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nice design, good luck with sales

Thank you

Great design!

I have a quick question before purchasing, I’m designing for a site that cannot have any javascript for security purposes. Obviously things like the slider and other things would have to be replaced, I suspected that. When i disable java on my browser, the site looks relatively fine compared to when it’s enabled. My question is how difficult would it be to gut the site of all javascript and would the site be functioning after I have done that?


You can remove all javascript in a few minutes and the template will display fine. And it’s not difficult ;)

Nice Template… Easy to use.

I´ve got some problems during instalation. Wordpress shows me an alert “The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.”

But as I checked that package, it already contains style.css

What I am supposed to do?

This is just HTML/CSS, not WordPress theme. You can leave your email here and I’ll tell you when WP version is available.


how long until word press version?


I have just purchased the template and after trying to import into my drupal site, it indicates no info file found.

Using Drupal 7

Actual error is “ does not contain any .info files.”

hey, this is just html template, not Drupal/Wordpress theme so you can’t import it :)

well, i need to make a return, since I was under the impression it was for drupal, from “megadrupal”.