fruitfulcode.com

Hi I bought this theme last march. It’s awesome. BUT I can’t register my layerslider item. Then I can’t update it. How can I register Layerslider ? Regards

Hello.Unfortunately our support doesn’t include: Customization, Custom coding, Support for 3rd party plugins. Regards.

I want to verify if I need to Purchase Visual Composer license.


Although I’m not utilizing the Google Maps feature, I still receive an error via the console.

For SEO purposes I need to remove this error from appearing. View the screen shot below:


It seems that I do not have the latest theme version. Since I do not see an update option within WordPress admin, what’s the best method for updating the theme?

Or, how do I remove the Google Maps option? I am not using this feature.

Hello. Please, find our tutorial how to update the theme from themeforest http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/204522297-How-to-update-theme-from-Themeforest . You can leave field for Google API in options empty if you do not want to use it. Unfortunately, it is not possible completely remove this field from options. Regards.

Hi! I’m having an issue with Google Maps. I obtained an API as mentioned in your article, but there is no place in theme options to paste. I just have the Tracking ID field. There is no field for the Google Maps API.

I currently have 2.9.2 version of the theme.

We added this field in developers version, and it was not released. Please can you send request to our support, we will provide solution for you. Or please wait a new release http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/requests/new

I’m using the Portfolio capability that comes out of the box with the theme. On my laptop it looks great, but when I look through my mobile device it’s really distorted (width adjusting but the height isn’t scaling with it). Am I doing something wrong with the setup? http://www.kehoekustom.com/portfolio/rustic-modern-bath/

Let’s continue discussing via email, in our help support your ticket #7321

Hello, when I try to send an email through the contact form it says it’s sending but I never actually receive it. Please advise

1) Try to check your SPAM folder. Also try to use Contact form 7 instead of integrated contact form http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/220685888-Anaglyph-Options-Contact-form maybe you have a problems with mail server.

It’s not catching in spam folders, I’ve tried 3 different emails and nothing is working. Does it automatically send to the email you have written in the contact information? Or the email that is in your profile? When I tried to use Contact Form 7 with the Captcha the website crashed and I had to deactivate them

You insert email in anaglyph options? http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/220685888

If Contact form 7 not working for you than probably you have conflict with something.

Please send ticket in our support, with admin access to your website http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I can’t get google maps to work… This is the message I receive “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

Field for Google Maps API key, was added recently. Update on themeforest will be available in Monday. How to make API http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/223199788-Google-Maps-API-Key

I’m new to 1 pagers… How do you create a menu that reference things on the same page?

erin524, Please check this tutorials “How to set up one page menu” http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/213381558 and “Add new menu item to one page menu” http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/213764737-Add-new-menu-item-to-one-page-menu

Hi, child theme is not overriding css, even when I use !important. I’m using the child theme you provide.

Everything should be fine, child theme was not changed since release. We will check and provide solution soon.


Hey. Nice theme! I have earlier worked with your theme for a customer, and after they updated the Wordpress, the visual composer vanished, so they reactivated it and now the anaglyph headers do not show correct. It shows CSS code instead, f.eks: < style=”color:;” class=”Headline”>. Can you help with the issue? Thanks a lot

I have now updated to the latest version of VC. But the link between VC and the ‘VC Anaglyph options’ doesn’t seem to be. They have bought VC through their website and I have just now activated it. Maybe that is it why? Does that cause the show of CSS code instead of your headline through VC?

I don’t see any problems on this website http://www.behagdinsmag.dk if you want receive support please submit request with purchase key http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


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